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  Rita Connolly
Rita Connolly Rita was born in Dublin, the fifth of seven children in a family where singing came naturally to all. In the late seventies, at the age of fourteen she and her sisters were playing in the pubs and clubs of Dublin. Before long she was appearing with groups such as Midnight Well, Scullion and Stagalee and artists such as Paul Brady, Christy Moore and Donal Lunny. It was through her association with Midnight Well that she first began to work with Shaun Davey, who at the time was composing and producing TV and radio commercials. Working together they widened their horizons in theatre and film work, to date Rita has featured in a number of stage plays and films as well as over twenty albums.
Rita first gained international recognition, in 1985, with her interpretation of Granuaile, which was specially written for her by Shaun. She has performed the work extensively both in Ireland and abroad, the film of its British premiere in Greenwich has been shown worldwide. In 1987 she toured Britain with the RTE concert orchestra performing excerpts from Granuaile, the highlight being a sold-out show in London's Albert Hall. Rita is also featured on two of Shaun Davey's other major works The Pilgrim and The Relief of Derry Symphony'.
Rita's first solo album, simply titled, Rita Connolly, was released in 1991. The album served to underscore her ability to cross musical borders effortlessly, on it she included songs ranging from a sea shanty, through The Beatles to classic blues linking them all together by the simplicity and purity with which she sings." The Vocal and instrumental accompaniment - from such luminaries as Liam O'Flynn, Davey Spillane, Mairtin O'Connor, The Voice Squad, Noel Eccles and Eoghan O'Neill - certainly strengthens and enriches this recording. While a truly great singer like Connolly could doubtless rise above uninspired accompaniment, when she's joined by Ireland's finest, well, it's simply the difference between a good album and a fantastic one."
Valparaiso, her second solo album, reaches out to the world and draws themes and musical influences from far off places but always returns to Ireland as home. It highlights her versatility as a singer and a songwriter and features some of her own compositions, such as the title track Valparaiso, as well as some songs specially written for her by Sebastion Barry and Shaun Davey and songs by Sonny Condell, Leo O'Kelly and Irving Berlin. It also features a re-recording of the Granuaile's 'Ripples in the Rockpools' and Shaun's 'The Quite Land of Erin'. As with all of her work Rita delivers with a natural ease and clarity that never fails to please an audience.
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Rita Connolly
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Rita Connolly
Valparaiso (CD Singles)
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Valparaiso (CD Singles)
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