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  Raven Moon
Raven Moon band
Raven Moon is a six piece acoustic band playing everything from swing to bluegrass. The songs in their repertoire include Irish, swing, old-time, blues, folk, bluegrass, Cajun and a little rock & roll. The band members are Christine Peick singing lead and back-up vocals and playing rhythm guitar, Mark George singing lead and back-up vocals and playing mandolin, Gen Obata singing lead and back-up vocals and playing lead guitar, Bob Lucas singing lead playing banjo, John Higgins singing back-up vocals and playing fiddle, and John Stephens playing bass. You might hear a Bob Dylan tune followed by a Bill Monroe song. The next minute you will hear The Rolling Stones. You might be asked to help along by playing shakers to a Cajun song. You might find Raven Moon at a bluegrass festival or an art festival, or down at a local pub. Either way you will come away snapping your fingers to the many different styles of acoustic music.
-- St. Louis Pulse

Endless Highway
CD $14.99 catalog# rm001
Endless Highway CD cover
Alabama Jubilee
Mama Tried



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