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  Rachael Sage
Rachael Sage Singer songwriter and pianist Rachael Sage has come up with a new CD that just takes you higher. If the first CD made one feel good all over, this one just does it better. Maturing with a natural ease, Rachael has been taking her wonderful omnipresent being closer to the people with each realease.

This CD brings you her most recent offerings, ones which we fans have heard her develop while playing at Mercury Lounge, Arlene's Grocery and The Sidewalk Cafe. Solo versions of some of these are actually at MusicTV, or OnlineTV's VideoJukebox.

To me, this woman is growing with a sound that starts out like Kate Bush, but takes it to new and wonderous heights. The voice of an angel that calls out in the dark mist to bring you to fabulous candy colored mountains and sweet delights. - From HOTSTUFF-NYC.COM

Harmony Ridge Music Review:
Rachael Sage has said that Ani DiFranco and others have been a big influence in her musical career. When I first heard "Smashing The Serene", I thought of Ani, but I also heard someone that has the talent , enthusiasm, creativity and soul to mark out a distinct place of her own.

Sometimes when a artist gets labeled as another so and so, or the second so and so, it's difficult not only for the artist, but also the fans of the so and so artist. This seems to be the trend so far in the early career of Rachael Sage with respect to Ani DiFranco. I was a huge Dylan fan in the early days, and so many new artists were labeled the second Dylan, or the new Dylan. I resented the comparisons and sometimes would refuse to listen to the new "Dylan". Bruce Springsteen (for some still unexplainable reason to me) was labeled the new Dylan. I would not listen to him, or extend any credit to him. Later I realized there can not be a second Dylan or a second anyone. Bruce Spingsteen was not the second Dylan, he was Bruce Springsteen, a unique, talented artist forging his own path.

It's "standing on the shoulders of giants" that launch people to even greater heights. However, it takes a certain drive, determination, and talent to even make it to the giant's shoulders. To me Rachael Sage has all those qualities and more. When I first heard her, Ani flashed in my mind, and I would have lost interest pretty quick if I sensed just a shallow copy, but that was not the case. Rachael Sage will forge a distinct place of her own in the musical annals because she has all the ingredients for that kind of success.

When I listen to a CD for the first time and reach for the lyric sheet, that’s a good sign that my attention has been captured, and that’s how "Smashing The Serene" strikes me. The lyrics are thoughtful, intelligent and deserve careful scrutiny. For example from

"Air We Share"
"Black is the breath embracing a loveless vein and
Slow is the death of lust in an empty train may
Crash into rock and suffer the ancient truth that
All that we are is all that we fear to do"

Of course the lyrics are only part of the story, you need to listen to the music to appreciate what I would consider a genuine rising star. - Jack Sutton

Illusion's Carnival
CD $15.99 catalog# mp7272-2
Illusion's Carnival
Painting Of A Painting
CD $14.99 catalog# MP5454-100
Painting Of A Painting
Better From Mars
Morbid Romantic
CD $13.99 catalog# mp1818
Morbid Romantic
Smashing The Serene
CD $14.99 catalog# mp3636
Smashing The Serene

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