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  Rivka Zohar
Rivka Zohar Rivka Zohar – Double album – her first and second albums from the early 70’s plus 8 bonus tracks, some of them are on a CD for the first time. Between the yrs. 69-74 Rivka Zohar was the biggest female star in Israel. She won singer of the year for 2 yrs. In a row. Her first 2 albums were best sellers (the second album is on a cd for the first time!). This special double set includes hits like: “MA AVARECH”, “AL KAPAV YAVI”, “ZEMER SLOSH ATSHOVOT” and many more.

Rivka Zohar - Grandma Rebbecca - 2 CD Set
CD $17.99 catalog# 64389

Disc 1 Track 1
Disc 2 Track 1

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)

Israelite (1985)
CD $15.99 catalog# 15237

A Way Out
A Ball Made Of Sorrow


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