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  Sharon Burch
Sharon Burch Sharon was raised in the traditional Navajo culture in New Mexico and spoke only Navajo until she began school. After high school in California, she attended Navajo Community College in Tsaile, Arizona and later the University of New Mexico. Sharon Burch's music is the contemporary expression of traditional Navajo ways and living. Many of Sharon's songs are in the beautiful Navajo language and capture the sacredness of Mother Earth and Father Sun and the importance of family and place to the Diné.

Yazzie Girl, is a solo project that was influenced by the Navajo prayers and chants she heard growing up. The album focuses on the special importance of the maternal relationship among the Navajo. Most of the songs are in Navajo with some English. Touch the Sweet Earth was awarded the 1995 INDIE Award in the "North American Native Music" category at the annual National Association of Independent Records Distributors & Manufacturers (NAIRD) convention held in May 1996. The 'Grammy' of the independents, the annual INDIE Awards recognize recording excellence in forty categories and is presented to recordings sold through the independent distribution network. As both Sharon's and Canyon's first INDIE Award, it is especially gratifying to receive such recognition during the company's 45th anniversary year.

With songs brought forth from deep within, Touch the Sweet Earth reflects a very personal journey: one of motherhood, exploration, family, survival and loss. Much of this music is dedicated to her grandfather Charlie Yazzie and her Uncle Tim, both of whom recently passed away.

Inspired by songs sung by her mother and grandfather, Sharon's third album, Colors of My Heart, celebrates family, Mother Earth, and a connection to all living things. Sharon performs regularly at folk festivals, fairs, schools, universities and in concert has appeared at the Kennedy Center and Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, the Heard Museum in Phoenix, and is quite popular in Japan. Sharon always looks forward to returning home to the Navajo reservation to sing for her people. More information can be found at canyonrecords.com

Colors Of My Heart
CD $16.97 catalog# cr536
Colors Of My Heart
Colors Of My Heart
Touch The Sweet Earth
CD $16.97 catalog# cr535
Touch The Sweet Earth
Welcome Home
Yazzie Girl
CD $16.97 catalog# cr534
Yazzie Girl
Sacred Mountains

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