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  Shannon Cutts
Shannon Cutts From shannoncutts.com

Shannon's story may sound all too familiar to you. As a child growing up, she attended the building known as 'church' but just couldn't seem to grasp the essence of her presence there. It wasn't until she was 19, overburdened by a lonely struggle with anorexia and bulimia that she was slowly losing, that she prayed the simplest and most life-changing prayer of her life. "Oh God," she said, "If You're up there, which I doubt, and if You're listening, which I truly doubt, I need some help down here." Shannon realized that 'her way' wasn't working anymore, and if she was to survive physically and emotionally, there had to be an answer to the 'why?!?' of her existence that was compelling enough to make her want to fight to continue to participate in her own life. She finally turned to God with her question because she knew that only One beyond her ability to comprehend could answer a question that seemed as answerless as "Why is there a 'me'? Why am 'I' here?"

For the past two years, Shannon has been working in concert with The Ivory Tower Realizations' MD Thompson and Houston's Sugar Hill Studios to produce Modern Day Eve, her first CD project of 12 self-penned original contemporary Christian pop songs. The newly-released album explores Shannon's understanding and experience of Galatians 5:6 in her own life and in the lives of those around her. Shannon says she is the foundational 'Modern Day Eve' - but it took her almost the balance of the two year project to understand how or why. "What is the difference between the Eve of thousands of years ago and Eve today?", she found herself increasingly questioning as the project progressed. She began to look around, to read and research Adam and Eve and how 'it all went down' in the Garden of Eden once upon a time?..and as she did, she slowly began to identify the 'trees' in her garden and the 'fig leaves' she hid behind - cell phones, hi-rise buildings, fast cars and a fast-paced yet substance-poor lifestyle. She began to see how those 'trees' and 'leaves' were no more effective in shielding her from God's knowing gaze than the greenery of way back when, and when she felt the full force of her nakedness before God for the first time, she finally understood that there WAS one thing different between Eve-then and Eve-now?..the Eve of today had hope! The Eve of today has hope, because the Eve of today has a personal Savior, who came looking just for her, to lead her back to the One Who created her in the first place and the peaceful Garden that is her only true and intended Home. Shannon now sees that Modern Day Eve, and Adam!, have been given the only keys that have ever existed that can let each of us back into the Garden - the keys of faith that can unlock the love in our hearts through the saving Love and Grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Shannon's Mission Statement as the Founder of Lift Me Up Ministries is to continually strive to foster 'a community of saints-in-progress' and to build the awareness that we are not alone in this world - we have God and we have each other. She seeks to bring the healing, unifying and uplifting power of music to all who will hear it, together seeking grace one song at a time.

Modern Day Eve
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Modern Day Eve
God So Loved

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