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  Sarit Hadad
Sarit Hadad Sarit Hadad is 23 years old, and has already made 9 albums, all of which reached double, triple, and quadruple platinum and gold sales. She has been nominated "Singer of the Year" many times, and has had scores of songs rise to the top of the hit parades. She has held thousands of performances in Israel, scores of performances in europe and the USA, and appeared on many television programs, including 4 specials broadcast on television and radio. Among all these, she has held scores of performances for sick and needy children, for whom she always finds time.

Sarit Hadad was born in Hadero on 20/9/78 and named Sara Hodedtov. She is the youngest daughter to a family of four boys and four girls, all of whom are musicians.
Sarit was the only one who insisted on realizing her musical talents and making them a profession. Already at the age of 8 she would sneak out of her parents' home and appear as a "wonder child" in clubs. At the age of 10 she enrolled in a youth talent contest held in Hadera, and the review published following the contest said: "The surprise was the pianist Sara, a young girl who played classical music wonderfully by ear and does not read music." When Sarit's secret performances were discovered, her parents guarded her strictly, forbidding her to leave the house alone.

During the period when she wasn't performing, Sarit used her amazing musical talents to teach herself to play the organ, the guitar, drums, the accordion, the darbuka, and other instruments.

At the age of 15 she joined the Hadera Youth band, and through these performances she met Avi Gueta, who has been her agent ever sice. He succeeded in persuading her parents to stop ignoring her unprecedented talent, which should be cultivated.

Caesaria (DVD)
CD $29.99 catalog# v4532

More Info
Track Listing In Hebrew (jpeg)
Like Cinderella
CD $15.99 catalog# 3911158
Like Cinderella
Track 1
Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Only Love Will Bring Love
CD $16.99 catalog# mcd4508
Only Love Will Bring Love
All Songs In Hebrew (Includes QuickTime Video Clip
King Of The Street
Doing What I Want
CD $15.99 catalog# 3911167
Like Cinderella
Doing What I Want
Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Sweet Illusions
CD $16.99 catalog# 3911193

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Live In Heychal Hatarboot Tel-Aviv
CD $16.99 catalog# 3911140

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Live In France
CD $16.99 catalog# 3911003

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Road I Chose
CD $16.99 catalog# 3911004

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Law Of Life
CD $16.99 catalog# 3911002

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Spark Of Life
CD $16.99 catalog# 3911005

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Child Of Love
CD $16.99 catalog# shcd-101

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Live In Heychal Hatarboot Tel-Aviv (Video + CD)
Video(N.T.S.C.) $29.99 catalog# v-249

Song Listing in Hebrew (jpeg)
Child Of Love (DVD)
CD $29.99 catalog# v1116-2

Track Listing In Hebrew (jpeg)
Celebration (CD)
CD $16.99 catalog#0001032100

Track Listing In Hebrew (jpeg)

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