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  Shweta Jhaveri
Shweta Jhaveri At the dawn of the 21st century, Shweta Jhaveri is rated as one of the most innovative indian vocalists of the younger generation and a world class talent by the critics of Indian as well as world music. She is the performer of the Indian vocal form Khayal and also Tappa, Thumari and Bhajan styles. Bestowed with an aptitude to compose from her childhood, she has classical and semi-classical compositions as well as contemporary music scores to her credit which are equally appreciated by press and audiences. Musically, what sets this young vocalist apart, is her unique mesmerizing voice, soulful vocal expression and remarkable innovative spontaneity.

Shweta began performing at the age of 9 yrs. and grew up listening to the music of East and West as a child , encouraged by her parents Hansa Jhaveri and Dr. Subodh Jhaveri. She began studying music at the age of 6, from 1971-1983, under the guidance of late Pandit Vilas Khandekar in Ahmedabad-India, and had her ' Masters in Indian Music' under his guidance. She holds a BA. in English literature. From 1984-1994 her music was further nurtured under the guidance of the world renowned maestro Pandit Jasrajji. Shweta is most grateful to both of her gurus for their music and blessings.

Stepping in her 30's, Jhaveri continues to perform, compose and occasionally teaches vocal workshops in different parts of the world. Jhaveri is the first female vocalist from the state of Gujarat-India, to perform on the national & international platforms. She is the first Indian classical vocalist to have performed & publicly recorded her compositions with western musicians. She composes music under her banner 'Cosmic Khayals' founded in 1998. Shweta has sung for the award winning film ' Dance of the Wind' and also for TV and commercials.

Her concert venues in India are cities like Ahmedabad, Bombay, Pune, Calcutta, Varanasi, Delhi, Bhopal, Banglore, Hyderabad, etc. Her concert venues outside are USA (including theatres like 'Palace of Fine Arts' and 'The Lincoln Centre'), UK , Canada, Germany, France, Bangladesh, The Netherlands. She is the first Indian classical vocalist to perform in Argentina in April, 2001. Shweta Jhaveri is one of the most admired voices of the present times.

At the Court of the Chera King
CD $15.99 catalog# wla-cs-34

As You Walk Away
CD $15.99 catalog# bis 150

Krishna Pad
Hindusthani Classical
CD $15.99 catalog# bwb221
Hindusthani Classical
Manz Khamaz - Baat Niharu

CD $19.99 catalog# int3509
To A Beloved
In Various Moods
CD $15.99 catalog# sjcd-100
In Various Moods
CD $15.99 catalog# sjcd-110
Dream Saanvaro(mp3)

CD $15.99 catalog# 21c002
kyayal saga
Raaga PuriyaDhanashree (mp3)
Raaga Bhairavi(mp3)

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