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"We carry it all, but we can not weigh it. We ponder it some, but we cannot say it. Moments in brief translation, Memorized lines, and Deju Vu."
---SOUVENIR (1994)

The Glory New Release
Suzanne's 5th Album, recorded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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The Glory From The Glory
The Holly And The Ivy From Out Under The Sky
Patapan From Out Under The Sky
Great Day From Ephemera
Roswell Incident From Ephemera & Roswell Incident


Audience members in all sorts of settings have commented that Suzanne McDermott's performances are refreshingly honest, funny, engaging, and cathartic. Here are what some press and colleagues have said:

"The Genuine Article!"
---Tom Paxton

"a thoughtful, literate and serious singer-songwriter deserving of attention."
---Sing Out! Magazine

"Sentiments so strong that they're scary. These are songs that make you think."
---Marvin Minsky ~ Japan Prize Laureate

"Poetic songs lifted by a lovely voice, which recalls English singers like Maddy Prior."
---The Boston Globe

"With her lilting voice and melodic twists and turns, McDermott is slightly reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and early Rickie Lee Jones. With near epic songs like "California Sun" and "The 3 Dreams of J. Robert Oppenheimer" she makes almost any comparison obsolete."
---Performing Songwriter Magazine

"I love the Roswell song! I LOVE IT!!!"
---Cheryl Wheeler ~ Singer-songwriter

"Beautiful work. I'm stunned by the unexpectedness in these songs; the guitar, the melody, the lyrics. It's very refreshing."
---Brooks Williams ~ Singer-songwriter

"I'm really quite taken with the melodic and harmonic sense and I'm refreshed to find that McDermott avoids the expected (and all too usual) solutions to melodic challenges."
---Christopher Rouse ~ Pulitzer Prize winning composer

"Her song writing is soulful, poetic, spiritual, and demands the full >attention and interaction of the listener."
---Jack Sutton ~ Harmony Ridge Music

"Lyrics which repay repeated listening and a voice which recalls Judy Collins."
---Dirty Linen

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