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  Sarah Slean
Sarah Slean "Universe, a six-song sampling from Toronto suburbanite Sarah Slean, is a strong opus in any medium. Its strength is in the songs... Ignore the girl-with-piano motif and the obvious musical comparisons, since beyond these is an arpeggio-tinted framework where a naive hope shines through some awe-filled darkness." "Sarah Slean seems poised for something bigger. And why shouldn't she be? She has brains, talent and a strong, almost daunting faith in her music. On her own, or with cellist Sharon Tiessen and a percussionist, Sarah paints little pictures in song, with explorations of magic realism more often found with mature Latin poets than with 20-year-old University of Toronto music students." - Chart Magazine

"...a strong mix of delicate melodies, intense rhythms and soothing harmonies that are beyond modern comparison... It doesn't always take heavy music to crush you."- Toronto Star

"Weight, the opening track, is the song destined to launch Slean into the spotlight." - Brock Press

"Art and beauty: Toronto's Sarah Slean expertly merges the two on her debut LP Universe... The only thing wrong with Slean's dark, evocative Universe is that at six songs, it's too short by half." -Words and Music

"While it is nice to listen to an album, there is nothing quite like Slean's performance, especially when one can see the emotion and hearfelt drive that goes into each song." - The Varsity- U of T

"Sarah Slean and Emm Gryner are easily two of the most promising solo acts on the Toronto music scene" -The Spill

"Almost as soon as I pressed play to listen for the first time to Universe, Sarah's debut E.P., I could feel the passion in her performance... I can't help but think that someone may have been sitting in a room years ago watching a young Joni Mitchell or Jane Siberry perform at the beginning of their careers. I wonder if they had the same feeling I had after watching Sarah Slean. This girl is going to make it one day." - Indie Nation

CD $11.99 catalog# sscd1998
Blue Parade
CD $14.99 catalog# sscd002
Blue Parade
Playing Cards With Judas
Night Bugs
CD $15.99 catalog# sscd1998
Night Bugs
CD $9.99 catalog# wea2 83502

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