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Susie Suh

On Susie Suh's self-titled debut from Epic Records, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter takes listeners on an emotional journey. Forging her own path, Suh brings her introspective songs to life by boiling each of them down to their essence. "I wanted this first album to be as honest and sincere as possible with the intent focused around my voice, guitar and words."

The album's organic instrumentation complements Suh's smoky voice, tender delivery and gift for melody, which gives these 10 deeply personal songs an air of intimacy and a timeless appeal. Recorded over an eight-month period at various studios in California, SUSIE SUH was produced by Grammy Award-winner Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette, Michael Jackson, No Doubt) and engineered and mixed by Scott Campbell (Dave Matthews, Shelby Lynne).

Ballard originally agreed to produce a few songs, but wound up producing the entire album. "There is a world-weary and wise power in her burnished amber voice," Ballard says. "These stories come from a woman impossibly young to communicate so much experience, with the sexual urgency and poignancy of a Billie Holiday and the lyrical clarity of a John Cheever short story. I feel like every drop of every line is oozing from her pores, no crocodile tears, no excess musical or verbal baggage. I'm mesmerized by her ability to express the ineffable in her lyrics and by her ability to capture the human heart in conflict with itself. There is shade and dappled sunlight in her landscapes of the soul, but ultimately hope of love, of fulfillment, of connection."

Ballard-who co-wrote the first single "Shell" as well as "Lucille"-pushed Suh out of her songwriting comfort zone. "I'm more deliberate when it comes to writing." Suh says. "I usually let things brew for a while. Glen is amazingly talented and works so fast that I felt like I was constantly trying to keep up with him. The songs I wrote with Glen are much more stream of consciousness, written in a couple of hours." .

Susie Suh
CD $15.99 catalog# r2cd2006

Sean Ryan's Reel(mp3)
The Journey(mp3)
Aye Waukin O(mp3)
The Snuff Wife(mp3)

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