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  Swamp Mama Johnson
Swamp Mama Johnson With a great love and respect for the musical pillar that is American rhythm and blues, Swamp Mama Johnson has managed to create an original repertoire that stretches from the tightest funk to the most psychedelic jazz-blues. And as thousands of loyal "Gatorheads" already know, that Mama Groove defies anyone to sit still. Go ahead and try!

"The band had the ability to carry a groove like a seasoned funk ensemble... I don't believe anyone could sit still through this show if they tried." - Ashley Goddard, The Anchorage Press

"Gatorheads were gyrating their half-naked bodies with the fervor of Grateful Dead audiences of old." - The Rocket

"A veritable stew it is with dashes of everything from funk to ska and big helpings of serious musicianship thrown in... Swamp Mama Johnson dish it all up with the assurance and style of bands 10-20 years their senior." - What's Up?

"...people started grooving the instant the band started its set. We're talking an unusual mix; College-aged kids. Middle-aged men wearing Bermuda shorts and sporting a pair of love handles. Kids in baseball caps sitting between mom and dad. Couples in their 60's." - Whidbey News-Times

Fresh Raw & Live! (Live)
CD $15.99 catalog# swm-100
Fresh Raw & Live! (Live)
CD $15.99 catalog# swm-101
Peachfish Stew
CD $15.99 catalog# swm-102
Peachfish Stew
Music Equals Life
CD $15.99 catalog# swm-103
Music Equals Life

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