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Tanita Tikaram is back with a collection of beguiling and rewarding new songs, entitled, 'Sentimental', released in the Spring of 2005 on Na´ve Records.

'Sentimental' is Tanita's sixth studio album and her first record since 1998's, 'Cappuccino Songs'. The album features 10 new songs and a unique vocal collaboration with Nick Lowe who sings on two of the tracks.

Articulate and engagingly self deprecating, Tanita's aims for the new album were very simple: "I wanted to get back to things I had forgotten, fundamental ideas about keeping things simple and interesting and looking at how the voice sits with other instruments", says Tanita, "Ideas I felt I lost but which maybe I just knew naturally when I was seventeen."

Sentimental', is in some ways a musical departure but also part of a natural process. "It is a departure from my last album in terms of the way it was developed and recorded but in many ways I think it is part of a natural development in my songwriting, I hope the more mature I become, the simpler the songs become", she explains.

'Sentimental' is characterised by Tanita's laid back, rich and husky voice, at times a whisper at other times an evocative jazz croon. The delivery is perfectly in keeping with the conversational, live approach that perfectly suits these songs.

As Tanita explains "I was aiming for a warmth and sonority which is not aggressive. I was fiddling with computers and loops but it wasn't working for me. I wanted that live feel- I just think it is so important to look at how the voice fits with the other instruments in a band and work from there"

Song Listing:
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  1. Something New(MP3)
  2. Play Me Again(MP3)
  3. My Love(MP3)
  4. Don't Shake Me Up(MP3)
  5. Everyday Is New(MP3)
  6. Love Is Just A Word(MP3)
  7. Don't Let The Cold(MP3)
  8. Forever(MP3)
  9. Got To Give You Up(MP3)
  10. Heart In Winter(MP3)
Catalog #wr1032172 CD $29.99
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