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  Victoria Parks
Victoria Parks is a seasoned and versatile performing songwriter, specializing in Anlgo-Celtic neo-traditional, contemporary ballads and humorous songs.

Her soaring and powerful voice ranges from deep and rich to lilting and ethereal. She employs an uncanny talent with her sense of melody and harmony. Her haunting voice is absolutely brilliant - one moment extremely tender and intimate, then changing to mature, big and bold. She plays her guitar with an equal skill that 25 years of writing and performing have brought to this seasoned artist.

Her love of traditional Scottish and Irish music shows in her own compositions and in the traditional cover ballads she chooses to perform. Her powerful and timeless lyrics cross cultures and time periods to reach every listener with universal themes that are always relevant. Whether historical or contemporary, her true stories and good yarns transport her listeners with honest emotion.

Her sidesplitting humorous songs send her listeners into spasms of uncontrollable laughter. Her uniquely comedic perspective points to the truth of any situation and enables us to laugh at ourselves and the human condition.

Critically acclaimed as a master lyricist, Victoria's rich background of influences have molded a well-rounded songwriter. Through all her songs Victoria shows her commitment to her deep sense of political and personal history. The common thread throughout her work is the cry for peace, love and justice. Victoria Parks is a universal world voice for a global audience in this new millennium.

Wild English Rose
CD $14.99 catalog# wmm-40501

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