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  Wynne Alexander
Wynne Alexander “You can’t look at a person and know anything,” says Wynne Alexander with a smile. “there’s no successful shorthand in this world. You’ve gotta’ find out for yourself.”

That can apply to Wynne’s music and those who are hearing it for the first time. The Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter has spent a lifetime looking beyond the obvious. She’s probed the true nature of things and now she’s forging that experience into a stunning body of work. It’s the kind of vision that makes her a genuinely unique performer. And as people discover her songs, they simply want to hear more. Wynne calls her sound “Cosmopolitan Rock.” It’s a term that neatly sums up the delicate balance she achieves between sophistication and unvarnished emotion. Nationally known disc jockey and radio executive Joe 'Butterball' Tamburro said, "If Greta Garbo could sing, she'd sound like Wynne." In fact there is an austere sensuality and elegance both to Wynne's musicality and her stage presence that is very reminiscent of the Art Deco ambience of the late 1920s and 30s. A rebellious yet charming insouciance like that made famous by film titan Louise Brooks. In today's musical terms, it’s the gutsy aspect of Bonnie Raitt, the artfulness of Kate Bush crossed with the swagger of Leon Russel. It’s the uncompromising honesty of Alanis Morrisette arranged by the suave hand of George Gershwin. It’s got soulful warmth and cool precision. But in the end, it’s all, inimitably, Wynne Alexander.

“I exist in myself”, she agrees, “I’m more unfettered than most, yet I have to live with everyone’s opinions. I’ve heard people say I write male. I’ve heard people say I play like a black man. And that’s an enormous compliment, but what I think they’re talking about is strength. You don’t have to be male to be strong...I know how intrigued men and women are when they watch me play. When I’m up at the piano- 'attack, attack, attack'-I give the lie to the myth that female players aren't compellingly strong.”

Wynne’s new CD presents a powerful argument against any kind of arbitrary stereotype. Produced, arranged and almost completely performed by Alexander, the disc tackles the full range of human emotion. From the power pop rage of “Liars” to the tender grace of “Love You Lullabye”, from the knowing ironic groove of “Controllez-Vous” to the indignant slink of “What Am I to Say”, this album gleefully refuses to be categorized.

Additional info can be found at wynnealexander.com
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Knowing Love By It's Absence
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Knowing Love By It's Absence
Purest Devotion

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