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  Wendy Bucklew
Wendy Bucklew Respected for her prominent position within the now famous music scene in Atlanta, Georgia, Wendy Bucklew has taken her performing and songwriting talents to a new level of maturity and excellence. Though it's true that this is a common introduction in a typical artist's biography (i.e. talented... original...passionate...blah, blah, blah) one listen to Bucklew's repertoire will confirm what would simply be hype to the unfamiliar ear.

To give the reader a grasp of Bucklew's style, the closest comparison would be Joni Mitchell meets Janis Joplin in the 90's. Even this is not so much an accurate description of Bucklew's style as it is of her lyrical talent and her ability to emote. Listening to her lyrics will give you an idea of the poet behind the performer. This is someone who lives and feels the words she belts and whispers.

On Asleep in the Swing, Bucklew once again teams up with Producer/Recording Engineer, DeDe Vogt of Sound and Fury Studios in Atlanta. Engineer Jim Zumpano (Aretha Franklin, Babyface. Whitney Houston). who worked with Wendy in 1990 on Rage in the Ring, lent his mixing expertise at Ricky Keller's Southern Living Studios. Weaving a tight thread throughout the new album are the classy bass-lines of Dede Vogt and the melodic rocking drum sounds of longtime Bucklew drummer, Jason Mogi. This dynamic rhythm section will also tour with Bucklew in support of Asleep in the Swing. Adding their own flavors to these tasty songs, guest musicians/friends include Michelle Malone (Vel Vel Records), Lounge Lizard's Jone Scarpantoni (guest cellist for Patti Smith, Jewel. Natalie Merchant), and Michael Lora nt (Big Fish Ensemble).

"After You," Bucklew's fourth full-length recording, is the album that her fans have been waiting for. A combination of live and studio tracks, Bucklew puts a new spin on some of her most requested songs and also serves up a batch of new tunes. Sometimes stripped down, sometimes dressed up, these tracks form a sound that is undeniably Wendy Bucklew - that soulful voice, that rocking guitar, and that rare and wry twist of phrase.

In a roundabout way, this 15-song release on Motion City Records is a result of a miracle. Tangled in a label dispute, Bucklew's career path was gridlocked. Out of the blue, a fan wrote to her saying, "You don't know me, but when times were tough for me, your music pulled me through. Now that things are tough for you, I wanna help." Turns out this fan had since become a dot.com millionaire. He bought her contract and all of her product, and returned them to Bucklew, with no strings attached -- except for making Bucklew promise that the music will keep flowing. Additional info can be found at wendybucklew.com

"Perhaps the worst part of the current "women in rock" thing is that it DOES actually start to sound the same after a while... Wendy's new CD is a cure for that. It's powerful, fresh. and the writing is intelligent and sharp. Does she sound like other people? Yes, she does. But listen closely. and you might find that actually the other people sound like her!!!" - Rob Reinhart, Acoustic Cafe

"Bucklew's new record is worth the wait. 11 compelling songs and plenty of her impeccable, intricate guitar-playing, this is acoustic storytelling that can't be pigeonholed... Bucklew's wonderful voice sets her apart from the teeming crowd of women singer-songwriters. She sings with soul reminiscent of some of rock's most hallowed mamas, like Janis Joplin and early Bonnie Raitt." - Tracy Collins, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"This young and talented woman can weave one helluva powerful song... In spite of the large amount of folk/rock- based female artists out there at the moment, you should spend some time with Wendy Bucklew... She can stand up to the best of 'em!" - Album Network

Additional info can be found at wendybucklew.com

Asleep In The Swing
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Asleep In The Swing
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