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  Yehudit Ravitz
Yehudit Ravitz One of the leading artists of Israeli rock/pop, Yehudit Ravitz has established herself as a singer and songwriter for the past 25 years. Full of energy and passion, her voice has made an undeniable mark on Israeli music history. With 11 solo albums (most self-composed and self-produced) and several collaborations under her belt, Yehudit Ravitz is still charging forward with full force. Born in Be'er Sheva, Israel, Yehudit began her successful musical career while still in the Israeli Defense Forces, doing her military service as a member of an Army Entertainment Troupe. Before completing her service, she already joined the legendary Israeli rock group "Sheshet" singing and playing alongside some of the biggest names in Israeli music today.

Her solo debut came when she participated in the 1977 Israeli Song Festival. Yehudit captured the audience's hearts with her performance of "Selichot" (Penitential Prayer), a beautiful song written by one of Israel's top poetesses, Leah Goldberg. In 1978, she collaborated with pop musician Danny Litani for a concert tour and a live album. In 1979, she released her debut solo album, titled "Yehudit Ravitz", which went 'Gold'. Significantly, in 1980, she became the first female to perform a solo rock concert in Israel. From there on, Yehudit became a star, quickly and steadily becoming one of the defining and leading forces on the Israeli rock arena.

Yehudit's latest album, titled "Ga'agua" (Longing), was released in March 2000 and is well on its way from its current 'Gold' status to 'Platinum'. In April of 2000, she was invited to perform her enchanting music accompanied by the highly respected and admired Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

In addition to composing many of her own songs, Yehudit has produced, arranged and recorded with many of Israel's leading performers such as Corinne Al-Al, David Da'or, Meir Banai, Gidi Gov, Matti Caspi, Ehud Banai and others, which resulted in huge commercial successes.

Yehudit Ravitz has gained wide critical acclaim and media recognition, and has won every possible professional music honor and award available in Israel. All of her albums have reached Gold status, and several reached Platinum and Double Platinum. Yehudit loves performing live to large audiences, both solo and with her musicians. She has also performed live with such top Israeli artists as Nurit Galron, Shlomo Artzi, Yoni Rechter, Rami Kleinstein and Gidi Gov, to name a few.

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Greatest Hits 2
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