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  Rosa Zaragoza

Rosa Zaragoza started her professional singing career in 1984, inspired by discovering the lyrics to Jewish-Catalan songs from the 15th century. She toured performing these songs in Israel, New York and all over Europe. She then began working with material , both religious and secular, from the three cultures of the Iberian Peninsula: Jewish, Muslim and Christian.

As a singer, Rosa is forever looking to revive songs that speak to us about Mediterranean culture and it’s roots. She has performed in some of the most important Mediterranean and Mystic music festivals in Europe. Rosa founded and is the artistic director for the Festivals of Mystic Music in Barcelona (2000 and 2001) and Valencia (2001).

Spanish singer Rosa Zaragoza breathes new life and reverence into the only known manuscripts of ancient Sephardic Catalan melodies last performed 500 years ago. Deepy inspired by the Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures from her Catalan homeland, Zaragoza's haunting and evocative voice perfectly suits the sun-drenched soulful lullabies of the Mediterranean

"...A clear, fascinating and feminine voice singing in an exotic language, full of feeling....With Rosa Zaragosa it’s possible to combine the spiritual with the sensual."
Jutta Rippegather. Frankfurter Rundschau (Frankfurt, March 10, 1997)

"...in a moment the sacred and the secular mix into an eternal, sensual dream. The mystical and the worldly, Rosa returns to love... a space beyond time into the magical grace of the sacred."
Zeineb Zouaoul. Le Renouveau (Tunis, May 1, 1997)

Cancons Dels Jueus Catalans
CD $18.99 catalog# kpd10-969

Sir Nasir La Hatan(mp3)
Pesah A La Mano (mp3)
Canciones De Judios, Cristianos Y Musulmanes - Songs of The Jew, Christians, and Moslems
CD $18.99 catalog# kpd10-892

Smechin Bezetan (mp3)
Imperayritz De La Ciutat Joyosa (mp3)
Khlas En Modo Sika (mp3)
L'Esperit D'Al-Andalus
CD $18.99 catalog# kpd10-924

Envio Un Saludo (mp3)
En Keloenu (mp3)
La Hora De La Siesta (mp3) Info
CD $18.99catalog# kpd10-938

Popular Andalura (mp3)
Ficha Técnica: Jaume Bosser (guitarra, llaüt renaixentista, bouzouqui, falutes, lira), Francesc Tomŕs (arpa, guitarra, violí, lira), Jordi Planas (violoncel), Xavier Macaya (viella de roda).

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