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Dear Friends,

My long-awaited fourth album, called "Flying Over Bridges," is now available. Produced by brilliant Cameroonian producer/bassist Andre Manga, it features world class musicians from Senegal, Cameroon, Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, and the USA. I am so excited for you to hear this record!

Building from my first three CDs, "Flying Over Bridges" is a rich, rhythmic, shimmering, heady brew of African/Latin/folk/world/jazz. The title is a theme running through the record: bridges, transition, migration, the marriage of opposites, and, ultimately, transcending The Bridge itself.

Lots of love,


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the blessed rain

Ashley Maher is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter, now living in Los Angeles. Ashley's music combines African rhythms and percussion with jazz, folk and rock influences, and stunningly beautiful and intricate vocal arrangements. Her lyrics tend to follow a narrative form and and are often personal, describing her own experiences, or her friends and family. (See biography for more details.)

You can order Ashley Maher's third album "the blessed rain" directly from her or from a number of internet sites.
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Ashley is currently performing at performing arts centers, festivals, clubs, large and small venues, and private and corporate functions. She can present her music in a wide range of formats, from intimate and acoustic to jazzy to Big Global Band with Dancers.
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To contact Ashley, for more information, or if you'd like to find out what Ashley's music sounds like, please contact Anthony Kosky.
EMAIL: a n t h o n y _ k o s k y @ y a h o o . c o m