Welcome to the Ashley Maher home page. I set up these pages in order to help publicize Ashley and her music on the net, and to provide a place to put information about albums, concerts, and anything else that's going on.

I've just been updating these pages, including some additions to the short biography that Ashley wrote for them (and I converted to html as best I could). There are also photos, reviews, and a discography.

Ashley's third CD, The Blessed Rain is currently available, and is quite wonderful. Unfortunately her first two albums, "hi" and "Pomegranate" have been deleted, and are very hard to find, even second hand. If you've been trying to find them with out success, please contact me and I'll try to help. I'd also encourage anyone interested to write to the head of marketing at Virgin, UK, asking him to reissue the albums "hi" and "Pomegranate". The address is:

Virgin Records Ltd.
553-579 Harrow Road,
London, W10 4RH.

I'd like to thank Jack Sutton and Harmony Ridge Music for providing a home for these pages. Thanks to anyone who provided help, encouragement or material for these pages, especially Jane Wood, Alex Larg, Toody Maher and of course Ashley Maher.

-Anthony Kosky