Alice DiMicele


ALICE DIMICELE grew up in New Jersey and attended State University of New York to study Music therapy. She played with a rock fusion band called Eon Ocean, did street performance outside Grateful Dead shows and started gigging at coffee houses. She move to Ashland Oregon in 1986 and formed a band called Earth Song.

She formed her own label , Alice Otter Music, to make the 1988 album "Make A Change", a grass roots folk style album that established Alice as a staunch defender of the environment. Since then she has been a prolific producer, releasing a new album every 1 to 2 years. In 1989 she released "Its A Miracle" and added bass, drums, sax, and cello adding depth to her sound. Her artist magic continued with the 1990 "Too Controversial", with theme's about the environment and dissident politics. Alice's popularity continued to climb, and in 1992 over 300 radio stations had played her songs, and she released her fourth album "Searching" ."Naked" , her latest work was recently introduced in the fall of 1994.

Alice's style and vocal range reach far and wide as the mountains of her home, the Siskiyous in Southern Oregon. "DiMicele's voice is a big, supple instrument that can take a lyric from breathy intimacy to funky scat to lilting lyricism's and back again in a few bars" (Bill Varble, The Mail Tribune). Much of her song writing reflects her deep respect and commitment to environmental issues, particularly those in her own back yard , the Pacific Northwest. She writes with passion, and some times anger about the injustice and disrespect towards our earth, its animals, and native peoples. Perhaps Alice's song "If I was a Wolf" from her 1990 album "Too Controversial" is a good example of her ability to transform her passion through music to the listener. This holds true for her brighter and more joyful works as well. Return To Artist Page copyright © 1994-98 Harmony Ridge Music, El Granada, CA, USA
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