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"I invent songs to explain the world to myself... not to explain myself to the world. As a writer, I don't feel loyal to events as they really happened... I want to tell stories more true than factual. Experiences, myths, daydreams, conversations overheard on the street, revelations, microcosms, irony and humor... Collages of a crazy world full of contradiction and beauty."

Beat Poet Songwriter and "spoke folk" artist Annie Gallup's writing is unabashedly imaginative and richly sensual. She is a teller of short, elaborate tales, song-length works of fiction that sparkle with the complexity and polish of poetry. Tightly packed lyrical strands that crackle with intelligence and spry word play and pulse with insistent rhythm. Hold Annie's work up to that of many contemporary literary lions: she's the real thing.

Annie grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in a family of artists and craftsmen. She studied dance from the age of four all the way through her college years at the University of Michigan. There she majored in visual art: sculpture, metalsmithing, painting and photography. She begged for a guitar for her tenth birthday and fell in love with the country blues and Travis picking. Once she had her hands wrapped around the guitar's neck, it never occurred to her NOT to write songs, a love that stayed with her while she lived various lives: cutting tobacco in Kentucky, crewing on a 90 foot sloop in Puget Sound, skiing and rock climbing in the Cascade Mountains, baking cheesecakes in Seattle. It was there that Bruce Paskow, formerly of the Washington Squares, first heard her perform. He took her under his wing and into the studio, producing three songs for her first cd, Cause and Effect, before his tragic death in 1994. With that cd's release, Annie began touring nationally.

Annie's sixth album, Pearl Street, is scheduled for release in January, 2005. Originally written as a one-person performance piece, Pearl Street is a song cycle of ten linked songs that follow the same characters through ten years of their lives. Pearl Street follows Swerve, (2001), which was recorded at Theater 99 in New York City on vintage analog equipment with a phenomenal band featuring Michael Visceglia (Suzanne Vega) on bass, Denny McDermott on drums and Billy Masters (Dar Williams) on electric guitar. Her critically acclaimed fourth album, Steady Steady Yes, which was recorded live and unaccompanied, captured the engaging and compelling performances for which Annie has become known in her live shows - focused, dramatic and totally exposed. Her groundbreaking 1998 release, Courage My Love, was thought by critics to be an artistic triumph. Fusing elements of spoken word with sharp melodies and a trademark delivery, Annie has created her own musical sub-genre.

What Others Are Saying:


"...narrative reminiscences-- fully developed, intently marrying scenes and emotions, and brimming with delicious rhymes...
--- Jim Campbell

DIRTY LINEN (Baltimore, MD)

"it's relatively rare to find an original voice among singer-songwriters, but Seattle resident Annie Gallup fits the bill. Gallup's pipes blend the throaty smoothness of early Joni Mitchell with a distinctive inflective twang that is closer to Lucinda Williams. An unlikely combination perhaps, but the effect is captivating.
---Mike Parrish


"So many tunings, fingerings, messages, flowing effortlessly and flawlessly. No cue cards, set List or hesitation. (She retunes during the applause!)"
--- Steve Durfee


'The music (and at least equally so, the lyrics) are truly extraordinary; it's one of the most artistically pleasing projects we've worked on.
-- Micah Soloman, President

WADN-AM (Concord, MA)

"it's great to hear really interesting song craft. This is a thoughtful and passionate album.
---Chuck Hall.


"Singer-songwriter whose voice is incredibly beautiful and simple. Her songs are folky with a slint hint into the country realm, which isn't the end of the world for someone with the uniqueness to manufacture such songs of honesty and beauty."
---Alex Williams


"Annie Gallup's folk music rings clear, captures life's intimacies."
---Ken Hunt

VICTORY REVIEW ( Bonney lake, WA)

"Melodies will keep you company for days. But the real glory belongs to the words. She hits her mark so many times that one must say Annie Gallup is Cause, and the Effect is wonder. "
---Michael Rivers

VICTORY REVIEW ( Bonney lake, WA)

"Gallup is a very special unknown talent."
---Chris Lunn
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