Anne Weiss


Friday June 6, 2003
If you haven't seen Anne Weiss perform, you've been missing out on one of the most transcendent musical experiences in the Northwest. Rarely is an artist able to combine such intelligent, impassioned songwriting with vocal abilities of such stunning beauty and staggering skill. Her words will capture your mind, her voice will steal your heart, and her music will move you to very depths of your soul.
...Kristin Valinsky (publicist and concert promoter)

Sunday April 27, 2003
Aside from Janis Joplin, I can think of no other female vocalist who emits anything close to the power, grace, beauty, sorrow, strength, artistry and passion of Anne Weiss. Music is so subjective that I shy away from proclaiming any musician "the best" at their craft - but there is no singer living today who has impressed me more deeply than Anne Weiss. Her performances are nothing short of stunning, and I have seen the enormity of Anne's talent and expression move audience members to tears on several occasions.
...Kristin Valinsky (publicist and concert promoter)

"Portland powerhouse Anne Weiss, with her vocal flights suggesting a cross between Aretha Franklin and Joni Mitchell, bluesy acoustic chops hinting that Bonnie Raitt could have been a frequent visitor to the house, & poetic lyrics that likewise transcend generic limitations, is like three singer-songwriters in one."
-Jeff Rosenberg, Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon

"Anne Weiss has created an album so lush and beautifully produced...unforgettable melodies, georgeous lyrics. Braille is pure Anne Weiss- all about life, life, life."
-Dar Williams

Anne Weiss is a singer-songwriter whose vocal, guitar and piano styles incorporate contemporary folk, blues and gospel. Her first CD, Tomorrow's Gate , was praised as "one of the finest new albums" (Jeff Emery, KZSC Radio). Her second release, Crossing the Border, has been called "brilliant." (Mike Meyer, KRVM Radio). Anne's poetry book, Making Paper From Leaves (2002) has been receiving national acclaim and her third album, Braille, was just released in February 2003 and is receiving rave reviews.

Anne has shared stages with Dar Williams, Ani DiFranco, Dan Fogelberg, Richie Havens, Greg Brown, Catie Curtis, Patti Larkin, Cheryl Wheeler, Guy Davis, Ellis Paul, Jonatha Brooke, John Cephas and Phil Wiggins, Sapphire- the Uppity Blues Women, Sonia, Pierce Pettis, Guardabarranco, and many others. She appears on recordings with Shawn Colvin, Geoff Bartley, Jim Infantino, Patti Larkin, and is featured on several music compilations. Anne also arranges music for and directs a capella choirs nationally, using multicultural music. On tour and at festivals, she offers singing, songwriting, and guitar workshops.

"Anne is contemporary, Anne is political, Anne is one of the liveliest performers ever to grace the Bound for Glory stage."
-Phil Shapiro, Bound For Glory Live Performance Radio

"A little genius!! A great talent!!"
-Ray Pieters "Somewhere Between", Belgium Radio

"Hey, woman - you rank right up there for me with Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitzgerald, and several other female musicians that have served to inspire me throughout my life."
-Pat York, fan, after hearing Anne Weiss on the national radio program, River City Folk

"Anne’s distinctive voice, guitar playing, songwriting, humor and overall stage presence far surpasses much of the ‘major label’ talent".
-Mike Meyer, KRVM Radio, Eugene, OR.

"ANNE WEISS-, pure poetry, pure voice, bluesfunksoulfolk guitar goddess."
-Jeff Rosenberg, KBOO radio, Willamette Weekly, Portland, OR

Still More Accolades:


"Quite the wordsmith."
--- Quincey Johnson

BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, Burlington, Vermont

"A stunning voice."
---Paul Kaza


"Anne's been an inspiration to me ever since we met. She's funny, she’s insightful, and the power of her performances brings people together in the best way.
-- Dar Williams, singer/songwriter


"Great stuff."
---Gus Ziesing,


"Anne Weiss is a human dynamo. There is nobody I would rather hear, whether live or on CD. She is a tiny bundle of energy, incredible vocal ability, and great songwriting. From AUTHENTIC gospel to the most plaintive, quiet acoustic music to the most timely topical songs, she truly rocks."
---Micah Solomon, President


"Hearing Anne Weiss sing is like listening to a gospel choir rolled into one Voice. honest, soulful, and deeply moving..'
---Jaime Morton, singer/songwriter

KRVM Radio, Eugene Oregon

"Anne's distinctive voice, guitar playing, songwriting, humor and overall stage presence far surpasses much of the 'major label' talent of the 90's. Her new album, Crossing the Border, is a brilliant CD. I love the variety, arrangement, writing, singing, backup, and production. It just could not be better!".
---Mike Myer, Concert Producer

KZSC Radio, Santa Cruz, California

"Her voice is rich and powerful, with the ability to really belt it out, and yet it can be quiet, soft and clear, too. A lot of passion and soul...her songwriting is what excites me the most, though. The way she can say so much with such beautiful simplicity is what makes these songs really stand out."
---Jeff Emery


"One of the freshest, most versatile voices I've heard...she ranges from folk to pop to swing to blues, all with a self-assured ease."
---Steve Bornstein (Top 10 picks 1997)

KBOO Radio, Portland Oregon

"Powerfully crafted songs...Whether moving our hearts or making us move our feet, she delivers a unique experience that compels us to return again and again for another listen."
---Robyn Shanti

KUNV Radio, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Crossing the Border is one wonderful, rich, and incisive piece of work!- BEAUtifully performed!"
---Gerrie Blake

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