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"More than anything, what comes through, loud and clear in Kate's music, is her heart, she has the voice of an angel..."
---Kenny Loggins

Kate Price has been performing professionally for more than ten years. She has released numerous recordings of her music and appears as a guest vocalist on Kenny Loggins "Leap of Faith" release, as well as his upcoming "Return to Pooh Corner." Her music is most often associated with the music of Loreena McKennitt, in that her music blends cross-cultural influences and instrumentation with a lyrical female voice strong composition and dynamic performance quality. As Kenny Loggins lauds, "More than anything, what comes through loud and clear in Kate's music is her heart- she has the voice of an angel..."

A review in Options Magazine desribes her as "a fine, seductive contralto, with excellent elocution and a definite way with a ballad''. Her repertoire consists of original compositions as well as diverse ethnic music from Europe and the British Isles. Her original compositions are influenced by both the Slavic snd Celtic musical and literary traditions. Reviewers have described her as one part gypsy and one part fairy.

Based in Santa Barbara, Kate, has appeared extensively on the West Coast with performances for such groups as The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, and The California Lute, Harp and Guitar Society. Her performance style has been called "warm and Intimate".

Kate's instruments of choice to accompany her beautiful voice are the Hammered Dulcimer, the Swedish Hummell and the Piano. The Hammered Dulcimer Is a unique and beautiful stringed instrument which traces it's roots back to Persia and China. It has survived in many cultures worldwide and is the predecesser of the piano. It's tone is a delicate blendlng of the brilliance of the harpsichord with the depth and breadth of the harp. The Hummell is the eleventh century forefather of the fretted dulcimer. Its six drone strings give it an eastern allure which beautifully compliments the other aspects of Kate's music.

Kate Price's music is available through Harmony Ridge Music as well as The Access Music Label. It was Access that discovered Enya and Lorenna Mckennitt and brought them to stardom. Access will also achieve great results with Kate Price.
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