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Though it may seem like several artistic lifetimes ago, Laurie Freelove was a founding member of the critically acclaimed and tremendously popular band "Two Nice Girls". After releasing their debut on Rough Trade Records Laurie decided to leave the band and set out to forge her own musical trail independently releasing "Fifty Words For Snow". She was then 'discovered' by Nigel Grainge of Chrysalis/Ensign Records at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas. Recognizing her potential as a break-through artist, she was signed to the English label within the week, and that year recorded her first solo CD "Smells Like Truth."

"Smells Like Truth" quickly became a critics favorite, receiving universally rave reviews from New Musical Express and the London Times in England to the New York Times and Rolling Stone in the U.S. The CD's ten tracks mine an expansive range of lyrical and musical terrain, all of which seize the imagination, spark curiousity and stir the emotions. The decidedly unique recording demonstrates Laurie's singular ability to blend complex, intricate melodies and rhythms in a voice ranging between the sweet quirkiness of Kate Bush and the raw power of Marianne Faithhful. A seasoned live performer, Laurie's U.S. tour following the CD's release earned her a deservedly enthusiastic following.

When Ensign was sold to EMI all came to a halt at Chrysalis and Laurie returned to work in the U.S. focusing her attention on producing and recording new material with vocalist Gemma Cochran. The resulting minimalist, acoustic "Sixty Stanley Road" was released locally and Don Mcleese of The Austin American Statesmen pronounced it "a collection of exquisitely tender and vunerably intimate love songs and perhaps the prettiest and most accessible music she has ever recorded." He was not alone in praising the impressively simple and delicate recording. Virtually every publication in Austin celebrated it's release.

Shortly after, two new recordings were taking shape. The first titled, "The Invisible Invisible" produced with Claude McCan III and Mitch Watkins, illustrating an even more adventerous ,innovative musical persona. It is intensely romantic, provocative, lyrical, a techno- head-heart trip poised for flight. The second project, "Songs From The Nineline" was assembled to accompany Laurie on an east-coast tour. It is a collection of solo and ensemble live-performances including radio broadcasts. There are many highlights to this collection but a beautifully rendered "Arms Of A Dream" from a Dutch Public Radio session is especially powerful and sublime. Dear Prudence, recorded at Austin's KLBJ Radio as a tribute for Yoko Ono on the occasion of John Lennons birthday, is as engaging and triumphant as the original. "Songs from the Nineline" is an emotionally packed collection of fearless avant-garde singing, songwriting and performance. Billboard, Album Network, The Chronicle and The Statesman all commend it for it's originality and elegance and radio has recieved it with open arms.

Today Laurie is busy with her seventh musical project working with Shane O'Madden (Govinda). They have just finished a three -song demo of radio singles. She is auditioning and rehearsing a new band, plays locally, tours nationally, and co-manages Nineline Productions, a company she owns with business partner Bill McCarley.

Bio compiled from various reviews and publicity releases written by Cathy Franklin of Franklin Ink, Chrysalis Records, and Shock Ink.

Above Photo Brian Berry, 1998 Manuels Woman's Festival, Austin Texas

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