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The purpose of this HomePage is to give back, in some small way, the love and compassion that these performers give to their work and their fans. Hopefully, this will translate to increased exposure for these artists, and the kind of success that each of them want. We intend to reach an audience that shares the same passion as we do for the artistry and creativity of these women. New artists will be featured with reviews, biographical information, interviews, and touring and appearance schedules. Ordering information for CDs, tapes, and other items, will be available whenever possible. We hope you enjoy our services, and thank you for using Harmony Ridge Music' s HomePage.

About Harmony Ridge Music
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Harmony Ridge Music is an information resource and mail order business specializing in female singer songwriters in a variety of music genre's including alternative, folk, rock, blues, avant-garde, spirituality, bluegrass, world, Celtic, and country.
We feature in-depth presentations on many artists including biographies, discography, graphics, sound bites, other WWW links, and reviews. We carry many hard to find CD's, tapes, LP's, and other merchandise, not readily available elsewhere.

Getting Listed
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To get listed with Harmony Ridge Music, please send a press kit and demo disc or tape (if available) to the address below:

Harmony Ridge Music
123 Bonita
Moss Beach, California
94038 USA

Toll Free Number 1-800.611.4698
FAX 1-650.563-9266
e-mail: hrmusic@hrmusic.com

Harmony Ridge Music Privacy Policy

We do not give or sell your personal info to any other company, including your snail mail address, e-mail address or phone number.

We do have a customer e-mail list that we use to send out announcements of new music and other information concerning Harmony Ridge Music and the artist listed. This list is only used by Harmony Ridge Music and the information contained in it will not be given or sold to any other company, organization or individual. If you do receive a newsletter from Harmony Ridge Music there will be an opportunity to reply to have your e-mail address removed from our list.

Harmony Ridge Music Copyright Issues and Disclaimer for Users
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All sound recordings, logos, lyrics, album artwork, photo's and articles available from Harmony Ridge Music are copyrighted by their creators, authors and performers. These and other works are for your non-commercial use only.

Again, thanks for visiting Harmony Ridge Music's HomePage.
We would appreciate hearing from you.
Call TOLL FREE 1.800.611.4698
FAX Number 650.563.9266
Harmony Ridge Music e-mail: hrmusic@hrmusic.com

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