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CDs: Braille /// Crossing The Boarder/// Tomorrows Gate
Anne's Book Making Paper From Leaves

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Buddhas On The Road
Anne Weiss - guitar, vocals
Kelly Jones - background vocals
Louis Rieger - electric bass
Eric Eden - electric guitar
Carlton Jackson - drums
Jamie Moffett, Craig Alvin-engineers
Louis Reiger, Steve Hoak - assistant engineers

In Bloom
Anne Weiss - vocals, guitar
Donny Wright - background vocals, upright bass
Gavin Bondy - trumpet
Alex Walker - accordion
Craig Alvin, Tim Ellis, Paul Erhlich - engineering

Walk Down The Road
Anne Weiss - vocals, guitar
Phil Wiggins - harmonica
Neville Longbottom, Craig Alvin - engineering

Anne Weiss - vocals, guitar
Donny Wright - upright bass
Carlton Jackson - drums
Bobby Torres - percussion
Gavin Bondy - trumpet, horn arrangement
Mel Kubik - saxophone
Tim Ellis - much needed production assistance
Craig Alvin, Paul Erhlich - engineering

If You've Got A Good Friend (Robert Johnson)
Anne Weiss - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Donny Wright - upright bass
Dylan Wright - engineering
Recorded live at the Mississippi Pizza Pub, Portland, OR
Production advising and assistance: swami Tim “that happy guy” Ellis
Photography: Sue Lochkajian (unless otherwise noted)
Graphics: Jim (mubuhbuh) Infantino

Produced by Anne Weiss
Anne Weiss - vocals, guitar
Donny Wright - electric bass
Andrea Pritchett - background vocals
Carlton Jackson - drums
Alex Walker - accordion
Bobby Torres - percussion
Craig Alvin, Paul Erhlich - engineering
Tim Ellis - production assistance

Anne Weiss - vocals, keyboards, a little tiny bit of engineering
Dar Williams - background vocals
Donny Wright - electric bass, wurlitzer
Tim Ellis - guitar
Carlton Jackson - drums
Steve Hoak - djembe, percussion
Vahok Jambazian - guest drums
Bob Stark, Jamie Moffett, Bennett Shapiro, Craig Alvin-engineering
Eric Eden - technical support

Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Skip James)
Two of my blues heroes, John Cephas and Alice Stuart, taught this haunting song to me at separate times. Since I loved all the styles, I stole teh arrangement from all three - Skip, John, and Alice, and threw a few of my ideas in there for good measure. Well, actually, I did ask John and Alice for permission, but I'd have to reach Skip by seance. Jamie Moffett invented the haunting vocal effects with his techno wizardry. Rajo Malik is playing the Eastern Indian Sarod in true delta blues fashion. Extra special thanks to John who launched my delta blues fervor by first introducing me to this style of playing.

The Ballad of Mary Magdalene (Richard Shindell)
Anne Weiss - guitar, vocals, arrangement
Vanida Gail - background vocals
Jofus - electric bass
Phil Carr - drums
Dave Keller - harmonica
Bennett Shapiro, Louis Reiger, Craig Alvin - engineering

Roof Of Rain
Anne Weiss - vocals, guitar
Jonas Tauber - Cello
Jamie Moffett, Craig Alvin-engineers
Technical support - Eric Eden, Lou Rieger

Me and the Piper
The song "Amazing Grace" was written by a slave ship captain, John Newton, when he had the religious epiphany that slavenE was wrong. From then on, he became an abolitionist. This song is about redemption in action.
Anne Weiss - vocals, piano
Craig Alvin - engineering

No Regrets
Anne Weiss - vocals, guitar
Dar Williams - background vocals
Donny Wright - upright bass
Tim Ellis, Bob Stark, Jamie Moffett - engineering

A lot of folks donated their time, talent, inspiration, information, humor, food, location, patience, fiscal and emotional enthusiasm and big heartedness to this project. Special thanks to Jamie Moffett, Donny Wright, Dar Williams, Tim Ellis, Andrea Pritchett, Olga Weiss, Eric Eden, The Simple Way Community, Phil Wiggins, Raji Malik, Vanida Gail, Jofus, Phil Carr, Dave Keller, Sue Lochkajian, Louis Rieger, Jim Infantino, Bob Sparadeo, Marc Alan Cantlin II and the Vermont Independent School of the Arts, Neal Giarro, Dylan Wright, Michael Carlson, Kasey Jueds, Deborah Gillham, Chris Powell, Melissa and Tyson Storch, Kristy Hinds, Susan LeMaster, Jude Pernot, Meg Ruby & Jonathan Lindgren, Cindy Lou Banks, Saralinda & JR LoBrose, Neil & Fanita MacKamey-Gonzalez, Connie Cohen, Thi Nguyen, Lisa Pate, Ky Hote. Special thanks to my nephews, William and Christopher Healy, who due to logistics were not able to wow us with their remarkable musicianship on this album but hopefully will invite me to do a small guest spot on their recordings some day.

To all of the friends, musicians, family members, fans and fairy godchildren who continue to inspire me to be part of any revolution in which I can dance - bailamos!

All songs written and arranged by Anne Weiss except Ballad of Mary Magdelene (written by Richard Shindell), Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (written by Skip James) and If You've Got A Good Friend (written by Robert Johnson).


" Braille, (Anne's new release), is her strongest collection of songcraft yet. She is in full command of all of her talents: poetic lyrics, tender melodies, tough guitar work, and magnificent voice. Every style of music she touches on here -- folk, blues, gospel, even salsa-soul -- she makes effortlessly her own. What beautiful work!"
- Jeff Rosenberg, co-host, The Dharma Wheel, KBOO Community Radio, Portland, Oregon 11/7/02

ďAnne Weiss( is a human dynamo. There is nobody I would rather hear, whether live or on CD. She is a tiny bundle of energy, incredible vocal ability, and great songwriting. From authentic gospel to the most plaintive acoustic music to the most timely topical songs, she truly rocks.Ē
-Micah Solomon, President, Oasis Duplication

"Anne Weiss has brought heart and soul back into folk music. Her new release, Braille, is a great achievement".
- Mike Meyer, KRVM, Corvallis OR

"On her third independent release, Braille, Weiss stirs her bountiful talents and eclectic musical passions into a sumptuous musical stew. Itís a meal rich with emotional and sensual nourishment from fiery acoustic blues guitar, words flirty with the freedom and depth of the best poetry, and a vibrant voice, traversing easily from whispered intimacy to joyous gospel holler."
-Jeff Rosenberg, Williamette Week, Portland Oregon.

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Crossing The Border (AW002 1998)

  1. In My Town (4:28)
  2. Particles Of Rain (5:45)
  3. Crossing The Border (5:04)
  4. Mi Luna (4:45)
  5. Moon's Serenade (5:06)
  6. Mountain (5:50)
  7. Looks Like Satin, Acts Like Steel (4:34)
    (Live Blues Jam)
  8. Satin/Steel (Bo Diddly Jam) (4:15)
  9. Dad's Pocket (4:18)
  10. House where Everybody's Home (3:50)
  11. (Holy) Ghost track: He Will Answer Prayer (5:00)

With a powerful blend of vocal, instrumental and lyrical styles from new folk to blues and gospel, Crossing The Border pushes the boundries of personal, political and cultural assumptions. This album demonstrates Anne's impressive range of vocal emotion and unique, poetic, and diverse songwriting ability.

Produced by: Tim Ellis at White Horse Studios in Portland Oregon.
Anne Weiss:--Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Dar Williams:--Vocals
Linda Tomassi:--Vocals
Tim Ellis:--Guitars & Charango
Keith Greeninger:--Guitar & Vocals
Sarah Allen/Gregg Williams/Anthony Jones:--Percussion
Jofus:--Electric Bull Fiddle, Electric Bass
Jason Montgomery:--Guitar
Jerone Van Aiken:--Wurlizter
Josh Gilbert/Scott Hall:--Saxiphone
Kirt Peterson:--Clarinet
Allen Mosely Jr.:--Vocals & Keyboards
Members of The Portland Mass & Burlington Ecumenical Gospel Choirs

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Tomorrow's Gate (AW001 1994)

  1. Love Is Everything
  2. Tomorrow's Gate
  3. Snowbound
  4. Angel
  5. Old Friend
  6. Day Of Celebration*
  7. Moon's In the Bottom
  8. Cherokee
  9. Love In Vain**
  10. Secret
  11. If I Could Find You

All Songs Written By Anne Weiss except where noted.
* Anne Weiss & Charlene Patterson
** Written by Robert Johnson, arranged by Alex Chirelstein

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Making Paper From Leaves (awb-100 2002)

"In the presence of a true voice, you find someone understands how it has been for you. She has helped your story by telling her own. That's how it is in this book. This is a concert of road stories from Anne's life that will summon a concert from your soul.

You travel with her- her grandmother suddenly your own, her holy stranger your own lucky friend, her anger and compassion your own made visible, audible, memorable. Now you are at the beginning, that place where all wrongs are 'transposed to innocence' and the world is about to happen from scratch."
--- Kim Stafford

A reading from the book:

At festivals, after midday,
though bagpipes and fiddles
spin a dervish through the air,
and though there is much clapping
and singing, the drug of sun
has made some drunk and drowsy.
I look at the sweet faces
of the surprisingly asleep,
and though there is much clapping
and singing, and dancing,
the sleepers hear only the soundtrack
of their dreams.

This one woman, no longer a girl,
one hand thrown above her head,
flowered dress slightly turned
brown hair falling up off her forehead,
her face as calm as clover.
As though no harm has ever come,
nor ever will, nor was ever
thought of,
and I think the hardest criminal
must look like this asleep -
all wrongs transposed to innocence
by the inner notes of mercy.

Vancouver Folk Festival
14 July 2001

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