Alla Kadysh

" Described as Loreena McKennitt with a dose of Marlene Deitrich, the Russian-born singer-songwriter has sung back-up for well-known Russian recording acts and toured European continent with various shows as well as with her own band. Perichole's Sincerity Theory is her Canadian debut album."
---Canadian Music Week

"Alla's music is just as colourful as the land she was born and raised in and just as varied as her musical experience. It's a very vivid mix. Diverse and richly hued strands of melody, harmony, lyric and rhythm drawn from the fabric of her ancestry and woven into sound uniquely hers... Her expressive and distinctly beautiful voice holds that rare key which can unlock even the most jaded ear. It could be sensuous at times, then in another moments achingly melancholic, creating a different mood for every song. It's a voice once heard, like a smile from someone in a crowd, stays with you for a long time in a way, which defies analysis..."
---Wes Wraggett, composer (SOCAN)

"The eleven-track CD called Perichole's Sincerity Theory, goes straight to your heart and soul. With beautiful piano melodies and her angelic voice, Alla Kadysh has captured the spirit of the world music." (5 stars)

Quoting from the liner notes , Miss Kadysh "Has a songwriting style encompassing jazz folk and ethereal world beat", which incorporates "many different instruments and styles" in an "eclectic blend of sounds which can't easily be categorized as anything but original." To which one can only add a hearty "Yowsah!" The Russian emigré singer/pianist can, on the evidence here, sing virtually anything in any style and sound good in all of them. Her vocalising melds the sophistication of Hildegarde with emotionalism of Edith Piaf. Though 100% MAPL in production, the album is universal in appeal. Presented and packaged properly Alla Kadysh could and should be the next world superstar both in performance and on record.
---BW (RPM)

Perichole's Sincerity Theory

  1. Woman From The Wrong Century
  2. Soul Of The Perichole
  3. Nothing's Wrong
  4. So Pretty
  5. Bear With Me
  6. Explanation
  7. Dummy Babe
  8. Ancient Times
  9. Don't Drive Me Crazy
  10. Soul Mate
  11. Not About You
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For more info, check out Alla's site


Deborah Pardes

OXYGEN.COM - Roxygen National Talent Search Finalist - winner TBA Summer 2000

LILITH FAIR Talent Search Winner for Summer 1999 tour

ASCAP Special Awards Writing Program , 1998, 1999 recipient

Performing Songwriters Magazine chose Strange Tattoo as one of the top 12 self produced CDs of 1997

WFUV's Christin Lavin, New York City, chose Strange Tattoo as of of the top 40 CD's of 1997

New Music Review has included the cut, Confidante, in their winter compilation CD/review

Folk Alliance Conference includedStrange Tattoo in their Best of Unsigned Acoustic Music CD

High Sierra Music Festival 1997 showcased artist

It has a depth and insight of a true artist..."Strange Tattoo" was picked from the hundreds submitted as being top -notch recordings, and we highly recommend it for your collection"
Neil Fagen, The Performing Songwriter Magazine

Strange Tattoo

  1. Standing Here
  2. Prince Wants To Be King
  3. Petals Over Me
  4. Confidante
  5. Earthquake
  6. Prom Dress
  7. Ten Puppies
  8. Strange Tattoo
  9. Broken Box
  10. Barely Breathing
  11. Pickle
  12. White Haired Woman
  13. Shelter
Catalog # mM0001CD $13.99
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Blessing Or A Curse
  1. 7654321
  2. Falwell Enough
  3. Mean
  4. Blessing or a Curse
  5. Tears
  6. Cafe Lights
  7. 7th Step
  8. Final Blow
  9. Elevator Down
  10. Sistermoon
  11. Here
  12. Dirty Dishes
Catalog # mM1003 CD $13.99
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Check out Deborah's Strange Tattoo Web Site


Mindy Jostyn

She claimed her own musical territory in 1994 creating her first album, Five Miles From Hope, a roots, country blues collection recorded live in the studio with musical guests Donald Fagen, Carly Simon and Garth Hudson. Now on her passionate follow up, Cedar Lane, this singer/songwriter reveals the completeness of her extraordinary virtuosity and musicianship. Emulating the stripped down quality of her live performances, Mindy plays nearly all of the instruments (six!) on this record. A paean to the suburbs of her youth, Cedar Lane was inspired by the place ‘twelve miles from the city’ and the dreams of a young girl with an urge for going.

In true suburban fashion, Mindy Jostyn began playing the piano at two, picking out the riffs played on the neighborhood ice cream truck. Her wise mother encouraged, but never pushed her talent. As a child she moved several times and lived on both coasts; living outside San Jose and then moving to Wellesley, Massachusetts for high school. By eleven Mindy had formed her first band, the Tigers, and in addition to piano she began to play the accordion, violin, guitar and harmonica.

After an adventurous and eclectic college career attending four colleges in four years including Berklee School of Music and the California Institute of the Arts, Mindy moved to New York City and formed the Cyclone Rangers, an electric country band that opened for acts like Robert Gordon, Commander Cody and Asleep at the Wheel. Listed as the only female harmonica player in New York City’s musician book, her first break as a soloist came when Saturday Night Live’s G.E. Smith called needing a back up for an appearance by Dolly Parton. A success, Smith invited her back on the show to play with Billy Joel and to rehearse with one of her all time heroes, Bob Dylan.

Her ‘sideman’ career blossomed as she received numerous requests to tour with legendary talents. In 1990 Mindy appeared with Billy Joel on his Storm Front tour. In 1991 she traveled throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia with Joe Jackson. Of his time working with Mindy, Jackson described her as "a soulful, distinctive singer, as well as a great violinist and harmonica player in other words, she has at least enough talent for three normal people." Other tours teamed Mindy with Donald Fagen’s Rock n’ Soul Revue, the Hooters, Andreas Vollenweider and Cyndi Lauper. Mindy has also been featured on albums with Laura Nyro, Donald Fagen, Vollenweider, the Hooters and she performed on a 1994 Live at Grand Central Cable TV show featuring Carly Simon.

Mindy Jostyn’s latest album, gleaned from the kind of life that makes for compelling song material, casts a wide musical net of emotive ballads, bluesy roots and satiric takes on modern life and love. Co written with her husband, lyricist Jacob Brackman, the honesty and humor reflect the road she has traveled and the independent choices she has made. Her home may be in pastoral Hudson, New York but as Mindy Jostyn sings, "God gave me a gypsy soul, then sent me down below Him just to wander." To wander with Mindy Jostyn is easy. The wonder is her talent.

Five Miles From Hope
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. All Roads
  2. Time, Be On My Side
  3. Five Miles From Hope
  4. Take It As A Sign
  5. White Magic
  6. Bring Love Back
  7. Ring Of Truth
  8. Common Ground
  9. Different Light
  10. So Far From Anywhere
  11. Too Easy
  12. She Cried In Front Of Strangers
CD cat.# < pcd017 > $13.99
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Cedar Lane
She plays at least six instruments with no mercy -- and she sings like a wounded angel. Joe Jackson says "she has enough talent for three normal people," and indeed, Ms. Jostyn (reffered to by the Daily Gazette as "an absolute explosion of talent") writes powerfully emotional songs and tours with folks like Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Donald Fagen, Billy Joel, and Cindy Lauper - to name a few. To quote Carly Simon, "when Mindy hits the big time we'll all say we knew it all along." Well, Cedar Lane (thankfully) ain't Hollywood and Vine -- it's the bomb acoustic straight from the heart of "the human bonfire named Mindy Jostyn" (Metroland).

Cedar Lane

  1. Other Guy's Girls
  2. Calamity Jane
  3. Love Can Bring Us Together
  4. So Fragile
  5. Cedar Lane
  6. I'll Thank You Someday
  7. Power, Sex and Money
  8. Gypsy Soul
  9. Too Far Gone
  10. Trouble I Don't Need
  11. That Was Then
  12. Looking for Jesus Again
  13. Kiss
CD cat.# $13.99
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Check out these Mindy Web Sites
Palmetto Records
Mindy's Site


Lisa McCormick

Overall Grand Prize Winner in the USA Songwriting Contest in 1997, Lisa McCormick is fast gaining notoriety for her alternative folk/rock songwriting and performance. Characterized by daring sophisticated lyrics, infectious guitar rhythms, and a powerful singing voice, McCormick's material has appeared on nationally syndicated radio programs "World Cafe" (WXPN, Philadelphia), "Acoustic Cafe" (Ann Arbor, MI), and National Public Radio.

Her debut CD, ""Right Now"," was released on Rising Records in November 1996 to immediate acclaim, earning Lisa McCormick the title "Artist of the Year," and the CD "Record of the Year" by Maine Public Radio. "Right Now," produced by veteran folk/rocker Jonathan Edwards, features some of the Northeast's finest session musicians including Duke Levine, Gary Burke, and Graham Maby. In December of 1997, "Right Now" received preliminary nominations for Song of the Year, Pop Female Vocal Performance, and Pop Album of the Year for the 40th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

In the summer of 1997, Lisa took the Grand Prize in the MIXX Magazine Indie Band Contest, a rock performance competition which reviewed hundreds of bands from the Northeast and nationwide. In June of 1995, McCormick was selected to showcase at the Songwriter's Hall of Fame Songwriter Showcase, sponsored by the National Academy of Popular Music. Other honors include a Fellowship Award in Music from the Vermont State Arts Council, recognition in the Billboard Songwriters Contest, sponsored by Billboard Magazine, and a 1999 nomination from Vermont Senator James Jeffords to be the one performing artist to represent her state on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

Performing Songwriter Magazine chose McCormick's single "Gravitate" for their Best of the Year CD, and Boston's New England Performer Magazine describes McCormick as "... an absolute genius. She is funny, sexy, smart, literate, sardonic, witty, and sings with all the power of a rock diva."

Of her own work, McCormick states, "Honesty, inquisitiveness, and a sense of humor are primary tools in my work as a performing songwriter. Subjects exist everywhere: in the news, in memories, in overheard conversations. With language, melody and rhythm, I assemble sketches of our tiny inch of history - these 1990s, with their unique spin on love and sex, science and culture, heroes and hope."

In addition to her own performances, Lisa McCormick has been invited to open the show for numerous national artists including Ani DiFranco, The Story, Aimee Mann, Cheryl Wheeler, Patty Larkin, Tom Rush, Livingston Taylor and Jonathan Edwards.

A second CD, a solo acoustic EP called "Seven Solos," was released on McCormick's own Ruthie's Noise label in late 1998. A third CD, a full-length effort produced by John Platania (Van Morrison), is due for release in the summer of 1999.


Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Are You Ready For Me
  2. Do something Stupid
  3. Jersey Shoretown Bar
  4. Call It Beautiful
  5. Get Out Of Jail Free
  6. Sacred
  7. From Adam
  8. Under The Same Moon
  9. Grow With Me
  10. Purgatory Cafe
  11. I Forgot
  12. Waltz Out Your Door

Catalog # mdcd-100 CD $12.99
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Right Now
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample
  1. Right Now
  2. Gotta Go
  3. Cars, Cars, Cars, Relationships
  4. Sex And Consequences
  5. Bored
  6. Asteroids
  7. Fall From Grace
  8. Gravitate
  9. If Anything Ever Happens
  10. Mike's Monologue
  11. All I See Is You
  12. Holy Water
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Catherine Moon

Catherine Moon is a songwriter that bends traditions and creates music intuitively. As a self-taught guitarist with a background of classical and jazz vocal training, Moon has cultivated a style of songwriting that is striking and diverse. She combines a moody guitar sound with poetic lyrics, sung in a voice overflowing with raw emotion and sensuality.

Ben Horowitz writes in the Star Ledger "her breathy, expressive quavering vocals...with her airy, hard-driving, jazz-tinged acoustic guitar...add a searing edge to her dreamy, primal, alternative folk rock on songs like 'Higher Power' and 'Body', a blunt number aiming to reclaim women's sexuality with the ferocious song-ending line, 'I will not be tamed.'"

Joseph Del Priore of the Hudon Current stated "Catherine Moon veers from ethereal dreaminess to hard-edged soul. Beneath her surface fragility lies a strength of will, an honesty, and a refusal to be anyone's Madona, scapegoat or rag doll. She writes a passionate gospel for a church I wish I belonged to."

In 1997 Moon recorded a 4 Song EP which was more rock-oriented than her first recording; featuring Gerry Perlinski on electric guitar, Steele Hillier on fretless electric bass, and Rich Kulsar on Drums. It was released on cassette at the time. This EP, simply titled "Catherine Moon was just recently pressed to CD, and Catherine is getting ready to do a full-scale promotion.

Catherine Moon is also the founder of the New Jersey based SHEE Collective, an organi- zation of women songwriters, poets and performance artists fromNew Jersey. Started in 1994, in New Brunswick as the Women's Folk Project, the collective has been putting on coffee houses and benefit concerts to raise money for a compilation CD. It's been a long birthing process, but in the fall of 2000 this CD has finally been completed, and several CD release parties are being planned.

Catherine Moon EP
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Sweetest Wine
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Higher Power
  4. Everything

CD cat.# $9.99
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Winter Sleep

The Aquarian ~ Like a cross between Heart's folkier moments and the Indigo Girls' less preachy tunes, Catherine Moon takes the deeply confessional mood of Joni Mitchell's Blue and adds a bit of Renaissance-like atmosphere to the stark sensitive, deeply-moving diary of secrets told between friends.

The Musician's Exchange ~ Catherine Moon serves up a stark acoustic-based CD that falls somewhere between the Indigo Girls and something much more intense. Moon's voice is unique and her songwitintg is very ineresting. Nice fat production gives the impression of space and air. This ain't top 40 and it ain't folk and I'll tell ya, the track "Winterland" will give you a chill. If you are at all adventurous, this one's for you. Besides, having a guest vocalist called the Reverend Todd One of Bionic Rhoda and a drummer called Brother Love Monk has got to pique you interest!

Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Opening
  2. Ride It Down
  3. Bleed
  4. Winterland
  5. Wintersleep
  6. We Reap What We Sow
  7. Wings
  8. Gone To Winter
  9. I Won't Stay Here Anymore
  10. Hidden

CD cat.# $12.99
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The Shee Collective (2000)

The SHEE Collective, formerly known as "The Women's Folk Project", is a collective of women singer- songwriters, poets, and performance artists, formed to promote women performers in and around the tri-state area. The idea for the collective was conceived by Catherine Moon in June of 1994 when she put on her first Women's Coffeehouse at Chapter One in New Brunswick, NJ. Since then Moon, along with Pamela Novick and Jan Loe (the driving forces of SHEE) have been organizing benefit shows to raise money for the ever-growing collective. SHEE has appeared at venues such as Maxwells, Outpost in the Burbs, Palmyra Tea Room, Rosie's Cabaret, and Douglas College (to name a few). Tina Maschi, one of the original members of the collective, put forth the idea to use the money raised at these shows to put out a compilation CD of local songwriters and poets. This became the short-term goal of The SHEE Collective. The long-term goal being: supporting and promoting women's causes, particularly (but not exclusively) related to women artists, musicians and performers, in the assistance of furthering and actualizing their dreams.

The SHEE Collective takes inspiration for their name from the mythical Sheela-na-gig, the self-possessed untameab Celtic Goddess. The members of The SHEE Collective are a diverse bunch of radical women. Each act is clearly original and makes her own powerful statement about being a woman and an artist.

Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Sweetest Wine...Catherine Moon
  2. As I Roved Out...Pamela Novick
  3. The Need...Cindy Nagel
  4. Ordinary Days...Tina Maschi
  5. Chisos Mountain Song..Jan Loe
  6. Lament...Alice B. Talkless
  7. Setting The Scene...Boni Joi
  8. My Bare Hands...Mary Ann Farley
  9. West Texas Plains...[Virginia Wagner]
  10. Broken...Jan Corliss
  11. Mother And Miles...Cindy Nagel
  12. Picture On A Wall...Jan Loe
  13. The Dollies...Boni Joi
  14. Simple Truths...Tina Maschi
  15. Blind Sided...Mary Ann Farley
  16. The Price That Love Would Pay...[Virginia Wagner]
  17. What A Weird Way To Put It...Boni Joi
  18. Hen...Alice B. Talkless
  19. Everything...Catherine Moon
  20. Crash My Car...Jan Corliss
  21. Road To The Farm...Cindy Nagel
  22. Meteoric Meanderings...Pamela Novick
/// CD (sccd-100) $14.99
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Check out Catherine's site at:

Martha Schuyler Thompson
The Sound Must Leave Your Throat
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Mess Of This Place
  2. Mess Of This Place
  3. It's Love
  4. Beating Of The Drums
  5. Whole Lotta Sense
  6. It's True
  7. Ain't It About Time
  8. Snowfall
  9. The Leaves
  10. Day At The Beach
  11. Here To Stay
  12. Spirit World
  13. I Ought To Know
CD cat.# $13.99
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Check out Martha's Cottage Industry Music Web Site


Cori Brewster

Cori Brewster wears many hats. The Alberta native is a singer-songwriter, promoter, host/producer of a radio show on CJSR and director of the Kananaskis songwriting workshop. In a nutshell she is a music business entrepreneur. Born and raised in Banff, the Rocky Mountain resort town in AIberta, where the Brewster family has resided for over 110 years. She began singing with her mom and two sisters on Rocky Mountain trail rides. Cori grew up actively in sports, in 1985 she graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education.

In 1989, she released her debut single 'Swinging on the Gate' which spent 18 weeks on the Country Music News Chart and the RPM Country Chart. 'Up to me', Cori's second single charted as well, and achieved honorable mention status in Music Row (Robert Oermann) a Nashville publication. June, 1990 saw the release of her 'Extended Play' tape (6 songs) which earned a nomination for EP of the year and Cori also received a Best New Artist nomination from the BC Country Music Association.

From 1990 to 1994, Cori performed extensively with appearances at the Calgary Stampede, Mill Bay Country Festival, Whistler Roots Fest, The Tommy Hunter Show, CBC Country Beat and many many hours on the road. Her debut CD, 'One More Mountain' was released in 1994 on BRE Records, distributed by Festival. Cori's recognition as a singer/songwriter has solidified since the release of her album, with a nomination for 1995 Female Recording Artist of the Year by the Alberta Recording Industry. The response for her Videos 'Spin on a Red Brick Floor' and 'Good as Gone' was great, both achieved medium rotation on NCN and CBC Country Beat. 1996-97 was a banner year, with a successful tour of Germany, a showcase at SXSW, performances at Folk Festivals, Opening for Cheryl Wheeler, Jennifer Berezan and Cris Williamson. Cori was nominated for `Woman of Distinction' in the Bow Valley District (Banff and Canmore).

Shadow Lake Music is proud to introduce Cori's 2nd CD, "Stones". Stones is a collection of twelve tracks (with a bonus track) produced by Charlotte Wiebe and Cori. Recorded in Edmonton at Beta Sound with some of the finest Alberta Musicians including Jerusalem Ridge, Mark Sterling, Mike Lent, Barrie Nignswander, Louis Sedmak and many more. Cori organizes a songwriting workshop at the Kananaskis Guest Ranch every year in May. This workshop proved to be a huge benefit personally. Cori met most of her collaborators and her future producer at this workshop, including John Capek who has written hit songs for Rod Stewart, Amanda Marshall, Cher to name a few.

Cori will spend the better part of 1997-98 touring and promoting the new CD.

Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Summer I Went To Paris
  2. Katic
  3. Waiting
  4. Come September
  5. Hearts Can Be Healed
  6. What They Don't Know
  7. Stones From The River
  8. Little Things
  9. All Of This
  10. One Voice
  11. Hit The Highway - with Jerusalem Ridge
  12. When The Night Is Falling
CD cat.# cbcd-101 $13.99
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One More Mountain
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample
  1. Take Me As I Am
  2. Take Me As I Am
  3. One More Mountain
  4. Climb Up When You're Down
  5. Left Out In The Cold
  6. More To Offer
  7. Good As Gone
  8. Spin On A Red Brick Floor
  9. Kicking Down The Door To Your Heart
  10. Dig A Little Deeper
  11. Let Her Go
CD cat.# cbcd-100 $13.99
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Certain Things
  1. Reflections
  2. On My TV
  3. All My Heroes
  4. T's And Blues
  5. Turn On My Psychopath
  6. Menominee Falls
  7. Cowboy Mouth
  8. Civic Center
  9. 11th Commandment
  10. Angels In The Snow
  11. Why Did I Come To This Planet
  12. Love Me Anyway
  13. Certain Things
  14. This Is It
  15. Sponsor's Lullaby
  16. Big Rock
CD cat.# $14.99
Cassette cat.# $9.99

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