Perla Batalla

"Maybe in the lofty mansions of La-La land or in the steamy nightclubs of Rio de Janeiro there is a voice to match young Perla Batalla's but I haven't heard it. Pure and strong, her instrument can go right to the top without wavering and reach down for a ballad like few singers in this land... No comparison to other singers seems to work, you just have to hear her to become a believer... Singers like Perla Batalla come along once in a great while and in the landslide of thousands of musical acts can be overlooked. Seek her out and hear the voice..."
- Los Cerritos Community News

"Batalla encompasses generations worth of Iberian and Mesoamerican artistry and mystery. Yet between songs, in a heartbeat, she performs the magic of cultural crossover and charms the audience..."
- Topia

"Sultry chanteuse who sang backup for Leonard Cohen, k.d. lang, and others steps into the spotlight on impassioned, at times sublime debut..."
- Billboard

"First there is the voice: an astonishingly rich contralto capable of stratospheric arches of unadulterated emotion; a voice so full of experience it seems impossible that it emanates from one diminutive young woman. Then there are the songs: lyrical short stories in deep-jeweled shades and shadows with an undercurrent of pulsing percussion and cinematic sweeps of sweet harmonies; narratives that celebrate the redemptive powers of the loving heart."
- SongTalk

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Song Listing

  1. Scarlet Thread
  2. Camino a Santiago
  3. Ramona
  4. Morning Star
  5. Cinema Of Tears
  6. Iberia
  7. Remnant
  8. Kindness
  9. Holy Roses
  10. Don't Say That You Did This To Me
  11. Someday Soon
  12. On This Rock
  13. Scarlet Thread (reprise)
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Rasha grew up in the musical crossroads of Khartoum, Sudan, where the Islamic Nubian and Black African musical worlds collide. She hails from a musical family, one of 20 children. Rasha emmigrated to Spain a decade ago to escape the volatile civil war raging between Sudan's Muslim population in the north and its Christian and animist population in the south. Spain is also the home for Rasha's brother, Wafir, a member of the critically acclaimed Radio Tarifa.

It was in Spain that Rasha began work on the critically acclaimed album, "Sudaniyat" (named by Folk Roots editor Ian Anderson as "One of the 10 best of 1997"). This album brings together the diversity of Sudanese music, ranging from Arabic poetry, sufi music and even touches of reggae. The tone of this tender album is set primarily by the Oud and percussion, with backing guitar and bass that magnificently accentuate Rasha's spectacular vocals. Thrown into the mix are violins, accordions and a Sudanese big band.

"I've always wanted to introduce my native music to a broader public and at the same time not limit it to the strictly traditional themes," she explains. "Sudan's music is incredibly diverse and differs in many ways from all other 'African' music: it is not as distinctly rhythmic and danceable - even though it is full of complex rhythms - but puts more emphasis on melody. It is more melancholic; it sounds downright sad. And even though it is, at a first glance, very similar to Arabic music, Sudanese music is different - a mixture of both, and yet unlike either of them."
- Afropop.org

Let Me Be
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Let Me Be

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  1. Aquis mahasnik Biman
  2. Azara Al Hay
  3. Nari
  4. Salib Fuadi
  5. Leali
  6. Diya wo ailan
  7. Hadada
  8. Al Sheikh Seiyaro
  9. Sahib Al Me'irag
  10. Aquis mahasnik Biman
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Like Cher and Madonna, Galician singer Uxa only needs one name; people at home know who she is. After a stint as the voice of the famous group Na Lua, Uxa moved on to a solo career as one of the few outstanding singers on the Galician music scene. Her latest CD, Estou Vivindo No Ceo , finds Uxa singing traditional Galician songs, as well as a few from medieval manuscripts. Co-arrangers Nacho Muoz and Quico Comensaa introduce her powerful, earthy vocals into a variety of different settings, from tender sadness on the title track to energetic Celtic music on "Aquestas Noites Tan Longas," piano jazz on "Canto de Nadal" and on to world-music fusion on "Tua Nai E Meiga." The common thread to most of the arrangements, besides Uxa's distinctive voice, is that they feature Muoz's piano and keyboard playing prominently. In general, this is fine; the only criticism I have is an over-reliance on keyboard washes on a couple of the slow songs. The lush droning threatens to homogenize the sound of the various voices and instruments. Luckily, this occurs only rarely on Uxa's album, which also uses Basque accordion, North African percussion, European violins, mandolins and cellos, and, of course, Galician gaita to realize its ambitious meld of Galician and other musics.
---Dirty Linen magazine

esto vivindo no ceo

  1. Alala Das Marinas
  2. A Laranxa
  3. Voume Eu, Fermosa
  4. Tua Nai E Meiga
  5. Green God
  6. Verdes Sao Os Campos
  7. Aquestas Noites Tan Longas
  8. Canto De Nadal
  9. Millo Verde
  10. Suite De Bembibre
  11. Senhora Do Almortao
  12. Entre Nos
Catalog # int3187(Import) CD $29.99
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La Sal De La Vida
  1. Trigo Verde
  2. N'na Dau Un Beijo
  3. A Lavandeira
  4. Darira
  5. Paso Rios
  6. Para La Habana
  7. No Le Daba El Sol
  8. Arrolo
  9. La Sabiduria
  10. Fibali
  11. Cantadora
  12. Ay Gitano!
  13. Tu, Gitana
Rasha--derbuka, ponderosa and maracas (Sudan)
Uxía--vocalsand tambourine (Galicia)
Marîa Salgado--vocals and castanets (Castile)

In La Sal de la Vida, three singers seek to celebrate the possibility of grouping together very different ways of coming close to singing and celebrate mutual understanding and the complicity of musicians and performers as intrinsic forms of popular expression.

Catalog # int3235 CD $15.99
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La Sal De La Vida

  1. Veinte Anos - Gema/Maria Salgado
  2. La Rifa - Jacqueline Castellanos
  3. Por Que Me Siento Triste - Martirio
  4. Ya No Puedo Amarte - Omara Portuondo
  5. He Perdido Contigo - Aregelia Fragoso
  6. Juramento - Uxia/Pavel
  7. Los Funerales De Papa Montero - Caridad/Reinaldo Hierrezuelo
  8. Solo Pienso En Ti - Argelia Fragoso/Gema Y Pavel
  9. Eso No Es Na - Martirio/Jacqueline Castellanos
  10. Perdona Corazon - Uxia
  11. Dime Que Me Amas - Argelia Fragoso
  12. Sobre Una Tumba Una Rumba - Gema Y Pavel
  13. Doble Inconsciencia - Pablo Guerrero
  14. Esta Vez Toco Perder - Maria Salgado
  15. Virgen Del Cobre - Gema Y Pavel
Catalog # int3193 CD $13.99

On this album, various Intuition Nubenegra artists give homage to one of the legendary figures of Cuban song: Marïa Teresa Vera (1895-1965).
Includes 80 page booklet on Marïa Teresa Vera.

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Kirile Loo

Saatus (Fate) is an album that could be the soundtrack for both Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and a Bladerunner-meets-Ingmar Bergman film. The album's lyrics and music, most of which were written and arranged by Estonian singer Kirile Loo and her keyboardist, Peeter Vhi, are based on regilaul, or runic song, the oldest style of Estonian traditional music, which dates back to the first millennium B.C. Loo became acquainted with Estonian folk song as a child when she spent time at her grandmother's home in a primeval forest barely touched by civilization. The mix of sounds from nature, contemporary keyboards and guitar, plus Estonian traditional instruments, such as the kannel (psaltery), bagpipes, straw whistles, and jaw's harp, gives the album an eerie, otherworldly atmosphere, while Loo's striking, emotive vocals add an aura of mystery. The deliberate, powerful, spare "Ristitantsi" ("Cross Dance"), with deep, ominous synth and drums reminds me of the work of Sami sisters Angelin Tytt. "Igatsus," a song of longing for a missing bridegroom, evokes a feeling of sadness even if you don't understand Estonian. Other highlights on this mesmerizing, addictive CD include a beautiful lullaby featuring traditional instruments and a military marching song. Lyrics for most tracks, with the English translations, are included.
---Dirty Linen magazine
Al Riess (Buffalo, NY)


  1. Vana kannel/The Ancient Psaltery
  2. Loomine/The Creation
  3. Taevalaotuse tekkimine/Genesis The Welkin
  4. Hoikumised/Holla
  5. Ristitantsi/Cross Dance
  6. Igatsus/Longing
  7. Aia-tuija
  8. Joodiku nadal/Drunkard's Week
  9. Ei mina moista/I Do Not Apprehend
  10. Aiu-aiu, kossi-kossi/Lullaby
  11. Oh minu elu igava/O, My Life
  12. Saare tants/Island Dance
  13. Akkame, mehed, minema!/Let's Go Men
  14. Roopilli huud?Reed Pipe Skirl
  15. Surnuitk/Song Of Lamentation
  16. Ohtu ilu/Evening Song
Catalog # alu-1004 CD $13.99
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Guadalupe Urbina

Preservation of the Mesoamevican oval tradition through stories, songs, poems and drama.

Guadalupe Urbina is a Costa Rican singer-song writer, who in a short time has gained an important place in Costa Rica's musical environment, and has acquired recognition of the quality of her musical work throughout Latin America and Europe. Her songs consist of music and poetry. She compiles, investigates and interprets melodies and anonymous poems. Guadalupe creates new songs finding her inspiration in the roots of her hometown and her history. She also puts music to the words and poems of great American authors.

Her repertoire is extremely wide and varied: original songs, anonymous songs and texts from the province of Guanacaste in the north of Costa Rica. In addition she has created sound tracks for theatre, children's performances and documentary videos.

Guadalupe's artistic career has enriched over the years. Today she is well known for her folk traditional research as well as a singer-song writer. But her songs and poetic prose are a philosophy of life, inherited from her mother and her native area, Sardinal de Carrillo, in Guanacaste. The quality of her words and the depth of her thoughts have opened doors to important stages in Europe and Latin America. She is able to recognize herself in her own history as a Costa Rican and Latin American citizen.

"Strength of woman, strength of the earth, passion made song, word, drama or story on the stage. This voluntary exile is always searching for a new way to express and create her own dream." (A. Hernandez, journalist of the news agency EFE, on virtue of the Gaviota de Ibero-Am~rica Prize, which was given to Guadalupe at the Circle of Fine Arts at Mad-id, Spain, in March 1994).

In November 1995, due to her originality and sensitivity, she received the "America Prize", given at Senegal, Africa, with the attendance of other big musicians like Jossum N'Dor.

De Todos Modos
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  8. MEDIR
  11. HELEN
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Trópico Azul de Lluvia
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  2. ALBA
  7. OTOÑO
Catalog # cdgu-100 ÎCD $13.99
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