Holly Figuoroa

I was born, I was influenced, and now I play music. Here are the details...

I've just released my first recording "Three Chord Plea.", recorded at Love Studios in Seattle WA. For the past two years, I've been playing clubs and coffeehouses in Seattle, and surrounding areas. The time spent playing shows has been split equally between playing original acoustic music, and playing blues gigs to pay the rent.

Some of the players on this record are Jake Thompson (guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire, and overall peacekeeper) Rick Jacobson on drums, Ray Fairbanks, another great guitarist and cowriter of most of the songs on the album, Jerry Grech, holding down bass, formerly from the Hudson Blues Band, and some other great musicians helped round out our sound. For the most part, this is the band I have the pleasure of working with.

In July of 99, Jake, Ray and I will be touring the east coast for three weeks on our own tour, but also with some of the most talented unsigned women artists around in the world (submissions have come in from Sweden, England, The Netherlands and Canada, as well as the US) on the "Indiegrrl Tour". Indiegrrl is an email list I started last May for women in the music industry. Since its inception, there have been a plethora of very talented women on the list, and when it was suggested that a tour occur, I thought it was a fine idea. When the press release went out, the response from women in the industry, as well as some major label interest, was staggering. The tour will, however, be comprised solely of independent women.


Seattle's Holly Figueroa Band's release Three Chord Plea is a mix of bluesy folk with a fine edge, delivered with earthy passion.
Richard Fox, WCUW 91.3 FM Worcester MA

... terrfic! It's got the edginess of rock with the provocative lyrics of folk.
Amy Jeffries WRTC 89.3FM, Hartford CT

from jazz to blues with a NW focus, Holly delivers spirited performances on her disc...worth a listen to see if it is your cup of plea
Doug Tucker, KWVA, 88.1/ KRVM, 91.9 Eugene, OR

Don't worry. Don't get scared. There are more than 3 chords to this one. It ain't blues, it's alternate, it's kinda acoustic, it's hip lyrics, it's powerful female vocals going all over the place, like Mariah Carey, but it doesn't sound like turkey-strangling. Sounds good, damnit. The title track is quite beautiful with its 60s flute work and reminds me of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. 'Passed' makes me wish I had a lyric sheet, because she is putting her soul into this song. It's sort of 1969 folk (WAY better recorded), the kind of song you'd play at your friend's funeral as he's taking the elevator into the ground. A song of hope, not depression regression. Record static begins 'Walkin Blues' which is, you know - blues. Pretty good. But 'Montana' is what I like best. This is what I hope Holly will be known for soon. She is just as good as anything on FM now. That is, yes, a compliment. The cd's only 27 minutes long, which for me is a bit short. But these are fine, well-crafted, jazz-influenced songs. Certainly worth a listen. Probably classics waiting to happen.
Ben Ohmart, http://www.atnzone.com

HOLLY FIGUEROA has the capability to become a diva of any music style she chooses. Her vocals can be rough or silky, soulful or amazingly clean. Her vocals get into your head and wind around your heart. Holly can be a country girl with a folksy sound or sing you the blues with surprising legitimacy, harp and all. Alternative music vocal styles don't seem to elude her talent either, showing range in her octaves and control in her dynamics..
Rikki Cates, from the Washington Blues Society

Maybe I'm a cynic... After all these years I actually expect musicians to be bad until proven otherwise. This is really, really good! This is one of the best records I've heard in a long time...NOT just one of the best "indie" records...Holly has such an amazing voice...the songs are really stuck in my head.
Christine Clarke, HitMe Records, Woodstock, NY

This truly is a great CD. People start talking to her now because it won't be long before this phoenix rises.
Tom Hoobler SOLEYduncan

I have heard many coffee house bands that start to sound the same. Your powerful voice made the hair on my arms stand up when I heard it.
Frank Childress

These days, it seems, you can't go to the coffee shop without running into a confessional female singer. Holly Figueroa has something a little new to bring to the table. Rather than playing folk, or some hippie alternative stuff, Holly plays something akin to the blues. Its not straight blues, mind you, but it has a bluesy feel, and Holly's rich vocals don't do anything to change that feel. Holly can really belt out a tune, going from a softer voice to a growl in the blink of an eye.
100% Indie

This is great stuff. "Slow" is fantastic, in fact. I like that vocal range on Holly. In "Walkin' Blues", she has the sound and range of Janis...I haven't heard any new artists doing this sort of music in (literally) decades. It was a great rush...
Ron Niquette

Three Chord Plea
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Slow (Bluesy tune with harp, b3 organ, and slide guitar)
  2. Three Chord Plea (Title track, acoustic singer/songwriter stuff)
  3. Done (The only really electric tune on the disc)
  4. Passed (acoustic tune about losing "the one")
  5. A Thousand Times (an a cappella piece)
  6. What I Miss (hmm...whats this one about?)
  7. Montana (totally acoustic)
  8. Walkin' Blues (RJ cover, slide guitar and blues harp)
  9. I Don't Know You (straight blues, piano, vocal and an audience)
  10. Heat of the Day (acoustic guitar and vocals)
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Katya Chorover

Katya Chorover's song writing combines country, folk, gospel and blues with a contemporary, urban perspective. Her vocals and guitar are compelling and soulful, and her music evokes a powerful emotional response. For her, the music is "about the wild places within and around us… about a search for balance, living life with one foot in the city and the other in the hills". Katya's music brings an audience together, reminding us of our connections to the land, to each other and to community.

"Katya's beautiful sensitive songs seem arise from a clear, well rooted place, and take us to a similar place in ourselves."
-Maureen Jackson, A Womyn's Place.

A native of Boston, Katya moved to the Northwest and began writing and performing her own material over ten years ago. Her music has been featured nationally and internationally at festivals, colleges, community centers and cafes. Katya is currently on tour in support of her latest release, "The Clearing" (self-published, 1998 on her own label, Cat and the Moon Music). The album has been garnering excellent reviews and is selling fast. It has been receiving airplay on both commercial and community radio stations throughout the nation. The album features some of Seattle's finest musicians (Cary Black-basses, Zak Borden-mandolin, Mark Ivester-drums, Will Dowd-percussion, Paul Benoit-slide guitar, and Michael Gray-fiddle).


"Terrific bluesey drive and pulse. Her songs carry messages and great images...A major folk songwriter and vocalist."
--Chris Lunn, Victory Review

"I was hooked by the powerful duo of Katya's voice and acoustic guitar. [Her] lyrics address social, and environmental issues... igniting emotion in her listeners...powerful songs."
--YO, Axis Music and Media Dispatch

"One of the best singers I've ever heard!"
--Jim Page, Folk Troubador

"Terrific! Her lyrics are beautiful and carefully crafted. Her guitar work is precise. Her songs are varied and emotionally effective. Don't pass up a chance to see her perform!"
--- Don Downing, Northwest Folksters

"Striking and centering originals...Katya's beautiful, sensitive songs seem to arise from a clear, well rooted place and take us to a similar place in ourselves."
--Maureen Jackson, Victory Review

"Man, can she SING!"
--John Cephas, Blues legend

"Katya's special blend of music...grabbed the audience's attention and held it until the end."
---Dave Aneckstein, Harrisburg reporter, MTV Online

"If there was only one folk act to hear, catch Katya Chorover!"
--"Sandman", Hood Canal Folk Festival

Off The Map
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

Her 2001 release, Off the Map is her most mature and complex work to date. Combining country, bluegrass, and folk-rock influences, this album showcases an artist very much in her prime. With striking, lively arrangements and instrumentation, the album highlights Katya's polished and rich vocal performance with music and lyrics that entertain, uplift and satisfy to the last note. The production features some of Seattle's finest musicians. Like The Clearing , Off the Map was self produced, on Cat and the Moon Music, was recorded by David Lange, (David Lange Studios, Puyallup, WA) and mastered by Ross Nyberg (Studio X Mastering, Seattle, WA).

  1. Unspoken
  2. Off The Map
  3. Radio Song
  4. Long Way
  5. War Of the Day
  6. Sowing The Seeds
  7. No Place To Fall
  8. Over The Mountains
  9. Thicket
  10. Blue Moonlight
  11. Someday We'll Meet
Catalog # catm2111CD $13.99
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The Clearing
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  1. Winter
  2. The Clearing
  3. Pathway Home
  4. As Above Me So Below
  5. Company Towns
  6. Wanderground
  7. Faces In Stone
  8. Blessing Bowl
  9. Stranger
  10. Glance
  11. Everything Beckons To Us
Catalog # catm9811 CD $13.99
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Hollye Dexter

Hollye Dexter's music has been described as "...beautifully haunting, blending edgy folk, bluesy rock, and revealing ballads" , and is carried by her distinct voice and lyrics that deal with the messy and beautiful details of life. Her songs are packed with emotion, sometimes heartfelt and moving, sometimes provocative and disturbing. The recurring comment from her fans is that it is the honesty of the songs that first drew them in. " I write from the heart," says Dexter, "only when i'm feeling deeply inspired, and only when I feel I truly have something to say. Each listener pulls their own meaning from the songs and that is my aim." The mood of the music moves from funky and irreverent to deeply introspective, but what really drives it is her passion that is apparent throughout.

Produced by her song writing partner husband Troy Dexter, she has released her premier twelve song CD entitled Life Goes On. This collection of powerful songs covers subjects ranging from questioning faith ("God", "Cheap Wine & Cigarettes") to finding it again ("Love Is Waiting", "So Much Inside"), from anger and loss ("Empty Shell", "Life Goes On") to the love of a child ("The Innocent Place", "Cristen's Lullaby"). Her summation of the album: "This isn't 'do-me baby' stuff, this is music for grown ups who've dealt with life.

The CD was originally scheduled to be released in the fall of 1994 but the master tapes were lest in a house fire in which she, Troy, and their children narrowly escaped. After piecing their lives back together, what emerged was an entirely new collection of deeper songs inspired by what they had lived through.

Hollye and her band "The Brave Souls" have become a fixture on the L.A. club scene, having played such venues as the world famous "Roxy", "Luna Park" in West Hollywood, and Borders everywhere (ank/a "the Borderpalooza" tour). When asked where the band's name came from, she explains that almost every member in the band has survived some kind of life-threatening experience and has lived to tell about it. "This band has a lot of heart and soul. Life is a gift. Music is a gift . We don't take any of it for granted.

The Brave Souls consists of a group of seasoned studio musicians; Troy Dexter (guitars and other unusual instruments), Tracey Brown (percussion and vocals), Rick Robbins (guitar), Gary Fine (bass), Robert "Jake" Jacobs (drums), and are occasionally joined by Bob Emmet (keys). The CD also includes special guest appearances by members of other local L.A. bands. Collectively, these musicians have previously toured with such greats as Melissa Etheridge, Joan Armatrading, Phil Coilins,Tower of Power, Stephen Bishop, and others.

Hollye had an unconventional childhood, having spent her early formative years on the road with her guitar player Dad, who was the only blue-eyed member of Little Richard's band, and started writing and performing in the coffeehouses and clubs at age fourteen. Her first ever live performance at the tender age of 11 was at the local talent contest at "Beef n' Barrel Restaurant", where she accompanied herself on a little $15 guitar playing Beaties songs. She came in last place and has been hooked ever since. Hollye spent the early palt of her career as a live and studio backup singer for other artists, but in recent years, has clearly defined herself as a solo artist.

Holiye and the band are currently in the studio working on their next album, scheduled for release in January of 1999.

"Music grounds me and keeps me connected to the world" says Dexter. Hers is a world we can all relate to...

" ...A solid blend of blues and rock, with some nice pop elements tossed in for good measure. The band is made up of very talented musicians, and they build the sonic landscape on which Dexter's versatile vocals are allowed to explore. ...there's definitely something to be said for professionalism and strong songwriting"
-Music Connection

"Powerful tunes...her live performances reflect both tragedy and inspired resurgence"
-Buzz Magazine

"Hollye Dexter has a beautiful voice..,the music is beautifully haunting... a blend of edgy folk, bluesy rock, and revealing ballads"

"Her vocal and musical talents are impressive. Her songs are real and honest. Clearly she's devoted great effort and time into this record...it will not be hard. for her to sustain a long career"

Life Goes On
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Empty Shell
  2. God
  3. Love Is Waiting
  4. The Innocent Place
  5. So Much Inside
  6. I Know
  7. Take Me, Break me
  8. Wait For Me
  9. Cristen's Lullaby
  10. Elena
  11. Cheap Wine And Cigarettes
  12. Life Goes On
Catalog # dmg82589 CD $11.99
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Your Mom SRO

The Your Mom Story started in 1993. Jon Hain, Stephanie Rearick, David Fawcett, and Jenny Grether were all great friends who decided it would be fun to form a band. Stephanie had been playing piano since she was a wee tot, David had played some drums in high school, and Jon had played violin when younger. Jenny didn't play anything, so she bought a bass. Jon bought a guitar. They played a little in Steph and Jon's basement, beginning with such notable tunes as "Easy F" (now known as "Netboy") and "Ice Skating." Then they were offered their first show -- at Madison's WilMar Neighborhood Center, opening for The Merkins-- and were forced to write real songs, make Stephanie sing in public for the first time, and find a new bass player (Jenny was finding she didn't have time to learn to play her bass). That new player was Justin Berens (aka "Aunt Doris") and he rounded out the lineup that was Your Mom for their first two years and first album, "The Royal Jelly."

Soon after "The Royal Jelly" was released, David moved to San Francisco. He was replaced by the esteemed drummer Eric Peters. Then Justin moved to Oshkosh and was replaced by than Yohan DeBlisster, who appears as the bottom end on the Your Mom cuts on the "Live at Mother Fool's" and "Weedstock" compilation CDs.

Sometime around here, the song "What Possesses You" from "The Royal Jelly" was chosen as part of the soundtrack to a locally produced film, "Country Goat, City Car." The song serves as the background sound to live action footage of a goat and car having sex. Shortly thereafter, Eric left the band to go back to school. In the fall of 1996 Jeff Scott joined up on congas and other percussions. In summer of 1997 Joey Zarda (formerly of Madison's "Swimming Pool Blue") came in to complete the core of the band as bass player. It was at this time that the name of the band was changed from "Your Mom" to "Your Mom SRO." John Driscoll (of Madison's "Verb!") joined up as temporary saving grace on the drumkit. This rhythm section was a great leap forward for the Your Mom SRO and is featured on their album, "Lizards & Stars."

In March of 1998, Jason Socha joined up as the newest in a long line of Your Mom SRO drummers. During these past four years and many lineups, Your Mom SRO has performed throughout the midwest in clubs and at festivals. They are known for playing wildly varying shows that tend to include a lot of improvisation. They have an extensive repertoire of original material -- occasionally throwing in a cover or two just for fun -- and are equally adept at playing short, taut club sets as they are at filling hours-long overnight slots at festivals and parties.

Lizards And Stars
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Circular Reasoning
  2. Jeopardy
  3. Fiberglass Panties
  4. Happy-Go-Lucky
  5. Culty's
  6. Erotomania
  7. Wading
  8. 14
  9. Lizards & Stars
  10. Out Of Breath
  11. Sleepless Years
  12. Tida
  13. Tearing and Merging

Catalog # eye502 CD $13.99
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Jamie Anderson

She writes funny, she writes serious, and she can play the guitar.

Touring nationally since 1987, Jamie Anderson is known for her solid songwriting and engaging stage presence. She’s a two time winner of a Tucson Area Music Award for Best Folk / Acoustic Performer and her CD "Never Assume" won a GLAMA nomination for best album. With a voice as smooth as Mary Chapin Carpenter and sense of humor as wacko as Suzanne Westenhoefer, Jamie has entertained in hundreds of coffeehouses, concert halls and festivals all over the U.S. She’s performed on the main stage of the National Women’s Music Festival, the Kerrville Folk Festival and at the National March on Washington. In 1998, she was a finalist in the Napa Valley Music Festival Showcase. She has several recordings, including the newest one "Drive All Night." No, she doesn’t really park cars but her mother said she should have a career to fall back on.

Jamie grew up in a musical family. Her dad was a country musician – a pretty painful thing for a teenager who would rather listen to Carole King, but it did mean that there were always guitars laying around the house. She taught herself to play in high school and for the next few years, she played coffeehouses, bars and weddings. After the hundredth request for Paul Stookey’s "Wedding Song," she decided to write her own songs. Her first recording was released in 1989. Much to her chagrin, and her dad’s delight, it contained two country songs.

Jamie continues to play and record a blend of folk with a touch of country, rock, and world beat. She sings about topics not usually covered by contemporary songwriters. "One Out of Three" is a poignant ballad about breast cancer and "When They Know Who We Are" is a rousing anthem of pride. An audience favorite is the upbeat "So Much Pleasure," a song that Jamie swears was inspired by some really great cheesecake. Loudon Wainwright III’s "I Wish I Was A Lesbian" was the impetus for "I Wanna Be A Straight Guy." "With My Smile" tells the moving story of a woman searching for her birth mother, and "All Of Me" is a bluegrass romp through her feelings about body image. Jamie wishes that her cat would stop trying to collect royalties for "When Cats Take Over the World."

Laughter is a big part of Jamie’s live performance. Her offbeat song intros and stand-up routines based on newspaper articles help keep the performance fun. She also twirls the baton badly, emcees well and bellydances, well, like a folk singer. Jamie’s expressive voice and personable stage manner is an asset to any stage. She loves to perform, just don’t ask her to park any cars unless payment includes cheesecake.

A Promise Of Light
Check out the MP3 Sound Samples
Song Listing:

    1. Faith (MP3)
    2. A Little Chocolate
    3. Sister
    4. Hurricane (MP3)
    5. Beautiful
    6. Grace (MP3)
    7. Your Mama Scares Me
    8. Ann Lee
    9. Polly Vaughn
    10. Emily
    11. Your Night Just Got More Interesting
    12. Gone
    13. Felon (MP3)
    Catalog # ts1031 CD $14.99
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    Song Listing:
    1. (I Wanna) Drive
    2. Maybe You Miss Me
    3. Listen
    4. Much Better View Of The Moon
    5. Potato Chips
    6. Forever Family
    7. Fourteen
    8. A Family Of Friends
    9. I Miss The Dog
    10. Her Problem Now
    11. Invitation
    12. Three Bridges
    Catalog # ts1030 CD $14.99
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    Drive All Night
    Song Listing:
    1. Drive All Night
    2. Feel
    3. Mama Come Quick
    4. So Much Pleasure
    5. With My Smile
    6. Pictures for Mama
    7. Just Another Day
    8. Dark Chocolate
    9. I Wanna Be a Straight Guy
    10. Roses
    Catalog # ts1029 CD $14.99
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    Never Assume
    Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample
    1. Never Assume
    2. One Out Of Three
    3. When They Know Who We Are
    4. Sound Of A Train
    5. Tell
    6. Home Is Where The Dark Is
    7. When Cats Take Over The World
    8. No Damn Factory
    9. Harvest
    10. Midnight Alice
    11. Menstrual Tango
    Catalog # ts1005 CD $14.99
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    Paula McCormick

    "I yam who I yam" to quote Popeye. OK - you really want to know?

    At age 16 I was a cheerleader - wanted to marry the star football player and live happily ever after.
    At 19 I dropped out of college, married an ex-football player (he had bad knees).
    At 21, I got divorced and went back to college. I studied at University of Warwick in England where I dated the local hash-hish dealer who saved me from a life of prescription drug addiction when he warned me about some valium type drug the school psychiatrist had prescribed for my homesickness - saying, "You don't want to take these Paula, - you could get strung out on them."

    At 24 I went out west in a school bus with a woman, her 3 kids, her boyfriend, his brother, two dogs, a cat, a bird and my carrot juicer. I worked at the only job I could find with my college degree in English - a strawberry picker.

    At age 24.5 I hitched back across country by myself (to South Carolina) with my dog and my carrot juicer.

    At age 26 I helped my then boyfriend escape from a hospital where he was in under observation because he had been struck by lightning; we went to an amusement park, rode the roller coaster and other death defying rides - him still in his hospital gown. I took him back to the hospital exhausted 4 hours later. The wheel chair I wheeled him out in was still in the driveway of the hospital.

    Are you bored yet? Now I get serious...

    At age 28 I moved to Vermont started my own business "Rolling in the Dough" - a bakery. We had a volleyball team called "Flour Power". I was a respected member of the community, sort of. I got married, built a house on a hill. I got divorced. Lost status as a respected community member. I sold the bakery. I lived in my house on the hill by myself for 4 years - sometimes had to hike in 3 miles when the weather was bad to get home. I would spend weeks without seeing another human. I was bored - they had closed the bowling alley in the small town I lived in. I started writing songs - about 80 in 2 years. Went to a few open mikes - got scared of the stir I seemed to be causing (I am such a private person) so, I went to Australia, lived in my car for 6 months and ended up playing for an audience of 2,000 for International Women's Day in Sydney after playing guitar only 6 months.

    Now I live in Boston. I guess you could call me a Boston singer-songwriter. To be continued...I hope...

    Local artist's CD may ring true at White House Looking for a gift for the cad in your life? Brookline singer-songwriter Paula McCormick has a new recording out titled "Someone Always Pay the Bill for Lies." The CD is McCormick's first, and has eight songs about infidelity, its consequences, and famous people. The former Vermont bakery owner lived out of a car for a year in Australia before settling here and recording with Rob Ignazio of Porter Square Recording Studio. Although most of the songs are funny, McCormick said the CD, available in some area stores, isn't a joke. Songs include "Politician's Lament," "Lies," and "I Need a Wife," which features the lyrics: "Send me someone like Hillary who won't put me in a pillory just for having fun with a girl like Monica [who plays my harmonica and tells me I'm the one.]

    Someone Always Pays For the Bill of Lies
    Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

    1. Lies
    2. i need a wife
    3. you are the one
    4. 'geans'
    5. yeah so
    6. sister moon
    7. politician's lament
    8. i could always love you
    Catalog # ts1005 CD $13.99
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