Mary Lamond

The Nova Scotia-based Mary Jane Lamond has opened the East Coast Music Awards, showcased at the East Coast Music Weekend and appeared around the country, touring regularly as Ashley MacIsaac's featured guest and appearing with him at special showcases in California.

At the East Coast Music Awards in 1996, Mary Jane was nominated for Female Artist of the Year and Roots/Traditional Artist of the Year for her release Bho Thir Nan Craobh. In 1997, she received a nomination for Song of the Year for perfomring Sleepy Maggie with Ashley MacIsaac. And for the 1998 awards, Mary Jane was given the nod again, this time for Female Artist, Best Video.

The Calgary Herald Rebecca Eckler Aug. 20, 1997

Lilith Fair performer gets funky with bagpipers

Mary Jane Lamond has been called a Gaelic angel, the Celtic queen and, as fiddler Ashley MacIsaac has introduced her in concerts, Cape Breton's disco diva.

Friday night, when Lilith Fair comes to McMahon Stadium, Calgarians will have a chance to see the Gaelic songstress in action.

Her latest album, Suas e! (pronounced su-ess-ay), literally translated means "lifted." But it is also a word of encouragement, sort of like "Go for it!"
Like her first album, Bho Thir Nan Craobh (From the Land of the Trees,) Suas e! is rooted in Gaelic tradition, but much more so.
Singing in Scottish Gaelic, Lamond intertwines pop and funk with percussion, Highland bagpipes, Irish bodhran and the cello

Lamond became a commercial success with the help of Ashley MacIsaac's debut album, Hi, How Are You Today?, and the song Sleepy Maggie, which features Lamond singing hypnotic and haunting lyrics.

The song became a hit and resulted in Lamond touring with MacIsaac and The Kitchen Devils, along with Melissa Etheridge, The Chieftains and the Crash Test Dummies.

Touring for Lamond is important especially since the ancient words that make up her songs are hard to communicate to audiences who don't understand and, most likely, have never heard them before.

"A lot of people are curious about my music," says Lamond on the phone from Toronto. "But they think it's too 'out there.' I don't think it is, but it's more acceptable in Scotland or Ireland."

Lamond is on a tour bus headed to Milwaukee ("Ya know, Laverne and Shirley") for her first Lilith Fair performance. It's a performance that Lamond eagerly and anxiously awaits.
"It will be such a cool show. Women together have a certain vibe that's hard to explain," she says.
The Lilith Fair is also an opportunity, says Lamond, for different musical styles to be featured in a large scale performance.
"Women just perform a different type of music. There are not that many women that make rock music."

Although Lamond doesn't believe that women are purposely excluded from other summer festival lineups, including Edgefest and Lollapalooza, she has been in situations where she found herself the only female performer.

"I did Edgefest with Ashley MacIsaac and I was the only woman on stage the whole day and I only sang one song," says Lamond. "And when I did Another Roadside Attraction it was only me and Sheryl Crow the whole time."

Lamond's early years were spent moving between Quebec and Ontario, but she soaked up the Gaelic heritage over summers visiting her grandparents in Cape Breton, where she now lives.

Her almost instant love for the Gaelic culture became so intense that Lamond started spending time at festivals, introducing herself to other Gaelic speakers and musicians, and convincing them to teach her the ancient songs.
She is also a graduate of the Celtic studies program at St. Francis Xavier University
Although it was the beautiful melodies that first attracted Lamond, she is also drawn to the the lyrics she calls "simple and powerful."
The Gaelic repertoire of songs numbers in the thousands and is the main reason that Lamond is in no hurry to try her art in English.

Lamond has worked hard not to become known as a Gaelic dancing queen after the success of Sleeping Maggie and to keep true to the roots and tradition of Gaelic music.
"I still perform in Gaelic choral groups and support the tradition at a grassroot level.
"It's something I'm passionate about," she adds. "You have to really love what you do or else it's too hard. If I didn't love it, it wouldn't be worth it."

rain Ghàidhlig (Gaelic Songs Of Cape Breton)
Enhanced CD with Video
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  1. Dh'fhalbh Mo Nighean Chruinn, Donn
  2. An Cluinn Thu Leannain
  3. A Mhnathan A' Ghlinne Seo
  4. Illean Aigh
  5. Cead Deireannach Nam Beann
  6. A Fhleasgaich Vasail
  7. Puirt Eòs Peadair (Joe Peter's Tunes)
  8. Ho ró Mo Chuid Chuideacho Thu
  9. Gun Chrodh
  10. Oran a' Phiognaig
  11. Am Bràighe
  12. Nighean Dubh, Nighean Donn
  13. Nighean Dubh, Nighean Donn
Catalog # 50889 CD $15.99
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Làn Dùil
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. A Mhiri Bhidheach
  2. Fill ll Ro
  3. Mo Mhaili Bheag g
  4. An Nochd Is Trom Tha Mo Cheum
  5. Cha Tig Mr Mo Bhean Dhachaidh
  6. Mo Ghille Mr Foghain'each
  7. A Mhrag's na Horo Gheallaidh
  8. Nach Till Thu Dhmhnaill?
  9. Seallaibh Curraigh Eghainn
  10. Crodh air a' Bhruaich
  11. Ill ill illean's
Catalog # 26884 CD $14.99
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Bho Thír Nan Craobh
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. O, Tha Mise Fo Ghruaimean (O, I am Unhappy)
  2. Air Faillirinn Iu
  3. Cagaran Gaolach (Lovable Little Darling)
  4. Domhnaill Antaidh
  5. A Chuachag Nam Beann (Cuckoo Of The Mountain)
  6. He Mo Leannan (Hey My Love)
  7. Bodach Beag A Loinean (The Little Old Man Of The Pnd)
  8. Ho Ro's Toigh Leam Fhin Thu (O', I Do Love You)
  9. Cha Bhi Mi Buan (I'll Not Survive)
  10. Ba Ba Mo Leanabh (Hush My Little Baby)
  11. Piuirt-A-Beul (Mouth Music: March, Strathspey & Reed Medley)
  12. Dh'Olainn Deoch A Laimh Mo Run (I Would Take A Drink Ffom My Love's Hands)
  13. Oran Gillean Alasdair Mhoir (Song To The Sons Of Alasdair)
  14. Dan Do Shean Ford (Song To An Old Ford)
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Saus E
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  1. Oran Sniomh (Spinning Song)
  2. Seinn O
  3. Domhnall Mac 'Ic Lain
  4. E Horo
  5. Hi Ri Him Bo
  6. Bog A'Lochain
  7. Horo Mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach Nan Gormshuil Meallach (A Love Song)
  8. Lu O Ra Hiu O (Margaret's Song)
  9. Hor Ghoid Thu Nighean (Stepping Song)
  10. Tha Mo Run Air A'Ghille (I Love The Lad)
  11. Oran Do Ghille A Chaidh A Bhathadh (On The Drowning Of A Young Man)
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Katell Keineg
Jet Review
Musician Magazine record review(August 1997)
Big sounds, big ideas, big thrills. On her second album, Katell Keineg has the nerve to promise a cosmic experience and the skills to deliver. Though the sweetly graceful vocals echo such civilized folks as Joni Mitchell and Natalie Merchant, Keineg's friskier than either of 'em, and her knack for turning simple tunes into breathtaking epics can be flat-out dazzling. In other words: Wow!

While the album's concerns include such vexing matters as mortality and loneliness, Jet makes it hard not to smile, because raging passion illuminates every note. Though the spooky "Ole, Conquistador" scoffs at the "patriarchal order," and the soaring "Leonor" celebrates a real-life free spirit of the Surrealist era, Keineg's flair for the dramatic is usually its own message, an inspirational display of exuberant will.

That's just as well, since her headlong delivery and the dynamic waves of sound can make it impossible to figure out exactly what's going on. Better simply to savor the breezy cool of "Veni, Vidi, Vici" or surrender to the vortex of "Marietta", highlighted by Keineg's exotic Yoko-like effects. Wailing, singing, sighing, and generally wringing every drop of emotion from the colorful melodies, she often seems on the verge of babbling in tongues, consumed by rapture and loving every second of it.

Keineg makes lousy background music, because she can't be ignored. Consider "Smile", a standout among many stellar tracks. Beginning as an insistent whisper, it slowly builds to an electrifying, primal shriek chorus; meanwhile, the dense, finely detailed production (by Keineg, Eric Drew Feldman, and John Holbrook) reveals exciting facets with every listen. More than a well-crafted piece of product, Jet will intoxicate anyone who still believes pop music can transcend dreary reality.
- Jon Young
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. The Battle of the Trees
  2. One Hell of a Life
  3. Smile
  4. Enzo '96
  5. Ol, Conquistador
  6. Leonor
  7. Veni, Vidi, Vici (I Came, I Saw, I Conquered)
  8. Venus
  9. Mother's Map
  10. Marietta
  11. Hoping and Praying
  12. There You Go

Catalog # cpr003 (out of print) CD $10.00 (used)
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O'Seasons O'Castles
Reviewed by Q magazine October of 1994

The unusual name and dramatic title herald the first album from a Brittany-born, Welsh-raised singer who's already made a name for herself in Ireland and America. To call her a folk singer would be a gross understatement. True, there are acoustic guitars and accordians, but there are also vibes and string quartets. There are jazz and blues influences too, along with a vocal approach that ranges from gentle to raw and passionate - somewhere between the Melanie of Born to Be and the Joni Mitchell of The Hissing of Summer Lawns.

That there is to be no tidy pigeonhole for Keineg is underlined by her material - broad, colourful, emotive dramas full of unusual lyrical angles and startling (sometimes unpleasant) images of love and life, with a spoken piece and a traditional Welsh hymn to boot. The first half is melodic and full of good songs; the second is more meandering and less arresting. Either way, a striking and highly individual free spirit who most certainly merits your attention.

O'Seasons O'Castles
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Hestia
  2. Partisan
  3. Cut
  4. Bop
  5. Burden
  6. Franklin
  7. Conch Shell
  8. Coolea
  9. Destiny's Darling
  10. Waiting For You To Smile
  11. Paris
  12. O Seasons
  13. O Iesu Mawr
  14. Gulf of Araby

Catalog # cpr003(out of print) CD $10.00 (used)
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