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Katia Cardenal

Born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1963, started her fondness to music at a very young age, singing in the high-school choir. At the age of 16, she started performing in public with her brother the singer-songwriter Salvador Cardenol, the two as Duo Guardabarranco. Soon the fresh harmonies and the original style of composing were noticed, not only by the local fans and connoisseurs of music, but also by the International movement of La Nueva Cancion Latinoamericana. After only one year on the road the duo started touring internationally, North and Central America and Europe, Performing with artists such as Silvio Rodriguez, Mercedes Soza, Jackson Browne, Bruce Cockburn, Nanci Griffith, Melissa Etheridge, Miriam Makeba, Age Aleksandersen, Bjørn Afielius, Pablo Milanes, Pete Seeger, Daniel Vigliettri, Peter, Paul & Mary and more.

In 1990, she represented Nicaragua as a singer in the OTI International Song Festival, winning the second Prize in Las Vegas, United States among 22 countries from the Hispanic world, with the song "Dame tu Corazon". Today married with three children, Katia relocated to Oslo, Norway in December 1996, has continued her career as a singer.

She looks back on an artistic career in Nicaragua and Spanish-speaking USA. Now she lives in Norway, and the first thing Katia Cardenal decided to do in her new home country, was to translate Norwegian songwriter Alf Prøysen into Spanish. The result is Kirkelig Kulturverksted's first release in 1999: "Navegas por las costas".

"Prøysen writes about universal issues. His warm reflections on love and life in a farming community which is becoming urbanised finds just as much resonance in Latin American as in Scandinavian every day life", says Katia Cardenal.

She has translated 13 of Prøysen's classics and recorded them with an orchestra led by Trio de Janeiro guitarist Tom S. Lund. He is also producer on this recording. Next October there will be a follow-up containing 13 of Prøysen's children's songs.

"Kirkelig Kulturverksted is not looking purely to export with this recording. Although it will be exciting to see how Prøysen goes down in Spain, Latin America and Spanish-speaking USA, we also believe that many Nowiegians might take to these Spanish interpretations of Alf Prøysen by Katia Cardenal", explains KKV director Erik Hillestad. ''Norwegians know these lyrics by heart, but the music has been revitalised by a playful latincomp Studying the Spanish texts could be considered as a Spanish lesson and thus an added bonus".

The CD is supplied with all lyrics in both Norwegian and Spanish.


Nicaraguanske Katia Cardenal er tilbake med ei ny, velspilt og velsunget, plate. Elleve låter med spanske tekster, komponert og forfattet av en rekke latinamerikanske komponister og poeter. Katia har skrevet et par.

De fleste her på berget forbinder Cardenal med henne som gjorde Alf Prøysen på spansk. Hun kan mer. Den forrige plata var låter av den kubanske visekunstneren Silvio Rodriguez. Høstens plate føyer seg pent inn i Katia Cardenals musikalske ståsted. Hun synger vart og rent. Tekstene får ikke drukne i overdimensjonerte arrangementer. Hun har alltid et budskap, på denne plata er det mye kjærlighet. Ikke klissete sådan. Det er stor poesi over skildringene og følelsene som kommer til uttrykk i tekstene. Sjøl om du ikke behersker eller skjønner nevneverdig spansk, kan du nyte Cardenals klare røst, hennes åpenbare innlevelse i budskap og tekst og hennes mer enn stødige omgang med det musikalsk uttrykket hun har valgt. Hun har sjøl produsert plata.

Katia Cardenal er niese av tidligere kulturminister under Daniel Ortegas sandiniststyre, presten Ernesto Cardenal. Hun har bodd i Norge (Oslo) i mange år. Forhåpentligvis kan vi glede oss til enda flere plater med latinamerikansk tilsnitt i åra som kommer, fra den nicaraguanske visesangeren.

Review from:
Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen - 15. november - tlf. 61 22 10 00 - redaksjonen@gd-nett.no

Check out the MP3 Sound Sample

  1. DEL OTRO LADO (mp3)
  3. EL VIAJE (mp3)
  4. HOJARASCA (mp3)
  7. AY ILLANTO (mp3)
  11. ESPERANZA (mp3)
Catalog # mr0204 CD $19.99
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Fragancia/Taube på spanska

A little less than one hundred years ago Swedish singer and troubadour Evert Taube (1890 - 1976) became fascinated by Latin America. And now Latin American Katia Cardenal has become fascinated by Evert Taube's songs, and she has made Spanish interpretations of them. Recordings were made in Cuba. Naturally.

On Fragancia - Evert Taube in Spanish, we get to hear Evert Taube's familiar ballads in new, melodic interpretations that trigger our curiosity.

Katia Cardenal keeps all the typical Taube elements intact: the joy of life, nature and love, and the warm humour that is part of so many Taube ballads. The Latin American sound suits Taube's songs so well, on reflection this is perhaps not so surprising.

Evert Taube became fascinated with Latin America at an early age. He possessed many typical Latin American qualities himself: generous, casual and enjoying life to the full. It was in Latin America that Taube learned to speak Spanish, Italian and French. It was there that he became inspired by the tango. And it was there that he learned to play the guitar. (For a period he was even an Argentinian citizen). Maybe this is why the Latin American interpretations sound so right - as if the tunes were made with that rhythm and sensuality originally.

Fragancia - Taube in Spanish becomes even more genuine with the participation of two Cuban bands, giving associations to Buena Vista Social Club and Cuban music from the 50's.

Katia Cardenal performs Taube with deep respect and admiration: "I borrow the songs to realise an idea", she explains and describes her understanding of Taube's relations with Latin America like this: "Like a singing temptress the dark Latin America seduced Evert Taube with her rhythm and colour. He was caught in her arms and all he could do was to capitulate without resistance and offer his songs at her feet. For my own part, I fell in love with the soft fall of autumn leaves and the white and peaceful winter nights by the North Sea shores. This has inspired me in many of my dreams."

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  1. El baile en la isla del sur /Dansen på Sunanö
  2. Cual luceritos /Som stjärnor små
  3. Fragancia
  4. Carta de mi pequeña /Brevet från lillan
  5. Danza en la pradera/ Sjösala vals
  6. Lluvia al amanecer /Morgon efter regn
  7. Mientras navegues el mar /Så länga skutan kan gå
  8. Solola
  9. La mar jamas dio tanto brillo /Så skimrande var aldrig havet
  10. Tierra de angeles/ änglamark
  11. Nocturno/ Nocturne
  12. En tus sueños/ I dina drömmar
  13. Mi amor /Min älskling du är som en ros
  14. Arrurru /Byssan lull
Textos originales en sueco: Evert Taube
Textos en español: Katia Cardenal
Grabado en Estudios Abdala.
La Habana, Cuba Junio 2000.
Producción: Erik Hillestad
Musicos: Grupo de Pancho Amat y Orquesta de Joaquin Betancourt

Kirkelig Kulturverksted 2001

Catalog # fxcd242 CD $19.99
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Sueño de una noche de verano
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Katia Cardenal canta a Silvio Rodriguez
The Nicaraguan Revolution in 1979 opened doors to a secret, forbidden world. One of it's most hidden treasures was the music and poetry of Silvio Rodriguez from Cuba.
The first time I heard Silvio was at age 15, just beginning to be aware of my own vocation. His influence was vital to the direction which my life and singing were to take.
His music, and the memory of our brief encounters, stay with me permanently.

  1. El día feliz que esta llegando
  2. Hoy mi deber
  3. Historia de las sillas (Dúo con Silvio Rodríguez)
  4. A dónde van?
  5. Ojalá
  6. Sueño de una noche de verano
  7. Rabo de nube
  8. Dónde pongo lo hallado? (Dúo con Salvador Cardenal B. )
  9. Quién fuera
  10. El reparador de sueños
  11. Te amaré y después (Dúo con Maria Belén Cardenal)
  12. Pioneros
  13. Nuestro tema
  14. Días y flores
  15. Playa Girón (Duo con Silvio Rodríguez)
  16. La Gaviota
Grabado en Estudio HIT, Managua, Nicaragua 1998, Estudios Ojalá, La Habana, Cuba, 1999 y Rainbow Studio, Oslo, Noruega, 2000.
Producción: Erik Hillestad
Kirkelig Kulturverksted 2001

Catalog # fxcd236 CD $19.99
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. Navegas Por Las Costas
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  1. Juan Salomón
  2. Venga Esta Noche
  3. Viento Del Sur
  4. Canta Piedra De Afilar
  5. Al Pie De La Colina
  6. Jacinto Se Fué A La Ciudad
  7. Campanita De Abril
  8. Clara La Del Valle
  9. Navegas Por Las Costas
  10. Arrullo Navideño
  11. Canción De Consuelo Al Peon
  12. En La Capital Hay Un Pariente
  13. Ya Veras que Hay Un Mañana

Catalog # fxcd208 CD $19.99
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. En Reveslandia
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  1. El Puercoespin
  2. Nuecesita va a la escuela
  3. Marta y Sebastián
  4. La liebre Helena
  5. Tu y yo y Don Tucán
  6. Osito de peluche
  7. Dos centavos
  8. Para la Pascua un soñar
  9. Que feliz se está en el campo
  10. En Reveslandia
  11. Rayos de sol y una canción
  12. El pequeñín Adrián

Catalog # fxcd217 CD $19.99
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. Brazos De Sol
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  1. EN MI CALLE Silvio Rodriguez
  2. ALFONSINA Y EL MAR Ariel Ramirez/Felix Luna
  3. SOLO Engel Ortega
  4. BRAZOS DE SOL Alejandro Filio
  5. AUNQUE NO FUERA PARA MI Katia Cardenal
  6. CRECIENDO Hernaldo Zuñiga
  7. EN ESTOS DIAS Silvio Rodriguez
  8. RAZONES Katia Cardenal
  9. BARQUITO DE PAPEL Joan Manuel Serrat
  10. FLOR DE LOTO Carlos Varela
  11. SOLO ESPERO Pierre Pierson/Salvador Cardenal

Vocals, backgroundvocals: Katia Cardenal Acoustic guitar: Eduardo Araica

Recorded in Estudio HIT in Managua, Nicaragua, 1996.
Mastered at REELTIME production, Oslo, Norway, 1997.
Mastered by Sverre Erik Henriksen
Engineered by Tarzan (Freddy)

Catalog # fxcd220 CD $19.99
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. Ven A Mi Casa Esta Navidad
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  1. El niño del tambor
  2. Cristo de Palacaguina
  3. Noche de paz
  4. Los reyes magos
  5. Ven A Mi Casa Esta Navidad
  6. Bella es la tierra
  7. Soy tan feliz cada Navidad
  8. Ángelus
  9. Pues concebida
  10. Adeste fideles
  11. Duerme Salvador
  12. El niño de Maria
  13. Ave Maria

Catalog # fxcd231 CD $19.99
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Duo Guardabarranco is a Nicaraguan duo consisting of brother and sister Salvador and Katia Cardenal. Two voices, one guitar harmonizing original songs. They are part of the latin american movement of nueva canción (new song), singing songs of love in its many ways and hope of a better world, their music is gentle and optimistic in the adversity. They produced 5 albums between 1982-1995. All of these albums will be re-issued in CD by Màntica-Waid y Co. in the near future, Un Trago De Horizonte is the first of these. We will be adding the re-issued albums as they become available.

Un Trago De Horizonte
Recorded in ENIGRAC, Managua, Nicaragua in May-July 1982
Engineered and mastered by Roman Cerpas
Produced by Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy
Guest musicians: Andres Sanchez, Transito Gutierrez, Diego Silva, Reynaldo Ruiz, Adan Sanchez, Walter Taleno, Manuel Tercero, Raul Martinez, Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy.

All songs written by Salvador Cardenal

  1. VIDA
Vocals and Background vocals: Katia Cardenal B. Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Turtle shell : Salvador Cardenal B. Vocal arrangementes: Guardabarranco

Catalog # mwcd-100 CD $15.99
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. Una Noche Con Guardabarranco
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A new live, unplugged CD by Duo Guardabarranco (Katia and Salvador Cardenal)
Recorded Live October 2001

  1. COLIBRI (1986)
  2. DAME TU CORAZÓN (1989)
  4. AY MUJER (1990)
  6. MI LUNA (1992)
  9. SI BUSCABAS (1984)
  10. CASA ABIERTA (1991)
  11. SOY LATINO (1993)
  12. DIAS DE AMAR (1986)
  13. DALE UNA LUZ (1992)
  14. SUEÑA PROHIBIDO (2000)
Catalog # mwcd-101 CD $15.99
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. Si Buscabas
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The second CD in the Guardabarranco Collection (Katia and Salvador Cardenal)

  1. SI BUSCABAS (Salvador Cardenal Barquero)
  2. GUARDABOSQUES (Salvador Cardenal Barquero)
  3. AYAPAL (Salvador Cardenal Barquero)
  4. OBREROS DE MI NATURALEZA (Lorenzo Cardenal Sevilla/Salvador Cardenal B.)
  5. LA HOJA (Salvador Cardenal Barquero)
  6. EL SALVADOR (Katia Cardenal Barquero)
  7. PARA AMARNOS CON EL MUNDO (Salvador Cardenal Barquero)
  8. SMARAGDOS MARGARA (Carlos Martinez Rivas/Salvador Cardenal B.)
  9. EL ES (Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  10. LUNA Katia Cardenal Barquero)
  11. ELEVAR A TU MUERTO (Omar Cabezas/Salvador Cardenal Barquero)
  12. MI CORAZON (Salvador Cardenal Barquero)
  13. GUERRERO DEL AMOR (Rosy Soley,Salvador Cardenal/Salvador Cardenal)
Vocals : Katia Cardenal B.
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals : Salvador Cardenal B.
Vocal arrangements: Guardabarranco

Guest Musicians: Jackson Browne, Bob Glaub, Russ Kunkell, Craig Dorge, Willie Loya, Marcos Loya, Ricardo Reyes.

Catalog # mwcd-102 CD $15.99
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. Cas Abierta
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Al realizar la segunda edici6n de este álbum, terminamos de ofrecerles la coleccion completa de Guardabarranco; grabada el siglo pasado entre 1982 y 1994, que consta de cuatro discos. Nuestra intencion es Ilevar a las nuevas generaciones esta música universal y atemporal cargada de nostalgias de un futuro mejor. Han transcurrido 20 años desde que sailió el primer album de Salvador y Katia Cardenal. Este dúo de hermanos, con la originalidad de sus armonias, su poesia y sus melodias, ha venido creando un estilo propio en la historia de la música de Cantautor en la Nicaragua azul volcánica, verde y morena que les vio crecer a la sombra de sus ceibos. Con la voz empapada de amor en todas sus formas le cantan a la esperanza en el intento de sanar un pueblo herido, salvar un alma hundida y aprender a sobrellevar los desastres humanos y naturales de este lugar donde tiemblan tierra y mar sedientas de libertad.

Casa Abierta
Recorded in San Francisco, Ca. USA in 1994
Produced, engineered and mastered by Gregorio Landau
Guest Musicians: Gregorio Landau, David Belove and John Santos.
'Dale una Luz' recorded in Oslo, Norway in 1992
Produced and engineered by Sverre Erik Henriksen
Guest musicians: Per Hillestad, Jorun Bogeberg, Per Kolstad, Torbjorn Okland, Knut H. Johannesen.
'Dame tu Corazon' and 'Soy Latino' recorded in Miami, Fla. and Santa Monica, Ca. USA
Produced by Rey Sanchez
Engineered by: Ted Stein and Rey Sanchez
Mixed by: Bobby Salcedo and assisted by Kathleen Yore at Groove Masters in Santa Monica, Ca. in June 1994
Guest Musicians: Rey Sanchez, Jackson Browne, Eddie Smart, Sandy Stein, Norman Arnold.
Background vocals: Jackson Browne, Rey Sanchez, Cesar Torres, Jesus (Chuy) and Katia Cardenal.
Mastered at Rocket in San Francisco, Ca, in September 1994
Manufactured by Redwood Records

  1. DALE UNA LUZ Salvador Cardenal/Åge Aleksandersen
  2. PERDONAME Y ADIOS Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  3. MI LUNA Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  4. EL DILUVIO Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  5. CANCION PEQUEÑA Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  6. ¿NO TE ARDE? Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  7. REGRESANDO POR MAS Katia Cardenal Barquero
  8. VALE MAS Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  9. CASA ABIERTA Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  10. CUALQUIER HOMBRE Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  11. SOY LATINO Salvador Cardenal Barquero
  12. DAME TU CORAZON Salvador Cardenal/S.Cardenal, Danilo Amador, Reynaldo Ruiz
Vocals and Background vocals: Katia Cardenal B.
Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Salvador Cardenal B.
Vocal Arrangements: Guardabarranco

Catalog # cdmw-003 CD $15.99
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. Antologia 1985-1995
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  1. Si Buscabas
  2. Smaragdos Margara
  3. Luna
  4. Guerrero Del Amor
  5. Colibra
  6. Corazon De Nino
  7. Disco Del Sol
  8. Aunque No Fuera Para Mi
  9. Dias De Amar
  10. Mi Luna
  11. Casa Abierta
  12. Dame Tu Corazon
  13. Dale Una Luz
  14. Soy Latino
Catalog # gcd-100 CD $15.99
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. Dias De Amar
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  1. Dias De Amar
  2. Hacerte El Ciego
  3. Corazon De Niño
  4. Rodeando Tu Nombre
  5. Hacer Amanecer
  6. Niños De Panama
  7. Aunque No Fuera Para Mí
  8. Colibri
  9. Disco Del Sol
  10. Cuanto Tiempo
  11. Sobre Elaño 2000
  12. Duerme Niño
  13. La Libertad
Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 1990
Engineered by Ole Trier
Additional Engineering by Paul Dieter
Mixed by Paul Dieter at Groove Maters, Santa Monica, Ca, USA in 1991
Mastered by Doug Sax at Mastering Lab, Hollywood, Ca, USA
Produced by Jackson Browne
Manufactured by Redwood Records
Guest Musicians: Jackson Browne, Bob Glaub, Wally Ingram, Andrew Gold

Catalog # mwcd-103 CD $15.99
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. Verdadero Pan

VERDADERO PAN, el ultimo disco de GUARDABARRANCO fue nominado entre miles de participantes en la categoria de ''World Music'' junto a cinco finalistas de los 60 escogidos en las 12 categorias que formaron parte de los premios para la musica acustica independiente. Visite la pagina Indie Acoustic Project's
Check out the MP3 Sound Sample

  1. Condenados(mp3)
  2. Mi Abuela
  3. Arboles Gigantes
  4. Nadie Sabe Que Vendra(mp3)
  5. Niños De Panama
  6. Deja La Tierra En Paz(mp3)
  7. Verde y Morena
  8. Sueña Prohibido
  9. Ciego Soy
  10. Escucho Una Voz
  11. No Se Tu Nombre Sun
  12. Verdadero Pan
  13. En La Arena
  14. Yo Say De Mi Pais
  15. Por Un Mundo Justo para los niños
Catalog # dgcd07 CD $15.99
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. Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil

Katia Cardenal y mujeres de diversos rincones del planeta unidas en un canto de cuna a la paz debutan en la posicion numero 40 de los discos mas vendidos en aquel pais a tan solo una semana de su lanzamiento con el album «Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil» (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) lanzado este pasado 20 de abril en Noruega.

Katia interpreta la cancion Angel (Nami) junto a Viva Killisly Chachati de Siria y los comentarios en el periodico VG sugieren este tema como el posible HIT del album. ( Og «Angel» med Viva Killisly Chachati fra Syria og Katia Cardenal fra Nicaragua burde jo nesten bli en radio-hit! )

Katia Cardenal logro entrar a la lista de los top 40 en Noruega en el ano 1999 con su disco NAVEGAS POR LAS COSTAS, y se mantuvo en ella por 16 semanas consecutivas siendo la unica latinoamericana residiendo en Noruega que ha logrado esto y por ende un disco de oro al sobrepasar las 25000 copias vendidas.

For More See Additional Information

Check out the MP3 Sound Sample

Songs and Artists Lullabies from the Axis of Evil

"Sad sol"- You, my destiny
Mahsa Vahdat, Iran Sarah Jane Morris, England (mp3)

Dilelol" - Sleep, my child
Amel Kthyerand Halla Bassam, Iraq Eva Dahlgren, Sweden (mp3)

"Lalolalo" - Don't you worry, my child
Kulsoom Syed Ghulam, Afghanistan Lila Downs, Mexico/USA(mp3)

"Ya Lei Ma Atwalak" - This never ending night
Rim Banna, Palestine Kari Bremnes, Norway (mp3)

"Luna, Luna" - Luna, Luna little doll
Mayada Killisly Baghdadi, Syria Mimi, USA (mp3)

"Peace song"
Halla Bassam, Iraq Sevara Nazarkhan, Uzbekistan (mp3)

"Aruru" - Lullaby, sweet baby
Martha Lorenzo, Cuba Nina Hagen, Germany

"Stars are rising"
Sun Ju Lee, North Korea Eddi Reader, Scotland (mp3)

"Nami" - Angel
Viva Killisly Chachati, Syria Katia Cardenal, Nicaragua (mp3)

"Lalalala Gohle Laleh"
Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat, Iran

"Nami ya la'aubi" - Sleep, my doll
Rim Banna, Palestine Annisette, Denmark (mp3)

"Gohlelale" - My tulip, my pearl
Pari Zanganeh, Iran
The Washington National Cathedral Girls Choristers, USA
Elana Fremerman, USA

"Nami" - Lament
Jawaher Shofani, Palestine

"Mazar" - Some day, my boy
Fanzya and Razya Khan Ali, Afghanistan Elana Fremerman, USA

Catalog # fxcd269 CD $17.99
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Guardabarranco web site..lots more information
Appearance Schedule

Jueves 29 de abril
Mano a mano cantando a la trova cubana junto a OFILIO PICON
Ruta Maya/900pm/100 cordobas

El disco SUENO DE UNA NOCHE DE VERANO (canciones de Silvio Rodriguez) estara disponible en Nicaragua en su segunda edicion a partir de esta fecha!!

7 y 8 mayo
Jazz cafe
San Jose, Costa Rica
Junto a Moises Gadea y Perro Zompopo (Ramon Mejia)

Nuevo disco HOJARASCA, una coleccion de 11 canciones de diferentes cantautores nicaraguenses (Ramon Mejia, Pierre Pierson, Salvador Bustos, Danilo Norori, Junior Escobar, Salvador Cardenal y dos temas de Katia), ademas dos canciones de los cantautores chilenos (Alexis Venegas y Alejandra Acuna) acompanadas por Eduardo Araica/ guitarra, Augusto Mejia/percusion y la participacion de Atle Halstensen/piano, Carlos Mendoza/percusion, Ramon Mejia/ guitarra y coros, Jorge Jenkins/ guitarra electrica, Alfonsina Cardenal/ coros, Danilo Norori/coros.



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