Jeanie Fitchen

Jeanie Fitchen Love Flows Like a River [(Carry It On cp 4636 (1999)] Jeanie Fitchen Roads [Carry It On cp 4637 (1999)] Since she was a teenager, Jeanie Fitchen has been quietly making a name for herself in regional folk festivals with original ballads about the history and environment of her native Florida. These are her first CDs, but not her first recordings, and the maturity and skill of an experienced performer lends strength to both discs. Love Flows Like a River is an eclectic selection of songs with the loose theme of journey and exploration. Roads is a series of finely crafted vignettes of a Florida you don't see from Disney World: the dance of the sandhill crane, the subtle legacy of the Seminole tribe, the hard life of the people in the turpentine camps. She has a beautiful voice, as well, in the Tish Hinojosa/Joan Baez timbre. These discs should help bring Fitchen much deserved recognition outside her home state. ---Kerry Dexter, (c) Dirty Linen , Ltd. (August/September, 1999).

Refreshing, bell-like voice clarity, and captivating, only partially describe this artist's multifaceted singing performances which make her one of Florida's most sought-after singer/songwriters.

From the age of thirteen, Jeanie Fitchen has enchanted concert and festival audiences from the Alaskan Arctic to the Caribbean Tropics, bringing to them her singular musical art intertwining original stories and stellar vocals in a rich musical synthesis.

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Jeanie grew up with the music of great masters such as Verdi, Puccini and Mozart. Her mother had hoped that she might train for the opera but Jeanie found her musical niche in the simple beauty and artistic style of folk music, viewing it as a vehicle for personal and social expression.

"When I was growing up I loved to sing every kind of music. Many years passed before I could fully appreciate the communicative power of folk music."

The admiration and respect she has received from her fans and colleagues as well as the many colorful adventures she has experienced in her travels throughout the wilds are the driving forces that fuel Jeanie's passion for musical creation and performance.

"I consider it my great fortune to have had these experiences with the children from whom I learned so much!" Jeanie has written and produced children's folk musical plays, which have combined historical and ecological themes in a musical context, providing young students with an appreciation for their heritage and environment. For several years Jeanie has visited schools across the State to present her History Program: A Musical Journey Through Florida At age 15, Jeanie made her festival debut with appearances at the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs and the Fox Hollow Folk Festival in Petersburg, New York. She continues to be a major performer and MC at numerous festivals and acoustic venues around the country.

Jeanie's concert performances take the listener through the entire gamut of emotions as she spins yarns and tugs at the heartstrings, incorporating traditional as well as contemporary topical elements in her programs. She is a highly-acclaimed songwriter with the ability to evoke through melancholy and euphoria the wondrous resilience and vitality of life.

"I believe that we all have the ability to achieve immortality just by leaving some small part of ourselves behind."

In addition to her five previous recordings, Jeanie has just completed her most ambitious musical project to date: two very distinct CDs recorded on location in Florida, Alabama and the 1998 Florida Folk Festival. All twenty-four tracks combine the extraordinary talents of several Florida and Nashville musicians with Jeanie's spellbinding vocals and artistic arrangements.

Love Flows Like a River
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  1. The Long and Lonely
  2. Love Flows Like a River
  3. At the End
  4. Once I Had a Sweetheart/Lament
  5. The Water is Wide
  6. Seize the Day
  7. If Your Wings Be Broken
  8. Denim and Lace
  9. Erin's Song
  10. Thank Goodness For Friends
  11. A Part of Me
  12. I Love You Forever

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  1. Roads
  2. Seminole
  3. Trail of Tears
  4. Song for Will
  5. Dance of the Sandhill Crane
  6. Lye Soap
  7. Turpentine Town
  8. Howling Winds
  9. Happy Times
  10. Cracker Cowman
  11. Nuisance Gator
  12. Changes in the Wind/No More

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A Folk Christmas
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  1. We Wish You a Merry Christmas -
  2. The Coventry Carol -
  3. This Child of Mary -
  4. Go Tell it on the Mountain -
  5. The Cherry Tree Carol -
  6. The Sleep of the Infant Jesus -
  7. Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella -
  8. Lo, How a Rose e'er Blooming -
  9. Away in a Manger-
  10. What Child is This? -
  11. Rise Up Shepherds and Follow -
  12. Good King Wenceslaus -
  13. Angels We Have Heard on High -
  14. Virgin Mary -
  15. O, How Lovely is the Evening -
  16. Baloo Lammy -
  17. O Come Little Children

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Side A
  1. I Wish I Could Be Back Home Again -
  2. Baja -
  3. The Suwannee Flows Deep in our Heart -
  4. Where Will the Armadillos Roam? -
  5. Earthquake!
Side B
  1. Don't Come Bearing Flowers -
  2. 'Possum Blues -
  3. Wild Mountain Thyme -
  4. Roll On Manatee -
  5. Wild Birds -
  6. Welcome Home

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Libby Floyd

The magazine Country Music International described Libby Floyd as Faith Hill meets Shania Twain. But Libby is very much her own woman as this rocking country album reveals. This tall, blue-eyed blonde began her singing career at the age of five in Greenville, South Carolina. And as her talent grew, so did she, going on to become Miss Greenville, Miss Teen South Carolina and Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

After graduating from The University of South Carolina, it was back to singing with two tours of Japan. Libby then settled in southern California where she soon became a regular performer at The Palomino Club, At My Place and Highland Grounds. In the night clubs of L.A. she honed her songwriting skills before heading south once again to Nashville, Tennessee.

Today, Libby calls Nashville home. She is an accomplished singer-songwriter who's returned to her southern roots. She's appeared at venues all over Nashville including The Bluebird Cafe, 3rd & Lindsley, Douglas Corner and the Radio Cafe. Her self-titled debut album on Empire Records captures this exhilarating performer and songwriter backed by some of Nashville's finest musicians and was produced by English country artist T.Cane Honey.

'Libby Floyd' the album crosses over from country into contemporary pop with powerful ballads and edgy rock grooves.

Libby Floyd
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  1. Been There Done That
  2. You Can Run
  3. Cry One More Tear
  4. If This Ain't Love Then I must Be Going Nuts
  5. The Other Side Of Town
  6. Big Time Love
  7. Through The Eyes Of Ruth
  8. Can't Get To Heaven
  9. Shores Of White Sand
  10. Honey I'm Home

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