Ted's Wrecking Yard, Toronto, Ontario (June 10, 1999)
By Divine Right guitarist Leslie Feist has about 1,000 copies of her debut solo CD sitting in the garage of her dad's house. If the album is anywhere near as impressive as her live show, that's just criminal. Hopefully, someone will agree to distribute this modest little gem. Sonic Unyon? Teenage USA? Attic? Outside? Is anybody there?!

Backed by ace players and Toronto music scenesters Andrew Whiteman (mostly percussion) and Dave "Daddy" Szegetti (mostly guitar), Feist played her minimal, sometimes delicate songs to a jam-packed and extremely supportive crowd. (She even had her own little cheering section of fans down the front.) The Hip's Gord Downie (BDR toured extensively with The Hip a few months ago) was down front, too, as were her BDR bandmates and Renann, among other musicians.

Feist seemed genuinely surprised by the huge crowd and warm reception. Her solo stuff is more demanding than that of BDR -- ifs more spacious, jazzier, very personal. At times, it recalls the fragile beauty of, say, Young Marble Giants; at others, the moody diary spirit of, say, Lisa Germane (minus Mitchell Froom's wonky production).

But the big story is, Leslie Feist is a fucking GREAT singer. At one point, in order to cover for a tuning change, she did an a capella piece -- an old "in my time of dying" mountain ballad. She just tore the shit out of it, from falsetto to slight rasp to her clear, strong tenor. And without the melodramatic overkill on which some singers in that vein sometimes rely.

As if to prove a point, Feist yelled, 'Yeah, we can rock!" and delivered her most BDR-like moment of the night, "it's Cool To Love Your Family. (If that's not the title, it's at least the chorus.) This song asks the musical question, what if we strip cowbell rock (9 la AC/DC) down to only its prime elements, two power-chord guitars and a cowbell? And the answer is, YOU ROCK, BABY!

If you only know Feist from BDR -- where she kinds has to holler out backing vocals, mostly -- check out her show and discover a great singer. if you've never heard BDR, she's well worth the trip on her own. Go, girl!
-- review by Howard Druckman

"The emotion is there...and Feist's heart rings clear and true through these confident debut tracks."
EXCLAIM! Magazine

"Beyond technique and training her secret weapon is tonality. When you hear the words 'incredible' and 'extraordinary' to describe her voice, that's what they are talking about...The pure essence, the beauty of her voice, the conviction of expression is the quality of her tonality. A rare quality..."

"Underneath (her voice) lies the word play attached to her singing...Feist's mode of abstraction flies out beyond academia. Poetry and metaphysics...Feist's Lyrics are full of vivid R.E.M. activity..."
Vox Magazine

"English rock critic Simon Reynolds once wrote about liberation of sensuality in pop music, the utilization of "the breath of the voice". This wholly applies to Feist's siren-like vocals...Media pundits are quick to compare Feist to modern dives like PJ Harvey, Bjork and Siouxsie Sioux. While these analogies aren't completely inaccurate, they fail to give credit to Feist's singular talent."
Core Magazine

"..Feist sackcloth an ashes emotional vocal style. A kind of PJ Harvey after a day almost drowning at the beach."
Calgary Herald

"Feist has one of those voices that truly takes your breath away, echoing with present power and future potential..."
Calgary Herald

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  1. It's Cool To Love Your Family
  2. The Onliest
  3. La Sirena
  4. One Year a. d.
  5. Monarch
  6. That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean
  7. Flight #303
  8. Still True
  9. The Mast
  10. New Torch

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Robin Greenspan

"Defying her petite size, Greenspan is a powerhouse on stage"
- Ed Karvoski, Frontiers Magazine

"A killer singer songwriter."
- Meg Donivan, Nitelife Magazine

A Los Angeles-based performer, Robin has impressed audiences everywhere with her unique point of view and unusual insights. Over the years Robin has written dozens of songs, several of which have been recorded at her home studio, in studio with Andy Cahan of Turtles fame and with sessions musicians.

Once the lead singer/songwriter of her own band "Arms Akimbo," Robin, in recent years has launched off on her own combining her musical talents with her various other gifts. Her critically acclaimed one-woman show "Kickin' Hard" which played to sold out houses at the HBO Workspace in Hollywood, featured the songs: "Gardener of Eden," "My Sarcasm" and the title song, "Kickin' Hard." The Sardonic "Life Bites" recently wowed audiences in the original stage play, "Girls' Night Out," at Two Roads Theatre in Los Angeles and will soon be featured in the movie version of the same play. No stranger to performing, Robin has made starring appearances on Comedy Central's "Out There in Hollywood" and the original sketch comedy show "In Through the Out Door" on Showtime. And don't forget Robin's personal guarantee: Smart lyrics, powerful tunes and your money back if she ever rhymes the words: "baby" and "crazy."

Gardener Of Eden
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Lay It On The Line
  2. Weird Love
  3. October
  4. Measly Little Me
  5. Kickin Hard
  6. Gardener Of Eden
  7. I'm Not Through
  8. Comfort
  9. Don't Let Nobody
  10. Psychic Power Shack
  11. Optimistic

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