Singer songwriter Green brings in an impressive array of influences to bear on her music. Her guitar and piano based songs incorporate folk, jazz, blues and soul music in a fascinating sound that could be described as "new folk". Critics have compared Green to Laura Nyro, Shawn Colvin, and Joni Mitchell, yet her music retains a strong individuality and freshness thanks to her diverse influences.

Green has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her mother says she sang before she began to talk! Growing up in the multi-cultural mecca of Los Angeles, Green listened to Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles, as well as to music from other cultures. She began studying piano at age 5 and built on her precociousness by learning clarinet, and then flamenco, blues, and jazz guitar.

Since these auspicious beginnings, Green has been performing professionally for many years. She has performed at festivals and clubs across the country including: The Southern Oregon Women's Music Festival, Northern California's Mateel Music Festival, San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill, and The CoCo Club. In the early 90's, she co-founded Toe Jamboree, an LA based folk-funk duo, and from '95 to '97, she fronted San Francisco's popular Midnight Picnic, contributing passionate vocals and hot original music to the group's repertoire.

Green's debut CD, Multiheaded Heart, is an eclectic set of 10 finely crafted original songs. Produced by award winning producer Mimi Fox (who contributes her own guitar virtuosity to this project), this recording is richly represented with some of the San Francisco Bay Area's best talent. Melanie DeMore and Elouise Burrell (Linda Tillery's Cultural Heritage Choir), singer songwriter Helen Chaya, bassist Marc Vanwageningen (Pete Escovida's group), and pianist Julie Homi (formerly with Tracy Chapman and Angela Bofill) all contribute expertly. The songs from Multiheaded Heart are from the diverse land of the heart. Moving gracefully from poignant beauty, to funky jazz/folk, Green has created a stunning landscape.

Whether she is performing at a major music festival, or generously sharing her talents for philanthropic organizations like "Food Not Bombs", Green's song's cut through the chaos of everyday life, bringing clarity and beauty to each moment. "I write about what I know... my observations and experiences.. I try to be as honest as I can be; it's an incredible creative and healing experience for me," she says. Jazz vocalist supreme Rhiannon has said of Green: "This generous musical spirit is rising." With her beautiful voice and insightful songs, Green's musical spirit is indeed rising, and moving and inspiring audiences as she soars.

Multiheaded Heart
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  1. Pele's Body
  2. Thinking Like This
  3. Your Kitchen Table
  4. Leather and Chrome
  5. Beautiful Angel
  6. Jumping into the Sun
  7. Reel You In
  8. First Time Again
  9. Train
  10. Catch Me Falling

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Nicholece Garner

Nicholece K. Garner is an unsigned, Australian singer and songwriter. A talented musician, her primary instrument is her unique voice. Equally at home with a single acoustic guitar or piano as with a looped , souped dance mix, her vocal, lyrical and musical styles draw from funk, folk, reggae, Afro, dance, hip hop, trip hop and more.

She performed on Triple J as part of their "UnEarthed" series and in late 1997, her song "Judas Kiss" won the rock/pop section of the ASA songwriting contest. Since then, she has performed at various venues around Melbourne. See the Gig Guide for more details and links.

She performed and was interviewed on the set of 'Recovery' in August 1998.

She was also part of the showcase at the Pacific Circle Music Convention in Sydney in October 1998 and despite a tight schedule, performed the only encore of the night to a captive audience.

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  1. Judas Kiss
  2. Hasty Boy
  3. Stop And Go Man
  4. Be My Excuse
  5. Never Enough

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Anna Wolfe

Anna's performances range from sweet to sweaty, from folk to jazz to rock and roll. She has been compared to such diva greats as Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell. Her songs carry a positive message of the Spirit in all reality in a non traditional, non new age sort of way that anyone could groove to.

It is hard to describe Anna Wolfe. This is because she herself is a paradox. She is soft spoken but powerfully voiced to sing. She is quirky and extremely creative. She is theatrical in her performance, her voice plays many characters, but never one that exceeds the truth. She is real and vulnerable and angry at times. Sometimes she will sing you the sweetest lullaby. Sometimes she will growl and protest life's difficulties. But one thing is apparent in all of her songs. When she sings, she is part of something greater than herself.

"I Never was Cool", proves to be a high energy work of art, which includes twelve original songs written from the heart and soul but with all the richness of shadow and controversy. This album is no hotel painting. It belongs in a museum.

I Never Was Cool
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  1. I Never Was Cool
  2. Light A Candle
  3. Pity Pie
  4. God Is My Drug
  5. Don't Wake The People
  6. Titanic James
  7. Cling To The Mountain
  8. The Things That Piss Me Off
  9. Mr. Downtown USA
  10. Barge For The Reckoning
  11. The Waltz
  12. Backbone

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Kimi Hayes

Kimi Hayes - Singer/songwriter/guitarist and Chicago native, blasts onto the music scene on her own with the independent debut CD "Being." With her electric stage presence and down to earth personality, Kimi takes us on a journey through music. Fueled by personal life experiences,"Being: is a deeply honest musical memoir.'lhe CD rocks with tunes like "Growing, "On the Run" and "Your Life" While on the flip side, it shows Kimi's sensual and seductive side with moving songs like"Beloved One" and"Overflow Me", Soulful and earnest vocals weave haunting melodies throughout this vast musical scape.

Kimi is a seasoned musician and has performed nationally including such cities as Cleveland, Ft. Wayne, Houston, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Orlando and San Francisco. She can currently be seen around town jamming with the Fabulous Janes as lead guitarist and vocalist. Kimi has also played many hot spots in Chicago, including, The Taste of Chicago, The Metro, Navy Pier,The Aragon Ballroom and the Chicago Cultural Center. Other hot spots include,The Beat Kitchen,The Elbo Room, Gunther Murphy's, Abbey Pub, Durty Nellies, North Beach Club, Frankies Blue Room and numerous other clubs.

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  1. Evening Prayer
  2. Growing
  3. Beloved One
  4. Overflow Me
  5. Annie
  6. On The Run
  7. White Lies
  8. Your Life
  9. Tender Words
  10. If I Could
  11. Being
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Visit Kimi's Site at HTTP://www.kimihayes.com


This Hungarian beauty will captivate your mind. Although Zipporah was born and raised in Melborne, Australia, she was taught the traditional hungarian ways by her parents. Hungarians are passionate people and their language is colourful and true to the heart. Music, poems and romance are a way of life.

As a young girl, Zipporah sang in church choirs to the delight of many and as she grew older, started singing in a Gospel choir. This style of singing intruiged her and taught her how to sing from deep within her soul. After a chance meeting with producer Neil Osborne, Zipporah was launched into a world of original music full of mezmerising vitality.

Zipporah makes you feel warmth and energy in her music and she sings with her body and soul. Her voice will take you on a journey to a serene place, where you can close your eyes and dream.

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  1. I Love You Blind
  2. I'm Alive
  3. Fly
  4. Fall Into Your Love
  5. It's Your Love
  6. I Miss You
  7. You'll Find Out One Day
  8. You Can Talk About Me
  9. I Remember
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