Ché Zuro

''I just wanna rock'' Ché Zuro says as she takes the stage holding an acoustic guitar, no band to support her. And rocks, she does. ''A good song is a good song, no matter what the instrumentation, and lately I'm prefering the skeletal acoustic guitar and vocal performance.''

Ché's musical beginnings were unconscious, growing up in a household where everyone would fight for a harmony part, or for the solo vocal part of a folk tune. She hasn't the foggiest idea as to how she learned to sing! ''I just always sang! At family parties, we would all gather around the organ or piano, guitars were grabbed (and spoons!) and we'd sing old songs, new songs, and songs that seemed to be written on the spot - and just as quickly forgotten!!!'' This early training gave Ché an ear for melodies and song structure, and has helped her quickly learn to play many different instruments.

In 1989 Charlie Sexton invited Ché to join his band (as vocalist/keyboardist/acoustic guitarist) for his American and Japanese tours, which ended with a live CD entitled King Elvis. This gave her the confidence to start her own musical project, Trinity Street, upon her return from the road. After a few years of playing as a full 5-piece band, Ché began to concentrate on a more bare-boned version of this music, resulting in a 3-piece acoustic trio, and ultimately, solo performances. ''I am the only one I can count on in this project,'' Ché laughs, ''but seriously, it's true, and it's tough, and challenging, and of course, extremely rewarding.'' 1991 brought an Honorable Mention in the Billboard Songwriting Contest for the tune ''Blue Skies", written with Trinity Street partner, Tisa Adamson. These two prolific songwriters also received an Honorable Mention for their song ''Daddy Had To Go To Heaven" in the First annual John Lennon Songwriting Contest, in 1998, and continue their writing partnership. Ché also has received the Millpond Spirit Award, which was given to her during her second day of performing at 1998's Millpond Music Festival in the Eastern Sierra, Bishop, California.

Ché released her first solo CD entitled "10,000 Jalama Road" in 1997 on which she played every instrument, sang every note, and produced every track in addition to designing the package. The success of this homemade recording led her to work hard on a second one, and release it on her own label, Youghiogheny River Records. "Welcome Home" (release date January 1, 2000) was co-produced by old friend Bernie Larsen (Cry On Cue, Melissa Etheridge, El Rayo-X) at Spinout Studios in Burbank, and layers Ché's acoustic guitars and vocals with drums, bass, keyboards, and more! Bernie and Ché shared most of the instrumental duties while some pals (Jorge Calderon, Brie Howard-Darling of Boxing Gandhis) came in to sing some background vocals and play some percussion. For Che, who has always hated being in the recording studio, it was a turning point! "I can't WAIT to go back in and do my next record!!!"
Look out for Ché! Big things are about to happen!

Welcome Home
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  1. A Minor Thing
  2. Start Out Innocent
  3. Mr. Chows Garden
  4. Thank You For Loving Me
  5. Heavens Gate
  6. Everybody's Changing
  7. Gypsy
  8. Just Another Day
  9. Blue Skies
  10. Hombre Mio
  11. The Last Goodbye
  12. Crystal Sea
  13. Tied Your Baby Down
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Christina Fasano

"And I will FUNK until the dawn and all the people there will turn and stop and stare and slowly begin to move inside their "own" individual groove, as the rhythm moves us into soul, and the 'freedom to be, who we were born to be,' where we all sway and drip with sweat, swirling and finally merging into that tiny silent space inbetween love and hate where I am you and you are me dancing the entire essence of humanity.....Funk On!!!!"

Christina Fasano definitely is one Funky White Girl (the nickname she most commonly uses for herself). This girl can sing! That's one of the first things I noticed about her CD, Spiritually Wet. This voice isn't a carbon copy of anything you've heard before. Christina really does have a unique sound - and considering all the stuff that's out there, that's saying a LOT. The production values on this CD are fantastic, the players really know how to play. All in all, this is a great collection of funky, feel-good, sexy music that'll make you want to get up and dance.
--Jodi Krangle - The Muses Muse, Songwriter's Spotlight

There is good music and then there is funky good music. I haven't heard music this fun, this good, and this funky in a long time. Christina Fasano has a definite chart burner on her hands with this album. The music on this album draws you into a world where the music is sexy and sensual, then only to realize that you have drifted into a funky groove of your own. You find that your feet start moving to the rhythm, while you soul starts screaming to be released from it's composed state. When the music ends and you find yourself longing for more of what this alluring sound has to offer. I was captivated by the soulful vocals of this funky white girl. Christina presents her music with a passion and embrace that is unmatched by any other artist. This is music that can't and shouldn't be denied.
--Gunther G.-TheGlobalMuse.com

Spiritually Wet
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  1. It's Just a Funk Thang
  2. Sweet and Sour
  3. Overflow
  4. Rock with You
  5. Won't you Gaze
  6. Hungry Love
  7. Blue Moon Inn
  8. Welcome to the Workshop
  9. Our Love is a Good Thing
  10. the Meltdown
  11. Reciprocate
  12. When People Change
  13. Standing in Yourself
Catalog #fwg2000 CD $12.99
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Wild Orchids

"Wild Orchids... two women with their acoustic guitars beltlng out heavenly harmonies and soulful stories ... having written the tunes (except three covers, one of which is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana) they have produced a fine independent release... engineered and produced by Chris Scheri from Wild Orchids... well recorded... highlights the depth of their combined vocals... go girls!"
Felicitv Ballard, Forte magazine.

"Wild Orchids, Past All The Edges... the clarity of mix and quality of recording by Chris Scheri is highly favorable by any standard of comparison...songs on Past All The Edges strongly reflect their abilities as singers, musicians and song writers... a collage of compositions that encompass a range of moods and emotions... the cover classic 'Unchained Melody' is a fine display of Robyn Youlten's ability as a singer with both her range of notes and the passion with which she can sing... she also pulls out Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" which is anguished in mood...one feature that enhances Past All The Edges is the exquisite flute that Chris Scheri is renowned for... initial comparisons to Ian Anderson... one finds thet Chris Scheri has her own excellent distinctive style...pure pleasure… this CD is in all aspects 8 ½/10!!!!
Peter Donald Beat Magazine.

"Wild Orchids, Past All The Edges...new independent release makes its mark thanks to the strong songwriting and very distinctive vocal styles of the two performers...the self penned numbers encompass enjoyable melodic odes to love and life... a joyous presentation of music... both women are multi-talented instrumentalists... the arrangements strike a nice balance between electronic and acoustic instrumentation... Interesting...honest...earthy...passionate
Paul Turner, Groove Muse Sydney Music Press

Past All The Edges
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  1. Unchained Melody
  2. Sweet Autumn Night
  3. She Says You Say
  4. Remember
  5. Angel In My Heart
  6. Miracle
  7. Going Home
  8. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  9. Always
  10. When I Think Of Love
  11. Summer Days
  12. Send Me A Dream
  13. You Can Never Know
Catalog #cats7wo2 CD $14.99
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Katy Tessman

As a performer, Minnesota singer-songwriter Katy Tessman combines energy and emotion with genuine warmth and musical passion. Her rhythmic guitar style and powerful voice express a straight-from-the-heart songwriting style that's won accolades from fans and critics alike.

Katy has been called an "urban folk purist" by KFAI-Radio and "a power-house in personality and music" by Pulse of the Twin Cities newspaper. With a voice that critic Bill Snyder described as "smooth and distinctive," Katy is emerging as one of the most engaging acoustic talents in the Twin Cities.

Katy's 11-song solo debut CD, "Fall," remarkably showcases her abilities as a vocalist and songwriter. Her acoustic based arrangements are expanded by a talented cast of players. Legendary jazz and studio bassist Richard Davis, innovative funk drummer Clyde Stubblefield, violinist Randy Sabien, and percussionist Wally Ingram make special cameos as well. Released on the independent Rhythmelodic Records label, "Fall" was recorded at Wakefield Mines studio in Madison, WI and was produced by multi-instrumentalist Jay Moran, drummer/percussionist Dave Stanoch and Katy herself.

Since 1993, Katy has been performing her original contemporary/urban folk music at venues in the Twin Cities and throughout the region. She has been featured on Twin Cities Public Television's "NewsNight Minnesota" program, KMSP-TV's "The Buzz" and performed live on KFAI-Radio's folk music programs. Katy accompanies her singing by playing acoustic guitar or mandolin. She often performs in duo settings with guitar, bass, or percussion.

In the summer of 2000, Katy began incorporating a full band into select live performances around the region. Comprised of players featured on her solo debut, the band's sound reflects the fuller arrangements of the songs on Katy's CD. The group members' impeccable musicianship is a great compliment to Katy's dynamic stage presence and positive personality.

Katy is a member of the Minnesota Music Academy and Just Plain Folks, a national grassroots music networking organization. She was a finalist in the 2000 Minnesota New Folk songwriting contest, and performed at the Minnesota Folk Festival. Katy has a growing mailing list of over 400 names and independently manages all booking and promotion.

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  1. Wash It Away
  2. Bright Chair
  3. Fall
  4. Make You Stare
  5. Dip, Dip and Swing
  6. Odd Timing
  7. Alone
  8. Thinking of You
  9. Figured Out
  10. Caribou
  11. A Day Is A Day
Catalog #rmr01 CD $14.99
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