Lisa Kane

Welcome to My World

After completing my third year of Independent Study through the Forest Lake Music Connection, which consisted of both songwriting and music theory, I felt I was ready to hit the stage. I found Zelpha Trippe, a three piece heavy metal band. Together, the four of us wrote and produced three albums. It was a steep learning curve and I was extremely grateful my instructor had stressed practicing scales and arpeggios. I honed my guitar playing skills tremendously, yet eventually felt a need for more individuality.

In 1994, I traded in my Marshall stack for a twelve string acoustic. Being a poet I naturally combined this skill with my groove oriented guitar technique and spent the next three years performing solo.

Today I have independently released my debut compact disc titled Old Strings & All. The album consists of ten songs ranging from funky upbeat rhythms to mysterious thought provoking melodies. Danny Roussin on drums, Jay Cork on bass, Kari Larson on mandolin and tenor guitar, Sandy Gildersleeve on piano all added their own uniqueness. Producer Tim "bent spoon" Lyles remained at my disposal, even while playing bass, supporting guitar and percussions. Randy Gildersleeve not only came through as the Recording specialist, but also played the National slide guitar.

All and all, I feel Old Strings & All is an incredible album. Thank you for listening.

Intro/general thoughts: Lisa Kane's "Old Strings & All" made me change my mind about something that is usually a musical pet peeve for me. It sounds like Kane writes poetry and sets it to music, which means that the rhythm and flow of the songs aren't always smooth. The musical fit isn't right in many places. But on this CD, I like that this feels off-kilter. It's raw and real, and it works. "Old Strings & All" is a work of art on a spiritual level. It pulled me right in.

Type of Music: Folk music with a rock edge

Notable: Kane used to be in an all-female heavy metal band called Zelpha Trippe. In 1994, she went acoustic and struck out on her own.

Highs: "Sage" is my favorite track - dreamy, hopeful, and brought to life by a story on the inside cover of the CD. According to the story, the sagebrush has the eternal power of purification. In the song, Kane dreams of a world with no need of a sage. Beautifully done.

Another high point is an overall theme of nature. Kane sounds like she's playing her guitar on the steps of a cabin in the autumn woods. She sings to the wind, the sky, the sun, the moon. The songs even sound like the elements of nature, especially "Now You Don't," which has a rhythm that feels like tall grasses swaying in the breeze.

Lows: Sometimes the meter of the poetry gets restrictive on the music, which brings me back to my pet peeve. While I do like the song "Feel Me Waiting," for example, it does sound a little awkward, like she's trying to fit the notes around the poem.

Favorite Lines: I could just re-type all the lyrics from the CD cover here. These poems are passionate and vivid. I'll just quote a sample from "Fine With Me":
"Cliches uniquely chosen dance a metaphoric dance so twirl in my spiral daydream to find a point of circumstance."

Fans: Melissa Ethridge, Alanis Morrisette. The Lillith Fair crowd.

Foes: People who wouldn't be caught dead at Lillith Fair.

Summary: This music stayed with me all evening after I listened to it. The songs are intriguing - the kind that make you analyze them the more you listen. This is a strong debut solo effort. I feel like I've only heard the beginning of Kane's musical exploration. I can't wait to hear the rest of the journey.
---- Jennifer Layton
April 11, 2000

. Sooner...Than Later
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  1. Dreams
  2. Which Road
  3. Sage
  4. Bless This Rain
  5. Wanting To Be
  6. She Gave Me You
  7. Mother's Son
  8. Coat Tails
  9. Wings
  10. Nothing About
  11. Under My Hat
  12. Your Turn To Listen
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. Old Strings And All
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  1. Fine With Me
  2. Sage
  3. Feel Me Waiting
  4. Now You Don't
  5. Wings
  6. In Return
  7. Never Say Never
  8. Head Over Heals
  9. Miles Away
  10. Mystery
Catalog #lmoo1 CD $14.99
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More info at Lisa's site .

Tanya Savory

“What makes Tanya Savory's Rounder debut such a fine album--in many ways as refreshing as Iris DeMent's Infamous Angel or Gillian Welch's Revival--is the unfailing intelligence and attentiveness of her songwriting...Savory is literate, but without pretension; her landscapes and characters are vivid, almost documentary, and reveal a wisdom that comes with time . . . in her songs, tenderness and toughness do not cancel each other out: They flow together from the deeply felt and generously observed life running through every song . . .”

"As you can imagine, I hear hundreds of new singer-songwriters every year, and I wouldn't just say this ,Tanya is really very good . . . she obviously puts a lot of care into the way she chooses her words and phrases her melodies"
---Cheryl Wheeler

"... a most auspicious debut.... Savory writes with detailed imagery.... vocals are pleasantly unique, gentle yet effective. Production and instrumentation suit Americana to a "T". Savory has been working the road over the past year, and it's reflected on "Heading South" and "Halfway Gone," which ring to life with fiddle, banjo, and piano, reminding me of some of Nanci Griffith's earlier work."
-- Rob Bleetstein, Gavin Magazine, 1/17/97

"Over the past few years, Tanya Savory has been quietly making a name for herself by writing songs that draw listeners into worlds full of sharp detail and emotional depth; her songwriting awards and recordings by other artists reveal her talent as a calm, mature creativity that transmutes ordinary stories into lessons of life. Town to Town evokes a mood that is as simple -- and as complex -- as a Kentucky landscape, hinting at the rural sounds of bluegrass and country music without ever foregoing the sophistication of the best of today's singer-songwriters."
--Jon Weisberger

[Five of five stars] ". . . an outstanding collection of 11 original songs which, if there is any justice in this world, should bring this exciting talent to the attention of a much wider audience . . . those who admire the writing style of Kate Campbell and Iris Dement may well find much to commend in this department because Savory has a gift for vividly recalling childhood events, as she does on the bittersweet 'I Don't Hear That Train', 'Dad Was a Minister' or 'Different Shores'. . . . Songs like 'Big Town', with its haunting refrain, and 'When the River Rose' are convincing sketches of small town America and a vanishing way of life . . . sung with genuine conviction and backed by musicians who actually believe in what they are playing. . . ."
--Al Moir, Country Music People (UK)

Where We Live
CD $14.99 catalog# mr14333


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. Town To Town
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  1. When the River Rose 3:48
  2. Big Town 5:30
  3. Different Shores 3:31
  4. Reason Enough 4:05
  5. Passed Him By 4:33
  6. I Don't Hear That Train 3:47
  7. Reuben Brown 4:38
  8. Back to Tucson 2:59
  9. Bluegrass 3:27
  10. 40, 80, or 10 4:11
  11. Time Was 3:47
Catalog #ph11671 CD $14.99
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. Better Shade Of Green
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  1. Bright Side
  2. True Train
  3. Call It Home
  4. Better Shade Of Green
  5. Heading South
  6. Passing The Time Of Night
  7. Halfway Gone
  8. The Way I Am
  9. Heart You Ain't Got
Catalog #gpr093 CD $14.99
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Iris Dement
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Allette Brooks

"Allette Brooks, from California, is a humble, richly lyrical folk singer, and a poet who wears her heart on her sleeve. She gets way down to the nitty gritty of life and speaks in an amusingly sarcastic language. She's quirky, she's raspy, and then at moments, nothing but shudderingly beautiful."
---The Octopus, Champaign/Urbana, IL

"Allette Brooks may have a disarmingly relaxed and humorous relationship with the audience at her gigs, but there's nothing laid back about her high energy performance and powerful songs."
---Bob McWilliams, West Side Folk and KANU, Lawrence, KS

Allette Brooks, San Francisco Bay Area based singer songwriter, is touring nationally to promote her two independently released albums SILICON VALLEY REBEL (1999) and PRIVILEGE (1996). Allette's brand of lyric-packed, rhythmic folk highlights her quirky humor, precise guitar-playing, and dynamically expressive voice.

Allette's guitar playing ranges from punchy, percussive guitar grooves, to fingerpicked folky melodies. She has been a performer for most of her life and her vocal style evidences classical training as well as many years of performing in dramatic works. In her poetic songwriting these two elements come together. Sarah Quelland of the San Jose Mercury News wrote "Brooks has a real knack for weaving her social commentary and life observations into punchy alternative-folk melodies and modern poetic lyrics complemented by her sometimes sassy, sometimes sweet vocals."

Allette spends over half of the year touring coast to coast and will be playing over 125 shows this year. Allette's high energy performances regularly drew crowds of 30-100 people in new markets thanks to the support of local press and public/college radio. She has played venues ranging from San Francisco's Hotel Utah to Pittsburgh's Rosebud, from the High Sierra Music Festival to Hopland Women's Festival and college campuses nationwide. Allette has opened for regional and national artists including Cheryl Wheeler, Kinnie Star, Anne Weiss, Veda Hille, Dana Robinson, Lui Collins, and Rebecca Riots. She was a Finalist in the 1999 and 2000 Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Competition. Her albums are getting radio play on over 70 stations across the country.

Arrangements on her recent release, SILICON VALLEY REBEL, feature solo tracks as well as guest artists, including Paulo Baldi of Liar and Palo Alto based guitarist Tony Khalife, playing the dumbek, congas, bongos, drum kit, upright and electric bass, and acoustic guitar. Allette began to learn to play the guitar and write songs in Botswana during her junior year in college and her first album, PRIVILEGE, was a solo album in every sense of the word. She began recording during her senior year as a human biology major at Stanford University and went on to spend the next six months recording, mixing and mastering.

Swim With Me

Never Was
Swim with Me

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. Silicon Valley Rebel
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  1. unsolicited advice
  2. cab song
  3. journey
  4. silicon valley rebel
  5. 10 years
  6. bye now
  7. look you in the eye
  8. let me in
  9. true believer
  10. cry
  11. locked box
  12. this time
  13. clothespin
Catalog #ph11671 CD $14.99
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Angie Palmer

Angie Palmer: Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter

The music you are hearing is taken from my first album; "A Certain Kind of Distance.

All the songs, with the exception of "A Case of You",Love Me Like a Man," and "Mercedes Benz," were written by myself over the last couple of years, though I have been writing songs since I began playing and singing.

At eighteen I left England and spent eight years living between Paris and Geneva, busking,playing the Metro, and appearing at blues and folk festivals, learning to be a musician and earning a Iiving at the same time.Most of the festivals I performed at were in France and Switzerland,though I also played at festivals in Italy and Germany.

In 1991, I returned to England and for the last eight years I have been a professional musician. The first four years were spent in Brighton,gigging as a solo artist and fronting a number of bands in the south of England,the last four in Lancaster and gigging solo around the northwest.Since being back in England I have played at several festivals including; Glastonbury [folk stage], Burnley Blues, Coine Blues, and a number of the London festivals.

My influences have been various, from blues players, such as Howling Wolf and Willie Dixon, to strong female figures, like Patti Smith, Bonnie Raitt and Rory Block. John Martyn was also a very big influence on my development as a guitarist, so much so that the choice of Guild guitars came from hearing the beautiful bass response John Martyn got when "slapping" the strings and body of the guitar, a style of playing you can hear on my CD. But I have also been influenced by some of the great singer/songwriters, particularly Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Joan Armatrading in terms of melody and construction of a song.My own songs, therefore, show the influence of an aggressive, blues style of playing on the guitar sound and a concern for melody and it's relation to lyrical form.

For me, the lyrical content of a song is a part of the overall quality/effect of that song; if nothing is being expressed, whether through what is stated, or what is implied/suggested, then the "centre cannot hold". Whether my songs are about the end of relationships; "You Said, "Dance With Me," the death of someone close; "These Days," or the protesting conscience of "50,000 Wrongs," the words and images used and their formal relationship to the melodic and rhythmic structure of the song is as important as the musical movement of the song.

Happy Listening!

. A Certain Kind Of Distance
Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  • 50 thousand Wrongs
  • Dance With Me
  • Heating Up My Cool
  • These Days
  • In The Night
  • You Said
  • Thin Disguise
  • Love Me Like A Man
  • Fade Away
  • A Case Of You
  • Mercedes Benz Catalog #cmr0010 CD $13.99
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    Check out Angie's site:


    Kath Cross

    Kath's early musical years were spent working her way studiously through piano grade exams, but it wasn't until she took up the guitar at age 8 ("my older brother was learning, so I copied what he did") that she found the medium that would eventually help her express her thoughts and feelings through song. Her love of singing was one shared by others in her family, and on summer holidays in Devon, Kath's county of birth, she and her two older brothers could frequently be spotted off the coastline perched on the inflated inner tube of a lorry tyre, harmonising at the top of their voices (favourites included "The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia" and "Home On the Range"!).

    Kath developed her singing and guitar playing by listening to the latest pop hits and deciphering the chords so she could play along. Eventually she began creating her own words and music and these early attempts, reflective soft rock in style, were captured on a cassette album called "First Steps", recorded in 1987 in the hallway-cum-studio of ex-student friends of hers in Nottingham. It proved very popular among the family, friends and acquaintances who heard it.

    After leaving university, where she studied German and Theology, Kath went to live in southern Germany for a few years. Here she found herself involved in the peace movement, while a song she wrote about nuclear testing in the Pacific {on the "First Steps" album) found its way onto a radio programme dealing with that theme. Another cassette album ("One For The Road") contains songs written around this time.

    Back in the ivory tower at Lancaster in the 90s, a year-long spell in an 8-piece all-female band called Strata was followed by a period of juggling academic commitments with songwriting and gigging - "though I never doubted where my true passions lay". A major source of inspiration at this time was the music of The Indigo Girls. Her gigs included solo appearances at various Lancaster venues as well as a long-running series of sell-out 'Women with Guitars" events in collaboration with fellow singer-songwriter Angie Palmer, all of which helped Kath build up a broad and enthusiastic fan base in that locality. Songs written during this latest phase reflect the ever broadening range of Kath's concerns, from affairs of the heart to the various struggles and contradictions in her own and others' lives. These songs can be heard on her latest CD compilation 'Way Beyond Home", a mixture of lively rock-influenced numbers and harmony-laden soft rock.

    "It's taken me a long time to figure out what I really want to do with my time and energy. Now I just have to find a way to reach the wider audience I'd like to accompany me on the rest of my journey... "

    . Way Beyond Home
    Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

    1. Turn Around
    2. I'll Be There
    3. The Piper
    4. Pass
    5. Soul Divided
    6. Don't Want To Fall In Love
    7. Letting Go
    Catalog #kccd-100 CD $13.99
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