Michelle Cummings

Michele was born in Los Angeles, California, a child of the sixties. Inspired by the music of Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, James Taylor and Carole King, she learned early on that music was not only a form of art and storytelling but also one of profound communication. She has traveled the world and her lyrics reflect what she has learned, the reality of life and it's many challenges.

A self-taught musician, she learned to write and play guitar by the age of 12. Her smooth rhythms and soul-searching lyrics have captured audiences in Europe, Asia and North America from coast to coast. Even the hard-to-please LA music crowd has embraced her music as if her songs were stories oftheir own. She has won outstanding praise from several indie- critics for producing inspiring, solid music with emotional depth and refreshing honesty. Compassion, humor and sadness envelop you as her words are sung from somewhere, unmistakably deep within her heart. She is sure to further enlighten and amaze all of us with the rich sounds of her self-produced, debut album, "Peel". "A gentle and spiritual journey through finely tuned storytelling"
Joei Alvarez
Warner Chappell Music

Michlele Cummings began the evening with hypnotic and flavorful folk music set to per- sonal lyrics of poetic richness and superb taste. She was cap tivating and assured, with a sur prisingly full sound from her acoustic-electric and truly phe nomenal electric mandolin work from Michael Lamped. On sev- eral numbers, Alisa Wilson added delightful harmony vocals, taking the joy level-up another notch.
...At Genghis Cohen by The G Man

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  1. Freedom From Shame
  2. Twisted
  3. Fragments Of Me
  4. If I
  5. Shopkeeper
  6. Angel
  7. Mercy Of My Muse
  8. Bed In The Backyard
  9. Changes
  10. No Time To Waste
  11. Hey You
  12. Over You
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LaRae Wiley

LaRae Wiley celebrates the release of her debut recording, Dissonant World on her own label, HummingTree Productions. Both singer and songwriter, LaRae combines passionate themes, subtle imagery, and strength of delivery to move her audiences. She pulls from her experiences and heritage to weave music and lyrics that tell the tales of people past and present. Her songs are an eclectic mix of Native American, blues, jazz, rock and pop influences, all of held together by ear- pleasing arrangements.

LaRae Wiley is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with degrees in history, music and education, and has also studied voice and music at Whitworth College and Western Washington University. She is an enrolled member of the Colville Confederated Tribes. LaRae lives in Chewelah, Washington.

Dissonant World
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  1. Brother Raven
  2. River's Edge
  3. Dissonant World
  4. How Can I Tell You
  5. All We Wanted
  6. Thundering Water
  7. Give Me A Minute
  8. Violet Shell
  9. Example
  10. Stong Break
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Beth Anne Cole

The Canadian singer and actress Beth Anne Cole makes her recording debut with Gifts in the Old, Old Ground, an evocative album of 12 original songs and stories that give voice to a poetic and passionate world, a world of dream-like landscapes and images that weave through layers of time and history.

The songs-part folk, part jazz, part sung poem-tell stories in the poet-singer tradition. Beth Anne's crystalline voice takes us to the ancient city of Ur; the inside of a tree; the unraveling of love in the mountains above Arles in France. The musical settings create a strong, often Mediterranean feeling with guitars, bazouki, harp, warm pianos, stark horns.

Beth Anne began writing topical material for her one-woman shows in her early twenties. About five years ago her writing took a turn when she had "a dream that wrote itself. I was walking alone through the streets of Jerusalem in great danger. In a bazaar in the old city I met a dark-haired woman holding a jewel to the light. The image and my 'walk' catapulted me into an exploration of my cultural history." Along the way Beth Anne delved into Yiddish folk song. A "surprise visitor" on the album is Dremlen Feygl af di Tsvayn, a Yiddish lullaby to an orphaned child in the Vilna ghetto by poet Leah Rudnitska. Beth Anne paired it with her song All the Way Home, a poignant story of her mother's childhood. "I kept getting further and further back in time," says the artist of the writing of the album. She ends with the acapella Psalm, a lovesong to King David.

From the siren call of Sailor, the vivid recollection of a crumbling love in Under a Starry Sky, the urgency of Walking in Jerusalem, Beth Anne's songs seem both ancient and modern, satisfying our need for deep feeling and beautiful words.

Beth Anne Cole was born in Winnipeg, Canada and grew up in Ottawa. She made her singing debut on CBC television and radio at age 15. After training as an actress in England, she captured the hearts of theater-goers for four seasons at the Shaw Festival in Canada in such operettas as Rose Marie and The Desert Song, toured Canada and the U.S. in her one-woman show of songs and poetry, composed for PBS-TV's Sesame Street and wrote and performed critically acclaimed programs for CBC radio on Parisian cabaret singer Yvette Guilbert and composer Harold Arlen. She now lives and performs in New York City.

As a guest of Michael Feinstein, she recently performed with the actor Alvin Epstein at Carnegie Hall in a program of Kurt Weill songs. She continues to tour that show with Mr. Epstein.

"What she does is sing -- straight out with humour, passion, a sense of theatre, and a presence that is as playful as her choice of material.
The Globe and Mail

"Beth Anne Cole is a songwriter's dream and a theatre-goer's nirvana. Her attention to lyrics is impeccable and she can do more with one song than many actresses attempt with a whole play."
Toronto Sun

"She has the timing of true artistry. She refuses to hurry; once she has the audience in the palm of her hand, and that is where it usually is, she makes us wait, keeps us guessing just what she will do next."
Toronto Star

"Cole can make the emotions contained in the lyrics almost palpable...her voice holds your attention immediately because it's so warm and full.
Ottawa Journal

"Versatile and lovely, Beth Anne Cole provides a wonderful evening of drama, music and warmly personal insight into the varied world of entertainment."
Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona

"She sings with great skill in five languages (English, French, Yiddish, Russian, Spanish), and can discover new meanings with every breath."
Lethbridge Herald

Gifts In The Old, Old Ground
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  1. Demetrios
  2. Queen Pu-abi
  3. Sailor
  4. November Rose
  5. Under A Starry Sky
  6. Great Big Heart
  7. A Tree
  8. Song Under The Stair
  9. All The Way Home
    Dremlen Feygl Af Di Tsvaygn
  10. Walking In Jerusalem
  11. Psalm
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Maria Gabriela Epumer

MARIA GABRIELA EPUMER - A careers profile

There are not many women actively participating in composing, playing and singing as María Gabriela Epumer into de Argentine rock movement. From the begining, back in 1979, she started playing with MARIA ROSA YORIO and recorded an album called Con los Ojos cerrados, for Sony Music.

In 1982-1983 as part of the first female bands en Argentina, she participated in ROUGE, that later was transformed in VIUDA E HIJAS DE ROQUE ENROLL -one of the most famous groups of the country in the 80's-producing three albums from 1984 to 1988:
1984 - Viuda e Hijas de Roque Enroll
1985 - Ciudad Catrúnica
1986 - Vale 4

Also during this years she participated in FITO PAEZ´S album Corazón Clandestino and MARIA ROSA YORIO´S album Puertos.

In 1989, she formed a new band called MALETA DE LOCA with CLAUDIA SINESI, (VIUDA E HIJAS DE ROQUE ENROLL'S bass player), recording one album with the same name.

In 1990 she started working as the lead guitar player in CELESTE CARBALLO´S band, a very popular R&B singer in Argentina, leaving two albums Celeste en Buenos Aires and Chocolate Ingles.

After that in 1991, she played with ALEJANDRO LERNER, a great song and ballad composer from Argentina.

In 1991-1992 she participated singing and playing guitar with LUIS ALBERTO SPINETTA in many concerts.

In late 1992 she returned to play in a females band called LAS CHICAS touring through Argentina.

In 1993 she found herself performing with the most important Argentine rock composer CHARLY GARCIA. With him, she played lead guitar and vocals. They were on tour during 1993-1995 through Latin America and USA and also made two records:
1994 - La Hija de la Lagrima
1995 - Cassandra Lange

Closing this long tour they performed an unplugged show for MTV in Miami recording a live album called Hello.The concert was seen all around MTV latin american net.

Also during 1995 she was introduced to ROBERT FRIPP with whom she made a seminar ending in a tour with LOS GAUCHOS ALEMANES (Fripp´s students) for many states of Argentina and performance with ROBERT FRIPP and his students in Buenos Aires.

Later this year, she got associated with FERNANDO SAMALEA (Charly García´s drummer) in a new project called MONTECARLO JAZZ ENSAMBLE. More than fifty misicians from different musical styles had been gathered for a record that was made absolutely in benefit of the Argentinean Indian Community. Many of the songs of this album were played, and composed by María Gabriela Epumer.

At the end of 1995 VIUDA E HIJAS DE ROQUE ENROLL were reunited in Buenos Aires (Argentina) to record a live album of their old songs.

Starting 1996, María Gabriela Epumer formed her band, A1, with whom she recorded her first soloist album called Señorita corazón, produced by Tweety Gonzalez (ex Soda Stereo keyboard player) and invited the guitar player Eric Shermerhorn (Iggy Pop, Tin Machine & TheThe) to play in the album. They been performing in many pubs during the year and edited Un Lugar, her first videoclip, directed by Julian Kancepolsky .

Also this year, María Gabriela Epumer recorded two albums with CHARLY GARCIA: Say no more and Alta Fidelidad.recorded in madrid,new york,and buenos aires. She performed with him in Porto Alegre (Brasil) and Bogotá (Colombia) where GARCIA joinned the great argentinian composer FITO PAEZ, after a long time of being separated. They gave an historical concert at El Campin stadium.

During 1997, A1 been performing all around the country and worked in two more videos: Voy a tener que buscarte, directed by Mariano Mucci and Señorita Corazón made in animation by the comic authors Max Cachimba and Pablo Rodriguez Jauregui.

In 1998 Maria Gabriela Epumer made a presentation of Señorita Corazon for about 500 special guests and press. She been on tour around many states of Argentina, performed at Buenos Aires No Duerme festival, organized by the City Gobernment, and edited a new videoclip Mal Rato, presentated with a show for about 800 people.

She closed that succesfull year with a crowded concert at Buenos Aires Vivo III festival (30.000 people!!) -you can listen and see it at

Also, María Gabriela Epumer been recording CHARLY GARCIA´s album El Aguante, that was presented with 2 shows at Obras Sanitarias Stadium in Buenos Aires and at Buenos Aires Vivo III (february of 1999)festival, concert that registered the record score in people concurrence (200.000 !!) of the festival´s three editions.Recorded a live album call "Demasiado ego".

The last year (1999) she was working in the produccion of her new album call"Perfume",and playing with her band in diferent places,one of the most important was in the Luna Park stadium with Blur.

The band in "perfume" :Christian Basso (bass),Fernando Kabusacki (guitar ) and Martin Millan ( drums),and a very important guests like: Charly Garcia ,Fito Paez,Richard Coleman ,Robert Fripp,Fernando Samalea,Claudia Sinesi,Francisco Bochaton,….released in this year (may,2000)

Now she is on tour around all Argentina …… before the end of this year she will release "perfume" in chile and then spain. She realeased an edition of "Señorita Corazon" and " Perfume"in Japan.

During july and august she played in House of blues (Los Angeles U.S.A),L.A.M.C(latin alternative music conference) in New York and then in Porto alegre (brasil) The last concert was openning before SEANN LENNON and SONIC YOUTH 21 of october 2000 www.mgepumer.com

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All rights reserved

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Perfume es el nombre elegido por María Gabriela Epumer para su segunda producción como solista. El material, compuesto por dieciséis canciones, es fiel reflejo de la intensa actividad que durante todo el 99 realizó Epumer junto a su banda. Guitarrista de reconocida trayectoria, como lo avala el hecho de tocar junto a Charly García desde hace más de siete años, del disco de María Gabriela participan invitados de la talla Robert Fripp hasta el ya nombrado García pasando por Richard Coleman, Francisco Bochaton, Fernando Samalea y Claudia Sinesi, entre otros.

  1. Perfume
  2. Espero que el sol salga
  3. Otro lugar
  4. Sirena
  5. Canción para los días de la vida
  6. Desierto corazón
  7. Tierra mojada
  8. Angel
  9. Introducción (Robert Fripp)
  10. Quiero estar entre tus cosas
  11. Foxtrot
  12. Sus ropas
  13. Un minuto
  14. Primera luz
  15. Fuga
  16. Ah! Te vi entre las luces
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