Cyoakha Grace
Land Of The Blind Azigza Echolalia

Cyoakha formed LAND OF THE BLIND in 1995, & putting out 4 critically acclaimed, award-winning albums as lead singer, songwriter, and producer. (not to mention the artwork) THE BLIND has toured the west coast 5 times and the east coast, and Cy still continues to create the mix of art, music, trance and tribal into strange concert-events.

She recieved the 1998 American Society of Composers and Performers award and grant for Young American Composers for her self-produced CD 'OUT OF CHAOS". She recently had a Blind song accepted for the indie movie 'Slamnation' premiered at SXSW and is currently working on a soundtrack for a sci-fi movie called 'Being in the Nik of Time'. BLACK ORCHID was a second Portland project Cyoakha formed, a dark trance improv double-female-fronted band that gathered a lot of attentive fans.

In the fall of 1998 she left Portland for San Francisco and because of the additional recording opportunities. Since her arrival, she is fronting the world-fusion-symphonic-prog-rock band AZIGZA, in addition to continuing to tour with BLIND, who just opened for Sky Cries Mary on their west coast tour. She has also formed a trance-rave-dreamscape project called ECHOLALIA, currently recording, and just recorded with techno-trance band SHE.

Critics and fans have used names like KATE, JIM MORRISON, LAURIE ANDERSON, DEAD CAN DANCE and TORI as descriptions. Cyoakha is humbly grateful before such crazy praise, and thinks she sounds like a banchee instead, and just wants to sing sing sing.

1996 ONE EYE, LAND OF THE BLIND, rainforest records
1997 OUT OF CHAOS, LAND OF THE BLIND, spiral eye records
1998 EPISODIC DREAMS OF FALLING, BLACK ORCHID, live tape available thru cy
1998 CHURCH OF THE HOLY TREES, LAND OF THE BLIND, spiral eye records
1998 MONSTERMOTHERTREE, LAND OF THE BLIND, CDR only, lanblind@teleport.com
1999 FALLING UP WALLS, ECHOLALIA, o'manion music
1999 CYOAKHA GRACE, demo, CDR only, o'manion music, lanblind@teleport.com

. Land Of The Blind

Dead Can Dance meets Souxie and The Banshees, Kate Bush fronts The Doors, Laurie Anderson conducts The Womens Bulgarian Choir, Pink Floyd dates Tori Amos, Peter Gabriel has a baby with Jane Siberry, Transglobal Underground, Sky Cries Mary & Portishead all decide to go acoustic, Laurie Freelove sits in with Bel Canto, add the angst and poetry of The The, mix the tribal of Outback plus the chutzba of Lights In A Fat City...

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The Blind

CYOAKHA GRACE vocals, percussion, lyrics, toys...Azigza/Black Orchid/Pig On Fire/Echolalia
MELO CADY flutes, percussion, chants...Baba Yaga, The Cady Band
REGINA LAROCCA bass, chants....The Oily Bloodmen, M99
KRYSTOV didgeridoos, sitar, chants
MARK BROWN keyboards, chants...BlackOrchid, Equinox


"Pop Music For Druids"
...The Journal

"Like exploring the dangerously enticing corridors of an off-kilter carnival at night while opiumed-up"
---Anodyne Magazine

"Like Dead Can Dance they explore unconventional sounds, experiment with Middle east-like scales & cryptically poet lyrics for a bizarre but intriguing Laurie Anderson meets the Woman's Bulgarian Choir. Genuine & unpretentious."
---WXFN, Boston

Ordinary Magic
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  1. Tribe
  2. Church Of The Holy Trees
  3. Trust
  4. Mary's Hands
  5. Eliza
  6. A Little More (Monster)
  7. The Witches Of Kilkenny
  8. Journey's End
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Out Of Chaos

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  1. Ice Blue
  2. Walking In A Whirlwind
  3. Hungarian Blue
  4. Swim For The Shore
  5. Wedding Song
  6. Michael II
  7. Sadaway Says
  8. Flubug
  9. Albino Luciani
  10. NationalAcrobat
  11. The Cross That You Bear
  12. The Edge Of Chaos
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One Eye

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  1. Pulling The Walls Down
  2. Maitreya
  3. Seeing Blind
  4. Coming On Strong
  5. Dream Secrets
  6. Roll Away The Stone
  7. Michael
  8. Calling All Angels
  9. Pulling The Walls Down (Radio Version)
  10. Seeing Blind
  11. Calling All Angels (Radio Version)
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"Loud and electric like a thunderstorm, even hailing [From San Francisco], the rhythmically esoteric Azigza brings new meaning to world beat in an "otherworldly" sort of way. Complex drum beats weave across elaborate time signatures like DNA clusters on a music molecule. Whining....scary, Fretless bass, electric guitar, drums, congas, dumbeck, 6 string electric violin, cello, keyboards, you name it, they got it. ... Azigza's groove is ethereal in a concrete way. The... strings and strange percussion rhythms are fully anchored by juxtaposed rockable frame drum beats and hard rocking electric guitar. Vou can just about dance, to it...........in your dreams.
-Fran Gray, l2/98 - Music Reviews of the wild West; Contributing writer to Rocket Magazine.

"Royally Entertaining Rockers Mix Foreign Tunes and Beats - Symphonic trance rockers, Azigza blends guitars, harp, electric violin, and all sorts of percussion instruments into a stirring whole. Eastern European, Indian and Middle eastern influences predominate as Azigza attacks their music with the Fervor of some indigenous troupe playing For the King's pleasure at the National Palace. These extremely entertaining San Fanciscans will rock your castle however royal or humble it may be."
- Artist spotlight Review ; 4/99- MPJ.com

"To close out Friday night Azigza took the stage. This group was the biggest of the festival, with seven players. The sound is very rhythm based, with half of the members playing percussion. The group has a great Full sound combining the sounds of Arabia, Africa and India, that is best described as trance world fusion. With training coming from both a classical background and also serious study of various world traditions the members of Azigza blend to make highly infectious, very danceable music."
- ifshin violins, online Review of string Improvisational Festival. [ 5/99 Noe Valley Ministry]

There was a band named Azigza Playing in the lobby at Progfest. Frankly, I was very impressed. They play all sorts of weird eastern instruments ...Very good sense of dynamics and lots of compositional interest. They call it ... trance music, - prog smattered with Dead can Dance timbres and some intensity. Very trancy with well integrated Fire From the electric instruments. I would have traded out at least one of the bands that played at Progfest and given Azigza their place.
-M. Feathers; 6/99; rec.music.progressive

"... saw Azigza peform the other night at the StringFest at the Noe Valley Ministry in the City San Francisco).... I will say that they were in a word: AMAZ]NG! They are an excellent world and progressive rock band. they have been one of several outstanding new musical discoveries that I have encountered.... Azigza is an excellent band. Musically ... a cross between Daevid Allen era Gong, Curved Air and Dead Can Dance. Visually they remind me a lot of Gong because of their stage presence and attire. ... a mix of powerful percussive and hypnotic music. They definitely set the dancers free with their music."
-B. Mazuri 5/99 fa.music.ecto


Check out the Real Audio Sound Sample

  1. Glass
  2. Remember
  3. Petra
  4. Touch Moon Window
  5. Ratzinitza
  6. Distance
  7. Zaman
  8. Friends
  9. Edallah ya Rashidi
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This feature length, grass-roots documentary takes you high into the canopy of North Americas oldest rainforest, where young activists have taken the art of resistance to new heights.A controversial look at over 10 years of direct action and civil disobedience by the Earth First! movement and it's various off-shoots.

To order a VHS copy of this video and help protect out ancient redwood forest go the the Tree-sit web site at www.treesit.org
or call: 1-415-820-1635


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