Carla Ryder

"You ask me what it felt like when I finally found my fire..."
So, here's my story:

In June of 1994, I was asked to join Boston's MUDHENS. So began my career as a professional singer. For the next 6 years, me & the boys played our hearts out every weekend, recorded 3 albums, and developed a loyal & enthusiastic following from Canada to Philadelphia. We've had the honor of opening for performers such as Neil Young, Beck, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Primus, 10,000 Maniacs, Cake, Ben Folds 5, Guster, The Push Stars, and Everything. We were nominated for a Boston Music Award in 1998 and even had 2 songs on the top 40 lists of 2 national charts!

In the fall of 1999 I decided to branch out with a new album and a new band. "Pulling Down Sky", produced by Chris Lannon was released in the spring of 2000. It has charted on CMJ & is receiving local and national airplay. True to my love of variety, this album contains elements of rock, folk, country, & Celtic. Accompanying me for each show, are Tara Cojerian on backing vocals, Scott Bressler on bass & Jon Metters on guitar. Opening for acts such as Dexter Freebish and Debelah Morgan, we recently won a slot in the Patriot Ledger's top ten concerts of 2000, along with Carlos Santana, Reba McIntyre, Joan Osborne. Sometimes we play acoustic & sometimes electric. We are often joined by other fantastic musicians such as Steve Sadler (Shawn Mullin's multi-instrumentalist), Billy Beard (Patty Griffin's drummer) & Jim Gambino (Swinging Steaks) on keyboards.

As a songwriter, many folks have asked me what my influences are, how I write, what inspires me. I think Nanci Griffith says it best, "Being a good songwriter means paying attention & sticking your hand out the window to catch the song on the way to someone else's house". I'm influenced by every place & face I encounter, every experience I've had or friends have had. One song could span an era of 10 years, with a cast of characters from 5 different phases of my life. My record collection includes folks such as Ricki Lee Jones, Carol King, Bob Dylan, Nanci Griffith, Al Green, Stan Getz, Michelle Shocked, Bob Marley, Gillian Welch, Tom Waits and The Rolling Stones. Recently discovered role models include Nick Drake, and Maria Muldaur. Always in tune to the story, Joni Mitchell & Bruce Springsteen still remain my favorite lyricists.
...Carla Ryder

Pulling Down Sky
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  1. Spinning To Crazy
  2. Hottest Season
  3. Please Don't Go
  4. Crowded Room
  5. Stretched Out
  6. One I Call Friend
  7. The Turning
  8. Stewart's Coat
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Debra Guy

Debra Guy has a repertoire that appeals to people of all ages, cultures, and genders. She is an accomplished singer/songwriter with a style that is best described as acoustic folk-rock with a kick. Her all-original melodies have lent her a reputation and sizable fan base in Northern Virginia, as well as her hometown in Tidewater, Virginia. She easily performs two-hour set lists of original tunes appealing to fans of rock, alternative, folk, and pop.

Debra began performing music on the piano when she was only five years old. When she turned eight, she started playing the guitar and soon after began writing songs. By the time she reached her twelfth birthday, she had begun writing songs containing both music and lyrics. She found music as a way to express herself, and as her emotions began to mature, they were reflected in her music and lyrics.

Now, at the age of twenty-three, her original music has matured along with her. The majority of her songs are mature and well-written ballads, love songs, and rock anthems. With only her guitar and her voice, Debra expresses many traits which can be found in her influences, which include Melissa Etheridge, The Indigo Girls, Ani Difranco, The Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, & Neil Diamond. Her evocative lyrics are heartfelt, and her music ranges from soft and sweet to downright rambunctious. With a prominent fan base at home, and with her college peers, she has no problem filling empty seats at local bars and coffeehouses, as well as gigs within George Mason University.

Guy is an extremely talented performer with a powerful voice, playing style, and songwriting skills. Her songs constantly grab the attention of anyone around or in the venue she is playing. From playing open mics, to playing fully contracted deals, she has established herself in the songwriting community as a competitive and strong performer. Debra has played numerous shows on campus at George Mason University including GMU’s Pride Alliance-sponsored concert entitled, “Women Rock With Pride” and was a headliner for the Women’s Center’s Annual “Take Back The Night Rally” in 1998 and again in 1999.

Debra was honored to be a featured songwriter at Luna Park Grille’s monthly songwriter’s showcase hosted by WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Association Awards) winner Carey Colvin in April 1999, October 1999, as well as October 2000. Colvin, who has worked within the Washington, DC music community for many years, describes Guy as "a bundle of energy."

Guy also took the stage in Dupont Circle in April 1998 and 2000 as part of Washington D.C. ‘s Youth Pride Day sponsored by the Youth Pride Alliance.

"That's Miss Passive-Aggressive to You"
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  1. Senses
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Home
  4. I'm Not a Woman
  5. Invisible Arms
  6. Pass Me By
  7. Coming Back
  8. What You Ask For
  9. In My Head
  10. Leaving For Good
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Natalie Josef

The first thing you notice about Natalie Josef is her crystal clear beautiful voice. In some respects it hints of Phranc, and the song subject and content could well be something Phranc would create. The arrangements are sparse with her voice and guitar the driving presence. This is all that is needed to showcase Natalie's fine songwriting talent. She has a strong message to deliver on social issues, and she delivers with energy, emotion and heart. An intensity in the spirit of Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco, and Rose Polenzani. Each song grabs your attention because of the subject matter and Natalie's intensity and passion. You're drawn into her lyrics and really care about her concerns and thoughts. They have power because they are personal and derived from life experiences. I think Natalie has a lot to say and many more great songs will follow, I'm sure.

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  1. But You
  2. Better Off Alone
  3. Hey Hey Hey
  4. Jill In The Box
  5. Teacher's Pet
  6. Sisters Of War
  7. Here Now And Then
  8. Once Your Friend
  9. He Wants To Fuck
  10. Violence Over Lattes
  11. Never Even Realized
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