Veronika Jackson

Veronika Jackson is one of the few women folk blues musicians whose songs are like storytelling.

Her rich voice touches your very soul. Miss Jackson is a folksinger who reaches people in the most authentic way she can. And that's why the touch of blues comes out. She has been performing as a folk artist for over fifteen years. There are few African American women who perform grassroots folksongs with such style that leaves audiences wanting more. Being from the South where American Folk Blues started, she is a unique artist.

Her music talents has also gotten her notice for writing music and lyrics for a documentary produced by Kim Vaz, Director of Women Studies at University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (1992). She has also been a guest on People to People; a community program put on by WSB Television Atlanta, GA. And placed 1st for Original Songs sponsored by the Florida Folksingers Society.

Veronika's first recording was recording Visions, which showed her style as a musician and singer songwriter. She has just completed her latest CD, which titled Hat Check. The collection of songs displays Veronika's very talented style of music, which is very smooth, melodic and heartfelt with every word and note!

October 2001
I'm listening to her rich deep voice cranking out some fine country blues tunes and realize, not too many people male or female are making this kind of music today. It's reminiscent of the old country blues artists from way back, talking Big Bill Bronzy, Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotton, and Brownie McGee. Six songs on this CD are original and are superb and worthy of the great songs of the past. When you first hear them, you think Oh, that's got to be a cover of some great bluesman, but no, it's original, it's Veronika Jackson. What really give the songs deep-rooted blues energy is Veronika's natural blues voice and the crisp clean feel of her open tuning blues guitar picking. The four cover songs included are great choices spanning songs by Bessie Smith, Sippie Wallace, Huddie Leadbelly, and Randy Newman. The Randy Newman cover "Sail Away" is a great joy to hear.
I don't know why they call it the blues, when it makes you feel so good.

---Harmony ridge music

Hat Check
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  1. Ain't Nobody's Business (If I Do)
  2. Hat Check
  3. Packed Bags
  4. Sail Away
  5. Wish That I Had You
  6. Carousel
  7. Hobo Johnny
  8. Women Be Wise
  9. Thorn In My Side
  10. Good Morning Blues
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    Angela Sterling Forest

    Angela has written and performed her original music since 1975. Initially a solo folk guitarist, she participated in benefit concerts throughout Europe and the U.S. supporting the grassroots non-violent anti-nuclear movement. From 1983 to 1990, she was the lead singer for the female pop rock band The Mix. 1990-1995 Angela performed with 60's girl group - The Creamettes. In the last 5 years, the growing demand for her original songs generated by her most recent musical group, Marble Feather, initiated the need to create an indie label, which currently publishes and distributes her music worldwide.

    The song Wekiva from the Marble Feather CD was selected for the soundtrack of the award winnig PBS documentary Wekiva - Legacy or Loss?", produced by BBG productions and WMFE-TV. Angela's music video of the song Wekiva was released in September 2001. Her material is currently being broadcast on Muse Radio and other indie channels nationwide.

    Musical Style

    Angela is a charismatic and entrancing singer who has engaged audiences since 1981 with a distinctive vocal gift that passionately transmits evocative and introspective lyrics. Themes for her songs range from hopeful reminders of our responsibility to ethically care for our environment, to the bittersweet secrets of the psyche’s interior landscape where the timeless worlds of magical fantasy are revealed.

    She is a seasoned and dynamic stage performer who gracefully creates a natural rapport with her audiences. Her talents for creating multiple vocal harmonies in a studio setting parallel the moving and dreamy introspection of female vocalists such as Enya or Sarah McLachlan.

    Marble Feather
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    1. Colours Of The Rainbow
    2. Imaginary Lines
    3. Rock A Bye
    4. Faery Dreams
    5. Be Here Now
    6. Avalon
    7. Beyond Reality
    8. Earth Justice
    9. First Degree
    10. Wekiva
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    Melinda Masters

    The music industry is extremely hard to break into. There are so many women singer-songwriters trying to make a living writing, singing and performing. Melinda Masters is one of those women. Melinda, however, can sing, really sing. From fun, lively pop, to adult alternative, to classic rock and blues, Melinda's vocals deliver. You should hear Melinda belt out a traditional Spanish language love ballad.

    Melinda loved music as a child while growing up in Sanger, a small rural town in California. Many mornings while making breakfast, Melinda's mother would play Mexican music or oldies. Melinda would sing along to Little Richard, Fats Domino and the Big Bopper. As a pre-teen Melinda's hairbrush would serve as a microphone as she crooned with Karen Carpenter, Linda Ronstadt and Connie Frances.

    Later, Melinda borrowed her eldest brother's guitar, switching the strings to accommodate her left handed playing. This resulted in discovering a new love of playing guitar and writing songs. Music and writing became a way of expression for Melinda. In the seclusion of her own bedroom she wrote and performed a variety of musical styles. Her new favorites became Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, Sarah Vaughan and k.d. Lang.

    Life circumstances prevented Melinda from pursuing music until 1997 when Melinda and her brother, John Gonzales, began playing and rehearsing together in her basement. This fueled Melinda's desire to perform, and hence, the Melinda Masters Band was born. Melinda's first CD, "My World", was released in 1998. Since then band member changes included adding Lisa Vincent and Tony Castro.

    Melinda's vocals have been compared to Linda Ronstadt and Pat Benetar. John's lead guitar reminds many of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Carlos Santana. Add folk-style harmony and melodic bass from Lisa along with Tony's jazz and rock influences, and you've got the Melinda Masters Band. "Consolidated Radio", the band's latest CD, debuted in April 2001. The CD is a purposeful mix of styles, including pop, rock, blues, folk and Latin.

    The young girl who once only sang in the comfort of her own home, and who put her musical goal off for 15 years, is now finally making it. Melinda has recorded two CD's, been featured in newspapers, magazines, on television and radio stations. Melinda has performed with Lisa Loeb, Linda Perry and Lauren Wood at the Women's Music Festival in Yosemite and has opened for Martha Davis and The Motels. And remember, she can sing, really sing.

    Consolidated Radio
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    1. Java House
    2. Imaginary Lines
    3. Sacred Cow
    4. Todo de Mi Corazon
    5. My Love
    6. Go Away
    7. Cornbread & Chili Beans
    8. All That You Are
    9. Now I Take Back
    10. Power Of Our Lives
    11. Somebody To Love
    12. Just Can't Take It
    Catalog #pr171301 CD $14.99
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    Christy Claxton

    The Gosnay Entertainment Group is pleased to present one of the freshest voices to rise onto the music scene in a long time. Christy Claxton is not only a phenomenal singer, but one of the smartest songwriters working today. Everything that she is comes through in her very well received debut, "Out of Nowhere". She lives deep in the country near La Grange, Texas, drinks water from a well, drives a beat up old Chevy truck, sleeps with her dog and talks to her cats. Yet she is educated with a Masters in English, readily discusses the importance of world history, loves the theater and ballet, drinks the finest vintner's reserve in Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots, and is general well of forgotten information. "Out of Nowhere" sounds like Christy Claxton. It is an album that makes its way into a persons CD player and never leaves. It is superbly produced by studio veteran, Mark H allman, and moves through suggestions of country, rock and folk. Claxton is a smart, engaging songwriter, with the ability to express a song in a way that makes the words and music as real as the air it fills. So subtle is the theme of this album that the listner is delighted to find a beautiful story emerge after many enjoyable listens. However, any given song may be a person's favorite; making "Out of Nowhere" a collective triumph that stands strongly as a whole or in its 10 individual parts.

    "Offering up a talented cross between Joan Baez and Mary Chapin Carpenter,Christy provides a host of original songs worth sharing with friends. Smart, simple and easy on the ears. "Out of Nowhere" offers engaging, real stories toldin a way that only a true Texan women can tell"
    ...Amazon Women, She Magazine

    "This is an awesome production, the music has room to breathe and your vocals are right where they need to be"
    Mary Gauthier, singer/songwriter

    Out Of Nowhere
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    1. Prologue
    2. Juan
    3. Save It For Tommorw
    4. Before You Leave
    5. Lost In Texas
    6. Inside
    7. Pick The Flower
    8. Funky Little House
    9. Best Loved Girl
    10. Possibility
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