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We first discovered and fell in love with Ofra Haza several years ago. Now through further exploration and customer recommendations we are getting a glimpse into the depth and wealth of incredible talent from Israel. Here are a few of these artists.
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Pharoah's Daughter - Out Of The Reeds
Pharoah's Daughter
Out Of The Reeds

Taitch Real Audio
"... On Pharaoh's Daughter's out of the reeds, produced by downtown denizen Anthony Coleman, guitarist-vocalist Schechter puts her diverse array of influences together in a remarkable acoustic, world-beat fusion, in which Malian melodies meet Hasidic chant, Indian tabla music dances with klezmer and African percussion propels King Solomon's Song of Songs..." Seth Rogovoy, Audition Magazine (June 2000) Aliza and Din-Din Aviv
Aliza and Din-Din Aviv
Aliza and Din-Din Aviv

Bezan Bezan Real Audio
Aliza Aviv is a graduate of the Air Force Ensemble. She sang and danced in musicals, was the leading soloist in bands for festive occasions and is a performing singer in a wide range of styles. She is particularly devoted to world music, greek music and everything with ethnical relevancy. This album is the fruit of an effort shared with Din-Din Aviv, her daughter - also a graduate of the Air Force ensemble, percussionist and creative musician in her own right.

Amal Murkus
Amal Murkus

Tamahali Real Audio
Arab, christian and communist, Amal Murkus is dedicated to smashing stereotypes in her homeland of Israel. She sings in Arab, and this CD includes the talents of both Arab and Jewish musicians in Israel. This CD includes original compositions by contemporary Palestinian poets as well as classic Arabic repertoire and Palestinian folksongs. Amal simply means 'Hope'. Rita Glassman - Walk With Me
Rita Glassman
Walk With Me

Real Audio
Walk With Me produced by Peter Simon (Carly's brother) and accompanied by Eric Weissberg, Jai Uttal, and Geoffrey Gordon shows the integration of Rita's Jewish ethnic music roots and her world music leanings. This CD is both a meditation and a prayer pointing toward the spiritual connections that bind us all together on this earth. The messages here, once again, are universal.

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Meira Asher - Dissected
Meira Asher

Sida (Aids) Real Audio
"Dissected" is singer / composer / percussionist Meira Asher's debut, self-produced album. It was greeted with amazement and shock upon its release last year in her native Israel. As a result, Meira Asher is now considered as one of the most radical and original artists in her country. Divahn - Divahn

Yodukha Rayonai Real Audio
Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jewish Music: Anyone who thinks Jewish music equals klezmer needs to hear Divahn's Sephardic/Middle Eastern grooves. The all-female quartet infuses traditional songs with creative sophistication and harmonies, using tabla, cello, rabel, and other acoustics, plus vocals in Hebrew, Judeo-Spanish, Persian and Aramaic.
For more Israeli related artists see Page 3 and Page 4
For Sephardic artists see Sephardic-1 and Sephardic-2


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