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With the explosion of World music in the last few years, has come an increasing interest in the roots of Sephardic music. The artists listed below represent an intense investigation and creative interpretation of ancient and spiritual music.
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Stephani Valadez - Ladino Alive
Stephani Valadez
Ladino Alive

Hine Ma Tov
Real Audio
An enchanting singer, songwriter, guitarist and percussionist, Stefani Valadezí repertoire of Sephardic songs is enriching, romantic and uplifting. LADINO ALIVE expresses the time Stefani lived in Spain performing, writing and collecting songs from the Spanish and North African Sephardic traditions. She brings ancient love songs and liturgical prayers into a haunting and soulful rhythmic present. Appreciate the beauty and meaning of these selections by following the translations and transliterations available. Let these ten harmonious and spiritual melodies touch your heart and move your soul. Zaheva Ben Laroz Variations
Zahava Ben
Laroz Variations

Avi Real Audio
In the complex tangle of Sephardi-Ashkenazi relationships, Zehava Ben comes off as something of a unique figure Ben is arguably the most popular female vocalist in the Mizrahi genre, one of the main practitioners of the "Turkish" style of singing which has come to dominate Oriental music in the '90s. At the same time, she has begun to win over substantial audiences among Ashkenazi music lovers, a phenomenon which one might trace back to the last elections when Ben and Dana Berger performed for Meretz campaign spots.

Esther Ofarim-Double
Esther Ofarim
Esther Ofarim-Double

Neula hi dalti Real Audio
Esther Ofarim is an Israeli entertainer, formerly well-known for her partnership with her husband Abi Ofarim. Esther Ofarim was born Esther Zaied on June 13, 1941 in Nazareth. In 1959 she met Abi Ofarim; they married and began to sing Hebrew and international folksongs. In 1960 Esther got a small role in the super-film "Exodus". In 1961 Esther won at the Song Festival in Tel Aviv, where she sang "Saeni imcha bemachol" and "Neama". Divahn - Divahn

Yodukha Rayonai Real Audio
Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jewish Music: Anyone who thinks Jewish music equals klezmer needs to hear Divahn's Sephardic/Middle Eastern grooves. The all-female quartet infuses traditional songs with creative sophistication and harmonies, using tabla, cello, rabel, and other acoustics, plus vocals in Hebrew, Judeo-Spanish, Persian and Aramaic.

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Sarah Aroeste - Ala Una
Sarah Aroeste
Ala Una

Arvoles - Missing You mp3
Sarah Aroeste`s debut Album, A la Una: In the Beginning, presents a funky fusion of traditional ladino folksongs with contemporary rock and blues. Aroeste and her international band represent a new style in Sephardic music, bringing ladino rock to a new audience. Drawing upon her Greek sephardic roots, as well as her American upbringing, Sarah Aroeste combines traditional instruments such as oud, qanun and darbuka with electric guitar, bass and drums. With fusions that range from ladino reggae to rock lullaby, free jazz, dub mix and beyond, A la Una: In the Beginning presents a trendsetting contemporary interpretation of ladino music. Suzy-Herencia
Kaya & Cosmogenesis
Kaya & Cosmogenesis

Track 3 Real Audio
A mostly autodidactic singer born in Jerusalem, where she absorbed the rich and multi-faceted cultural and musical influences of this unique international city. The chants of prayers from churches, mosques and synagogues, the singing of peddlers and stallholders in the street markets, and other sounds of the bustling city echo in her unique, powerful and vibrant voice. Her formal singing training includes studying with leading opera teachers in Israel. Kaya has appeared throughout Europe, represented Israel in South Korea and Thailand. She performs regularly at many events in Israel.
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