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Artists Spotlight Treasures From Israel
We first discovered and fell in love with Ofra Haza several years ago. Now through further exploration and customer recommendations we are getting a glimpse into the depth and wealth of incredible talent from Israel. Here are a few of these artists.
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Yehudit Ravitz - Greatest Hits
Yehudit Ravitz
Greatest Hits

Bo L'roi Real Audio
"... One of the leading artists of Israeli rock/pop, Yehudit Ravitz has established herself as a singer and songwriter for the past 25 years. Full of energy and passion, her voice has made an undeniable mark on Israeli music history. Susan & Fran
Susan & Fran
Susan & Fran

Disc 1 Track 3 Real Audio
Susan & Fran – Double album – before they came to Israel, folk music was not well know here and Susan and Fran combined english and american folk with some of Israel’s traditional music. They had a big success In 1973 and had 2 albums, both albums on a cd for the first time.

 Ahuva Ozeri
Ahuva Ozeri
Ringing Bells (Tsiltsulei Pa'Amonim)

Track 4Real Audio
Inspirational songs of a woman's spiritual journey, set to an oriental beat. Features Ozeri's unique, undulating vocals. Rivka Zohar - Rebbecca - 2 CD Set
Rivka Zohar
Rebbecca - 2 CD Set

Disc 1 Track1
Real Audio
Rivka Zohar – Double album – her first and second albums from the early 70’s plus 8 bonus tracks, some of them are on a CD for the first time. Between the yrs. 69-74 Rivka Zohar was the biggest female star in Israel. She won singer of the year for 2 yrs. In a row. Her first 2 albums were best sellers (the second album is on a cd for the first time!).

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Meira Asher - Dissected
Meira Asher

Sida (Aids) Real Audio
"Dissected" is singer / composer / percussionist Meira Asher's debut, self-produced album. It was greeted with amazement and shock upon its release last year in her native Israel. As a result, Meira Asher is now considered as one of the most radical and original artists in her country. Divahn - Divahn

Yodukha Rayonai Real Audio
Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jewish Music: Anyone who thinks Jewish music equals klezmer needs to hear Divahn's Sephardic/Middle Eastern grooves. The all-female quartet infuses traditional songs with creative sophistication and harmonies, using tabla, cello, rabel, and other acoustics, plus vocals in Hebrew, Judeo-Spanish, Persian and Aramaic.
For more Israeli related artists see Page 2 and Page 3
For Sephardic artists see Sephardic-1 and Sephardic-2


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