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With the explosion of World music in the last few years, has come an increasing interest in the roots of Sephardic music. The artists listed below represent an intense investigation and creative interpretation of ancient and spiritual music.
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Consuelo Luz - Dezeo
Consuelo Luz

Ki Mitsion/Que De Tsion (From Out Of Zion
) Real Audio
Chilean-Cuban singer/songwriter, explores her Sephardic roots adapting ancient Jewish prayers and ballads from Spain, the Mediterranean and the Middle East into new "World Music" style songs in a passionate marriage of Jewish and Latin soul. "Dezeo is more produced than some other Sephardic music I've heard, but I think it works well and may help widen the appeal. I get the feeling that Consuelo Luz has the talent, the charisma, and energy to be a major force in spreading this music in the US and beyond." ---HRM Judy Frankel - Sephardic Songs in Judeo-Spanish
Judy Frankel
Sephardic Songs in Judeo-Spanish

Scalerica De Oro Real Audio
Judy Frankel's newly published "Sephardic Songs in Judeo-Spanish" Book and CD is, so far as I know, the first work of its kind. Over the years I have been asked whether such a book was available. Now I can say yes. This is a ground-breaking work which will promote wider knowledge, appreciation, and performance of Sephardic music.

Fortuna - Caelestia

Ha Mavdil Real Audio
A selection of songs from the Sephardic lithurgy and Gregorian Chants, interpreted by Fortuna and a choir of Benedictine Monks from the São Bento Monastery in São Paulo Brazil. . Yasmin Levy - Romance And Yasmin
Yasmin Levy
Romance And Yasmin

Nani, Nani Real Audio
You can tell the singer has, in her heart, visited the landscapes she is painting for your listening enjoyment. Romance & Yasmin covers much of the Ladino territory, lacing Arabic airs with flamenco rhythms and all betwixt. One looks forward to more of Levy in the future

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Savina Yannatou - Spring in Salonica
Savina Yannatou
Spring in Salonica
Sephardic, folk songs of the Spanish-Jews, performed in this collection by Savina Yannatou, consist, in their entirety, of a quite contradictory as well as charming mosaic. The European Middle Ages, Byzantium and the Arabic-Pewrsian tradition co-exist with elements from the folk music of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balkans and the wider Mediterranean basin. Traditional songs written and composed by the Spanish Jews of Salonica, which, up to fifty years ago, were heard, sadly or cheerfully, in the poor neighbourhoods of the town. Suzy-Herencia

Noches Real Audio
Suzy sings Ladino "Herencia" is an album in Ladino, or Judeo_Spanish, is an old language still spoken today by the Turkish, Greek, and Bulgarian Jews whose ancestors used to live in Spain during the 14th century. The tracks in this CD are an amazing combination of old authentic singing and layers of updated sounds and rhythums.
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