Amy Carr Lyrics

Blink (1997)
3rd. Line

I've been lookin' - rain drippin' sideways down the window.
I've been regrettin' - the past such a tricky situation.
For years I tried to grow up - but seemed stuck in the struggle.
Got a list of dreams this long and this wide but ain't no use in tryin'.
Oh...stuck on the 3rd.line!
I've been diggin' - movin' it from here to there and I've been thinkin',
stuck in the groove of day to day.


i'm hitting my legs and pounding my chest
but my eyes just want to rest.
Slapping and clapping to keep me awake,
the lids of my eyes half- closed to the day.
Now i'm on a round-the-clock watch
to keep you in sight...
keep you from flying.
'Cause i blink and you're gone.
Your soul's so bright it rivals the sun.
i blink and you're gone.
Will i find the strength to carry on?
You're like a thief, so taken with the night
you steal the breath from inside me
and i'm the victim of your flight
you always deny me...
i can't go on, this world's so cruel
if the men don't get ya then the women will.

Play To Win

Was in a small flat somewhere
outside of London - that's
where you whispered those
words to me. I never
thought to question my
intentions but I learned
how to trust my needs.
You found me when I
wasn't really looking -
your eyes held mine so
tight. I couldn't let go to
save myself - I'm always
a sucker for smiling eyes!
I always play to win
never play to lose - so
come over here - I want
no one but you. We spent
nights waiting for the sun
to find us - the light of our
desire was the dark of their
fears. I couldn't let go to save
myself - couldn't think about me
without you near.

Love Me Two Times

Doors Publishing Company, ASCAP.

Reach For The Red

The trees are lined with gold along the highway to you.
No sound in what's ahead, of bitter deception.
I close my eyes and I feel your fear.
You see the faces, deep in the night and you say
reach for the red
close your eyes hold your head.
The trees are lined with gold. It can't be time, I can't let go.
I rip away and look for an answer
white mask, white walls and all of your pain.
The mountains are shining gold along the L.A. Freeway.
I take offense to what fate has offered
and you reach for something, a color to hold.

One Way

Your world fades beyond my window,
I've thought a lot about this compromise....
and here I am stuck on this airplane wondering why.
Why do we delay in this round trip dismay
when were only wishing for one way?
All I hear are voices of strangers,
the moon's half empty in the sky...
and here I am stuck on this airplane
When the knots pulling me tighter, start to tear
would you hang on or leave me?
Would you always be there?


How come your words are like
on my skin?
i'm tattooed,
you're sinking in.
How come doubt is like
a freckle on my face?
i can't scrub it off i can't erase it.
i'm asking you what i gotta do to
make you want to want me too.
How come you push when all I
want is pull? Push me away when
you've had your fill. How come my
dreams are plagued with your touch?
I just can't get enough.

Tell Me

Ocean's ink black, sky smoke grey,
there are lines of people
that want to work for just one day.
Won't you tell me do you really feel safe
from my darkened observations?
Why won't you tell me that i'm wrong?
What happened to that color of red?
Now its all blood and no roses.
We've all got the right to speak, this is a democracy,
so why isn't anyone really listening?
Stand outside of 30th. street with a sign that reads
"i'll work to eat" but words fall fast
when no one really cares - do you really care?

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