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"Religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell,
Spirituality is for those who've been there.." d.dax


DANIELLE DAX makes a welcome return to musical activity this month after a four year absence following her 1991 world tour and 'BLAST THE HUMAN FLOWER' album on Sire records.

She describes her long and painful period of exile as a 'Season in Hell' during which she fought for her life and sanity following the physical and mental abuse of an ex-partner.

After setting up her 'BITER OF THORPE' label to re-issue her early 'Lemon Kittens' collaborations and her own solo albums, she recently released a 2-CD retrospective sardonically entitled 'COMATOSE NON-REACTION- The Thwarted Pop Career of Danielle Dax' which features her singles, B-sides and previously unavailable film music and demos. It also includes a full colour booklet containing some of Dax's many outrageous and always creative incarnations and stage sets.

Now her title as one of Pop's Truly Original Talents has been re-established, the reclusive singer and multi-instrumentalist is ready to take on the challenge of the future with the release of a new self-produced EP called 'TIMBER TONGUE' on BITER OF THORPE (BOT 131-07EP).

Available on CD and a limited edition of 5,000 on clear vinyl, the tracks run: 'Toygit', 'E.V.I.L. T.'(CD only), 'Timber Tongue’, 'Uru Eu Wau Wau' and 'Monti' (vinyl only).

The new material was recorded and mixed at Danielle's legendary 'Gin Palace' studio and features long-time collaborator and 'Shock Headed Peters' member David Knight, and Parisian programmer Pepper.

Continuing her all-embracing creative accomplishments, Dax has made special 'Urban Pantheist' paintings for the EP cover artwork, to mark the beginning of a period of growth and harmony.

---from BITER OF THORP (London)

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