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Speaking of art, local musician Amy Carr has crafted a fine sophomore release with Blink. Carr's unique voice and funky musical stylings add some much needed vari- ety to the women's music scene.

Carr is a performer who takes the singer/songwriter genre and pushes it back towards the bar band and around to the funk side. As much could be written about Carr herself, as her music. Her life as a twin has strongly influenced her music and her relationship with it. With her twin co-writing many of the songs on Blink, the listen- er gets a bit of a look inside both of their heads.

With the introspec tion and personality one would expect of singer/songwriter, Carr bucks that image by refus ing to rely solely on the acoustic guitar for musical backing. Several tunes fea ture a hammond organ, while others are made great with a very funky bass-line. Throughout Blink, Carr and the rest of the band employ these and other unique instruments and instrumentation, though that guitar is not absent. This uncommon combination of folk and good old rock 'n' roll reflects Carr's divided self, both artistically (she is also a painter) and physically (that whole twin thing).

Another manifestation of this dichotomy is in Carr's use of her voice. It is at times husky and plaintive, while on other songs howling in a way comparable to Sinead O'Connor, yet most tracks are made up of her and her sis ter's clear, and quite similar,voices intertwining. One can really sense the emotion and meaning behind Carr's songs just by hearing her tone of voice, an increasingly rare occurrence in today's music.

Blink picks up along the lines of Carr's first release I Divide, but takes a more upbeat and true-to-the music approach. It sounds like the whole band had a lot more fun working on this release, especially on the cover of The Doors song "Love Me Two Times," done eerily with just a guitar and sparing percussion. The key to Carr's success has for so long been her live shows, so check her out whenever she comes around. In the meantime, if you are looking for a break from the usual singer/songwriter fare, but still need some heartfelt emotion in your life, pick up Blink from Amy Carr, you will not be disappointed.
---Brooke Whalen-Robinson Labyrinth

MODE magazine
(Oct. 5, 1997)

In the ever-expanding universe that is female singer-songwriters, it's quite easy to get lost in the deluge unless something makes you unique. It's yet to be determined if Philadelphian Amy Carr has IT , but the songwriting on her second release, Blink, is something to behold. Carr might not be as angry as Ani DiFranco, but her honest songwriting and guitar groove will lead to numerous comparisons. Carr's original songs show a varied depth and style, and her version of The Doors classic, "Love Me Two Times" breathes new life into a song that has come from a male perspective for far too long.
- Ed Yashinsky

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