Amy Carr

I Divide

Songwriter's Monthly Magazine (International)

"Although Amy Carr is new to the circuit, she has already played with Kristen Hall and Melissa Ferrick. Amy's gritty vocals and frank storytelling are just two of the many reasons why she has developed such a devoted audience so quickly."

Mapps Magazine

"An extremely gifted songwriter. Her voice carries a true sincerity which is difficult to Find."

Underground Press

"Live, she is a commanding presence onstage and a flawless performer..."

Philadelphia Weekly

"CARR'S songs boil with contagious rage!"


"From her powerful vocals to her outstanding lyrics, this is more than a fine effort from AMY CARR, this is beautiful music. Carr turns it up and turns me on with music only a true artist could make...It leaves you wanting more."

City Paper (Philadelphia's Weekly Newspaper)

"Carr's husky voice takes charge of these highly personal writings..."

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