Cosy Sheridan
Quietly Led




(Waterbug WBG0004 1992)

Ten songs from the winner of the 1992 Kerrville &Telluride songwriting contests. Ms Sheridan is an exceptionally stong musician. . Produced by Kent Allyn, Rick Watson, and Sheridan at Fishtrack Studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Quietly Led features her warm vocals, thoughtful lyrics and stellar guitar work. Includes Losing Game, Sharp Objects, I'd Fall For You, and Steve Fisher's Love Lullaby.--- Reprinted from Waterbug catalog.

"Whenever writing cogently on such time-tested subjects as love and loss, or taking sly looks at American obsession like therapy and dieting, Sheridan is always concise, and her take on life feels fresh. She surprises in understated ways."
--------D. Gewertz, Boston Herald

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